Selling Creative Services at Premium Prices - 4 Steps

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Information about Selling Creative Services at Premium Prices - 4 Steps

Published on October 27, 2014

Author: simpfinity



*How to have zero trouble selling your creative services at premium prices?*

How come some web agencies sell their services easily at high prices, and others struggle to land average projects? It all depends on how you set your stage before you ask clients for money.

In the article we published this morning exclusively to email subscribers, I tell you a true story about a friend of mine who has created a wonderful system for selling top-notch consulting at premium prices.

This infographics you see is the visual representation of his system. Read the article for more details:

1. and progressing slowly from step to step makes sales easy at any point. This is because you're letting the client get to know your expertise, and at each step it is less and less risky for them to do business with you. The more steps you skip, the harder selling becomes. Starting from here: easy sell Starting from here: not an easy sell Starting from here: hard sell Starting from here: brutally hard sell Skip steps only if you're an experienced sales geek! EASY EASY EASY Offer free education. 0 Write a blog / column / newsletter. 0 Create online courses. 0 Organize in—person seminars. 0 Distribute digital books / manuals / brochures. 0 Distribute printed books / manuals / brochures. Offer paid, affordable education. 0 The same as above, but charge for it. 0 "Affordable" does not mean "cheap". At no time do you want to attract bargain hunters because they do not make good web agency customers. Your goal for this step is to move customers from step 2 to step 3. Offer more expensive one-time services. 0 work on a (smaller) project for the client (a web site, an app, a test Internet marketing campaign, in-house training) and deliver it spectacularly. 0 This project will be the only opportunity you'll get to prove that you can deliver results. Offer recurring services at premium prices. 0 Sign the client up for a monthly / annual contract, through which you would be delivering measurable business results on an ongoing basis. 0 Price this service as much as you can. You have, after all, demonstrated that you can produce results, and you have attracted clients who can afford to pay you. DEMONSTRATE EXCELLENCE BY Ef. E'E. ”i}°"E'. ‘$‘l5 EX‘EfE§3"ETBsT T E Ac H | N G.

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