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Information about SEMINAR ON SMART CARD

Published on November 6, 2010

Author: kesab


Technical Seminar onSmart Card : Presented by Kesaba Sahu Branch-CSE Regd No-0701219168 Under the Guidance of Mr. Sunanda kumar Sahoo 1 Technical Seminar onSmart Card Overview : Overview 2 Introduction History of smart cards Types of smart cards Categories of smart cards Smart Card Standards Applications Advantages Disadvantages Future Aspects Slide 3: What is a Smart Card? Smart Card is a small plastic intelligent token embedded with an IC chip that makes it ‘SMART’. Smart Cards provide computational capability along with memory capacity. Smart Cards can be used with a Smart- Card Reader attachment to a personal computer to authenticate a user. 3 Slide 4:  4 History of Smart Cards Smart Card has its origin in 1970s by inventors from Germany, Japan and France. Until mid 80s most of the work on Smart Cards was at the research and development level. First mass use was for payment in French payphones. The current world population of Smart Cards is nearly 3 billion. The manufacturers of Smart Cards are Gemplus, IBM, Siemens, Telesec and many more. Slide 5: Smart Cards are capable of not just storing data but also have processing power. They have larger storage capacity when compared to magnetic swipe cards. The data stored can be protected against unauthorized access and tampering. They are appropriate for secure and convenient data storage. Smart cards have the property of multifunctionality. What is SMART about the Smart Card ?? 5 Slide 6: Based on the way the smart card interacts with the Reader, smart cards are of two types Contact Smart Cards: These require insertion into the Card reader. ii. Contact less Smart Cards: These require close proximity of the reader. Types of Smart Cards 6 Slide 7: Continued.. The contact smart card consists of small contact plate on the face, which is ½’’ in Diameter. The transmission of data takes place when this contact plate comes in contact with the connector of the reader. This card consists of an IC Chip and an antenna coil embedded into it. These cards are mainly used when transactions must be processed quickly. 7 Slide 8: Based on the type of IC chip embedded on the Smart Card, they are categorized into three types 1. IC Micro Processor Cards : Smart cards with microprocessors look like standard plastic cards, but are equipped with an embedded Integrated Circuit (IC) chip. They can store information, carry out local processing on the data stored, and perform complex calculations. These cards take the form of either "contact" cards (which require a card reader) or "contactless" cards (which use radio frequency signals to operate). 2. IC Memory Cards: Memory cards can store a variety of data, including financial, personal, and specialized information, but cannot process information. 3. Optical Memory Cards: Optical cards use some form of laser to read and write to the card. Categories of Smart Cards 8 Slide 9: ISO7816 is the international standard for Smart Cards that use electrical contacts. With this standard, Smart Cards could communicate with the Reader using the same protocol. The ISO7816 standards are separated in 3 different parts. ISO7816-1: defines the physical characteristics of the card. ISO7816-2: defines the dimension and contact position of the card ISO7816-3: defines the electrical signals and transmission protocols. Smart Card Standards 9 Smart Cards devices : Smart Cards devices 10 VCC Reset Clock GND VPP I/O Reserved What’s in a Card? : What’s in a Card? 11 Vcc RST CLK RFU Vpp I/O GND RFU Typical Configurations : Typical Configurations 12 256 bytes to 4KB RAM. 8KB to 32KB ROM. 1KB to 32KB EEPROM. Crypto-coprocessors (implementing 3DES, RSA etc., in hardware) are optional. 8-bit to 16-bit CPU. 8051 based designs are common. The price of a mid-level chip when produced in bulk is less than US$1. Smart Card Readers : Smart Card Readers Dedicated terminals Usually with a small screen, keypad, printer, often alsohave biometric devices such as thumb print scanner. 13 Computer based readers Connect through USB or COM (Serial) ports Terminal/PC Card Interaction : Terminal/PC Card Interaction 14 The terminal/PC sends commands to the card (through the serial line). The card executes the command and sends back the reply. The terminal/PC cannot directly access memory of the card data in the card is protected from unauthorized access. This is what makes the card smart. How does it all work? : How does it all work? 15 Card is inserted in the terminal Card gets power. OS boots up. Sends ATR (Answer to reset) ATR negotiations take place to set up data transfer speeds, capability negotiations etc. Terminal sends first command to select MF Card responds with an error (because MF selection is only on password presentation) Terminal prompts the user to provide password Terminal sends password for verification Card verifies P2. Stores a status “P2 Verified”. Responds “OK” Terminal sends command to select MF again Terminal sends command to read EF1 Card supplies personal data and responds “OK” Card responds “OK” Slide 16: 16 Applications of Smart Cards In Banks: They are used as credit/debit bank cards Medical applications: they can be used as Health insurance card or Medical File Access Card. In Transportation Services: for urban parking, Airline Application and Electronic Toll Collection. In Telecommunications: The smart cards contain the phone number on the network, billing information and call numbers. used as identification cards Slide 17: 17 Advantages A Chip is tamper resistent. Information stored on the card can be PIN protected and read write protected. Capable of performing data encryption Capable of processing information. Slide 18: 18 Disadvantages The accuracy of information is small. It gives liability issues if stolen or lost. It is potential for too much data on one card if lost or stolen. It is a potential area for computer hacker and computer viruses. Lack of technology to support user. Slide 19: 19 Future Aspects Soon it will be possible to access the data in Smart cards by the use of Biometrics. Smart card Readers can be built into future computers or peripherals which will enable the users to pay for goods purchased on the internet. In the near future, the multifunctional smart card will replace the traditional magnetic swipe card. Smart Card is not only a data store, but also a programmable, portable, tamper resistant memory storage. Slide 20: 20 References 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.Data sheet of SLE4442 chip 7. 8.Smart Card Hand book service/2004034_12381.html REPTS_TE/13769.html Slide 21: 21 Any Queries ??? Slide 22: 22 THANK YOU……

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