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Published on July 21, 2014

Author: nikhilchabukswar3



This is a power-point presentation on "Trojan Horse" which is a hacking technique mostly used by hackers.
Trojan appears to be useful program but contain hidden code's such as virus.

TROJAN HORSE BY- NIKHIL CHABUKSWAR TE ‘C’ 33506 Bansilal Ramnath Agarwal Charitable Trust’s Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology Pune – 411048. Department of Computer Eng.

CONTENTS • What is Trojan ? • Tasks Of Trojan • How Trojan Work • Attaching a Trojan • storage Locations And Various Trojans • Algorithm • How can you be infected • Aim of attacker • Trojan Examples • Preventive measure


HOW DO TROJAN WORKS ? • Nothing But a Server Client Program • Uses TCP/IP protocol as well as UDP protocol • It is only be send to the target system by user interaction only.

TASKS OF THE TROJAN • erasing or overwriting data on a computer • corrupting files in a subtle way • spreading other malware, such as viruses. In this case the Trojan horse is called a 'dropper'. • To launch DDoS attacks or send Spam. • logging keystrokes to steal information such as passwords and credit card numbers (known as a key logger) • phish for bank or other account details, which can be used for criminal activities. • Shutting down the windows and rebooting of windows etc.

HOW TO ATTACH THE TROJAN? • Without Changing the File size • Generally Attached with game or email

WHERE THEY LIVE…. • Autostart Folder The Autostart folder is located in C:WindowsStart MenuProgramsstartup and as its name suggests, automatically starts everything placed there. • Win.ini Windows system file using load=Trojan.exe and run=Trojan.exe to execute the Trojan

ALGORITHM • Trojan horse attack, used a quantum cryptographic key algorithm with EPR pairs. • With Quantum cryptography we can create a communication chancel where it is impossible to eavesdrop without disturbing the transmission.

TROJAN VARIATIONS • Remote Access Trojans • Password Sending Trojans • Denial Of Service (DoS) Attack Trojans • Keyloggers

HOW CAN YOU BE INFECTED…… • Via Email (Attachments) • Physical Access • Visiting Untrusted websites • Peer to peer download system • Installing the untrusted software's.

WHAT IS ATTACKER LOOKING FOR ? • Credit Card Information (often used for domain registration, shopping with your credit card) • Any accounting data (E-mail passwords, Dial-Up passwords, WebServices passwords, etc.) • Email Addresses (Might be used for spamming, as explained above) • Work Projects (Steal your presentations and work related papers) • Children's names/pictures, Ages (paedophile attacker?!) • School work (steal your papers and publish them with his/her name on it)

SOME WELL KNOWN TROJAN • NetBus • Beast • SubSeven • BOXP




CONSEQUENCES OF A TROJAN HORSE • It will cause your computer to run slow • All of your personal data can be stolen or corrupted. • When you open a program it will continue to open programs on its own.

HOW TO PREVENT • Anti-Virus (AV) Scanners • Anti-Trojan Software • E.g Trojan Elite, Trojan Killer. • Clean Yourself • Online Scanning Services

CONCLUSION • In this seminar we have learned what is Trojan and all the functionality and aspects of the Trojan horse.

REFERENCES 1. Hacking tools & techniques and Incident handling, NIIT by prentice-hall INDIA(2005) 2. Denial of Service Attacks (2001). Retrieved May 20, 2004, from 3.

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