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Published on October 20, 2016

Author: AngieTabone


1. Selling on Etsy A look at the prospect of creating a business storefront on the Etsy marketplace.

2. Table of Contents Section Title Page What is Etsy? 3 Selling on Etsy 10 Shopping on Etsy 19 Etsy Storefront 23 Selling Costs & Fees 35 Etsy SEO 39 The Steps 45 Some SEO Tips 59 Tips for Earning Income 63 Etsy Resources 76 Alternatives to Etsy 84 Apps for Etsy 91 Works Cited 106

3. Alternatives to Etsy Etsy is not the only e-commerce site for crafters where crafters can sell their wares. Image Source: Google Images

4. Alternatives to Etsy  Exclusively handcrafted products made by American artists and artisans  The mission is to support artists and artisans living in America by connecting them with global admirers  Dedicated to listening to its buyers and sellers when implementing changes  “Global commerce with a local perspective”  Community-oriented marketplace selling a variety of handmade items  Buyers can post "wanted" ads for a custom- made products

5. Alternatives to Etsy  Exclusively handcrafted products made by American artists and artisans  The mission is to support artists and artisans living in America by connecting them with global admirers  Dedicated to listening to its buyers and sellers when implementing changes  “Global commerce with a local perspective”  Community-oriented marketplace selling a variety of handmade items  Buyers can post "wanted" ads for a custom- made products

6. Alternatives to Etsy  A global marketplace for handmade and collectible goods  No membership or listing fees  Promotes via social media channels and pay-per-click advertising  A great place for shop customization  “Easy-to-use, customizable and awesome" way for artists to sell their work  There are 4 different pricing levels that determine the number of products listed  There are no other fees besides this

7. Alternatives to Etsy  Offers comprehensive category searches and the importation of listings from other stores  Has a tone of features for its community members  No membership or listing fees, but a commission is collected based on prices  Offers handcrafted items in a wide range of categories, fine art pieces, vintage products and wholesale craft supplies  Buyers are able to make secure and efficient purchases where sellers able make a profit  No listing or sale fees, unlimited items, and instant payments

8. Alternatives to Etsy  A handmade artisan marketplace that gives sellers access to the e-commerce active customers  Sellers must apply to join the platform,  Items are listed for free but have a 12% fee on sales  An online community and an e-commerce platform for people interested in fashion subcultures  The largest alternative marketplace  Free online stores for sellers who are screened

9. Alternatives to Etsy  Sellers can design their own professional-quality storefronts and sell a wide array of goods in multiple categories  Also features a built-in analytics suite, allowing sellers to evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses  Shopify sellers can choose from monthly plans ranging from $9 to $179 a month  A curated design community, where all sellers had to apply to join  No listing fees, but there is a 15% commission on the sales  Also offers help with SEO and inventory managements

10. Alternatives to Etsy  Based in the U.K. and offers three membership levels, but never collects any commissions or fees on sales  Has an easy setup process and a wide variety of payment options  Individual handmade-only sellers who manage their own creation process  Eliminates listing and commission fees and offers tons of tools and support  Including a stand-alone, customizable website, Etsy importing, order management, and statistics

11. Apps for Etsy A look at just some of the many apps that can be used to help boost sales, manage store operations, and marketing campaigns. Image Source: Google Images

12. Apps for Etsy Sellers- •Schedule promotional updates on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ •The “All Day” function uses current store listings to automatically create tweets and pins •The collage function automatically combines images creating a showcase photo to post on Facebook or pin on ATS International Shipping Tool •An app for international shipping •Can populate a product’s shipping rate table on Etsy automatically •Automatically renews items, creates sale events, add sale banners, and more- Can renew based on categories, tags, and random selections •Will notify the user how much Etsy will charge for each renewal Billbee •Generate invoices, address labels and export data in various formats along with repots on sales •Direct connect to several shipping companies Compiled by Author from Sites: & Image Source: Google Images

13. Apps for Etsy Sellers- Craftybase •Provides an inventory management solution for products, helps determine incomes, expenditures, and inventory levels •Track sales & profit margin by month and by year •Also has customer and vendor management, sales and invoicing and time tracking Craft Maker Pro •An automated pricing tool and inventory tracker •An automated digital file delivery service •Customers receive an e-mail with links to download their items within a few moments after their transaction is complete and payment is received •Tracking of all of customer downloads is provided- The date, time and IP address of CraftMonkey •Installs a Etsy store on Facebook pages •Offers social media features to help acquire more fans, sales, and make more money Compiled by Author from Sites: & Image Source: Google Images

14. Apps for Etsy Sellers- Craft Task Manager •Provides itemized checklists for prepping orders to be shipped as well as shipping and profit estimates eCC Cloud •An accounting integration app with over 30 eCommerce solutions for a bookkeeping account Quickbooks or Xero Ecomdash •An all-in-one, web-based, multi channel management tool that integrates directly with marketplaces •Automatically tracks and updates inventory quantities, sales orders, and shipping details on sales channels Etsy App for Facebook •Create marketing emails to send through MailChimp by dragging and dropping Etsy product images and text into place Compiled by Author from Sites: & Image Source: Google Images

15. Apps for Etsy Sellers- Etsy Theme Shop •Has built-in Facebook and Giveaway promotions to help generate more "Likes" and attention to the page and products EtsyCSV •Allows sellers to bulk upload listings to the Etsy Marketplace within minutes Etsy On Sale •Allows sellers to manage automated sales events, schedule listing renewals, and edit tags with just a few clicks Etsy Advanced WordPress Widget •A smart and easy to install it enables a display of Etsy Shop Listings on WordPress websites- An alternative to Etsy Mini •When new items are added, items automatically show up in the widget Compiled by Author from Sites: & Image Source: Google Images

16. Apps for Etsy Sellers- Etsy-fu •Schedules tweets with random items from your shop •Carefully selected hash tags give tweets the exposure needed to enhance visibility and increase sales Fanchimp •Schedules promotional updates on Facebook and Twitter while adding content curation to the social media mix •Using listings as a basis, the app pulls in and displays related content to be reviewed before publishing Fanpageology •Connects Etsy shops to Facebook pages with the ability to create customizable tabs •Has features such as “Like gates”, product slideshows, testimonials, email collection, contest, and product giveaways FotoFuze •Enhances images and their backgrounds to show goods off at their best Compiled by Author from Sites: & Image Source: Google Images

17. Apps for Etsy Sellers- Fulfillrite •Provides warehouse space for businesses and manages the entire order fulfillment process Heartomatic •Provides a simple way to view and track activity in Etsy shops •Tracks how many people have favorited and viewed listings •Reports on which listings have appeared on the featured list on Etsy’s home page or in one of Etsy’s emails to shoppers IFTTT •Automates everyday business tasks •App can automate posts, sync content, archive data, and much more IndieMade •Offers smart, easy, and affordable websites for artists, crafters and entrepreneurs •A simple, one-stop solution to making and managing a creative website •Two-way synchronization ensures that text, image, and inventory level updates happen on both Etsy and your stand-Compiled by Author from Sites: & Image Source: Google Images

18. Apps for Etsy Sellers- Merchpin •A self-service merchandising platform that makes it easy to target and promote products on other websites, blogs, or Facebook pages •Integrates Etsy listings with a number of popular online website solutions, social media networks and stand-alone shopping carts MySocialPig •A app that promotes on social media and tracks the performance of promotions •Allows for the scheduling of social media updates on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter Nowinstore •Creates a downloadable product catalogs •Also has the ability to add and edit wholesale prices OrangeTwig •Auto-promotes sales and shops on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter Compiled by Author from Sites: & Image Source: Google Images

19. Apps for Etsy Sellers- Outright •Bookkeeping and tax preparation that integrates seamlessly with Etsy •Direct Etsy checkouts and PayPal transactions are captured Pict •Uses hotspots to embed links and product information inside of each picture- That lead customers back to the original store even when the image is shown on another site Promotesy •Provides social media update scheduling including LinkedIn Putler •Processes this data from aggregating transactions from different payment gateways and shopping carts to show useful statistics, charts and details •Can also issue refunds and manage subscriptions Compiled by Author from Sites: & Image Source: Google Images

20. Apps for Etsy Sellers- ReferralCandy •Rewards a customer for sending friends to business by enabling them to share special discounts on items with their own social networks RunInventory •An inventory tracking tool for small manufacturers •It helps manage inventory while giving tools to better analyze performances Sales Map •The app access sales data and creates a map showing where customers •Provides a view of where products are selling Sell on Etsy •Etsy’s mobile app for sellers •This app was designed from the ground up for sellers and provides many store management features Compiled by Author from Sites: & Image Source: Google Images

21. Apps for Etsy Sellers- Seller Tools •Helps to promote Etsy shops through social platforms based on individual needs •Can use manual (one-time) and/or automated (recurrent) schedules •Also run sales, manages coupons, analyzes keywords, and much more ShipIT •Automates sellers shipping processes by generating courier labels directly from Etsy orders •Also notifies customers with their tracking details ShipRush •Integrates with twenty-eight ecommerce systems and marketplaces, including eBay, Amazon, PayPal, Shopify, and QuickBooks •The system automatically enters orders when placed to provide packing lists, shipping updates, tracking numbers, and delivery dates ShipStation •Enables sellers to import orders from where they sell and connect directly with all the major shipping carriers •Once a label is created the shipping information is transmitted back to the seller and the customer automatically •Sellers can also route specific orders to specific carriers andCompiled by Author from Sites: & Image Source: Google Images

22. Apps for Etsy Sellers- Shopseen •Helps sellers sell scalably with automated inventory management and syncing with marketplaces •Can sell efficiently with a streamlined workflow and more through social and paid media ShopShaper •Enables the editing of titles, descriptions, tags, prices, processing times, images, materials, shipping templates, etc. of active, inactive, expired, and draft listings •Also you can copy listings between shops ShippingEasy •Offers discounted shipping rates and makes it easy to print labels, process orders, and automate tracking Social Sweepstake Contest App •The easiest way to run viral sweepstakes to grow fans, visitors & e-mail lists •Viral Sweepstakes can be run on websites, blogs, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. Compiled by Author from Sites: & Image Source: Google Images

23. Apps for Etsy Sellers- Stitch Labs •Consolidates all online inventory and sales in one place and then exports that information to bookkeeping solutions such as Quickbooks TaxJar •Connect multiple selling platforms like Etsy, eBay, and Amazon and have all of the sales and sales tax data all in one, easy-to-access location •Track sales state-by-state to report when, and how much, to pay in taxes Teapplix •Automates shipping, inventory tracking and integrates QuickBooks for Etsy sellers •Downloads orders, allow for bulk generation of shipping labels, and uploads tracking back to Etsy Uncle Gravy's Renewing Agent •A desktop application for automated renewing of your Etsy listings •Automatically renews listings at whatever interval scheduled and can relist sold items as well Compiled by Author from Sites: & Image Source: Google Images

24. Apps for Etsy Sellers- Unify •Enables sellers to used multiple channels to sell products from a single place •Connects all your sales channels with accounting and shipping so time can be saved on managing orders, inventory, and fulfillment ViralWoot •The app uses the power of viral marketing to promote any Pinterest updates •When a pin updated, it appears on ViralWoot’s Pinterest boards where it’s exposed to a network of 27,000+ followers Virb •Integration enables sellers to create a stand-alone website that includes Etsy stores- Shoppers are taken to Etsy to checkout Whatify •It can either edit tags in bulk or by tag-by-tag •Also it runs automated tests to give data about which tags work best Compiled by Author from Sites: & Image Source: Google Images

25. Apps for Etsy Sellers- WiseStamp •An email app that automatically adds the latest item listed in Etsy shops to the email signature WorkingPoint •Receives payments via PayPal, tracks the amount of stock on hand and more •It integrates seamlessly with Etsy Seller accounts Zabinet •Helps sellers learn more about customers so they can tailor future experiences •Sends personal thank you with an incentive to refer more buyers Zetsy •A bulk editing and store management program for Windows OS with a CSV input function for Etsy shops •Multiple shop listings can be selected and tags, prices, shipping info, descriptions, and titles changed at once Compiled by Author from Sites: & Image Source: Google Images

26. Contact Us for the Full Presentation: Mediacontact USA Inc. 13575 58TH Street North #160 Clearwater, Fl. 33760 T: 727 538 4112 E:

27. Works Cited  "150 Etsy Apps for Small Business Owners." Seller Tools Blog, Seller Tools, 19 May 2016, seller- Accessed 20 Oct. 2016.  "Global commerce with a local perspective.",, Accessed 20 Oct. 2016.  Maguire, April. "10 Sites to Sell Your Products Online: What’s Best for Your Business?" QuickBooks, Intuit Inc., products-online-whats-best-for-your-business/. Accessed 20 Oct. 2016.  Mansfeild, Matt. "50 Apps to Manage and Grow Your Etsy Business." Small Business Trends, Small Business Trends LLC., 29 Sept. 2014, business.html. Accessed 20 Oct. 2016.  Taylor, Nicole Fallon. "Etsy Alternatives - 14 Handmade Markeplaces." Business News Daily, Purch, 19 June 2016, Accessed 20 Oct. 2016.

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