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Published on March 11, 2014

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Sell your products on TYGA mall

Store Process Chart VendorVendor Buyer Buyer Buyer Buyer Tyga Mall Vendor Tyga MallCourierBuyerTyga Mall List products Search for products Add to cart Pay to Tyga Mall Inform vendor Send product to Tyga Mall Packaging and prepare for shipping Deliver product to buyer Receive product Post review for the vendor Transfer money to vendor

Advantages of Tyga Mall Your Website Tyga Mall Store Thousand of dollars to develop the needed e- commerce website Your online store is created free of charge Months of hard work to be online Get your store online with one click High expenses will be paid to advertise your website Free marketing for your products An employee should be hired to take care of the customer service We present the customer service free of charge Pay installation fee for your payment online, plus monthly charges and fees for every transaction We provide online payment and cash on delivery free of charge An employee is hired to take care of all the delivery work We take care of the delivery The views of your products are limited The views of your products can reach +10.000 views/day

Applying for a Vendor Account ● It's very simple just click on My Account → Apply for a vendor account ● or click on the Apply for a vendor account in the bottom of the page ● And fill the form

List your products ● After your account is approved, go to ● And login with your username and password

List your products ● Go to Products → Products ● Then click on the +

List your products Required Fields to list your items: ● Name ● Categories ● Price ● Description ● Image ● Item weight

List your products ● Name: Title of your product should be stated clearly and accurately. ● Categories: Categories that the product will be assigned to. You can choose multiple categories. ● Price: Base product price in USD. ● Full description: The description can be either a plain text or a formatted HTML text. If you are not familiar with HTML, you are encouraged to add a formatted description using the built-in WYSIWYG HTML editor. ● Status: Active – product is available on the storefront, Disabled – product is not available on the storefront, or Hidden – product does not appear on the storefront, but customers can access it via a direct link.

List your products ● Images: Always provide clear and detailed images that truly represent your product. Images can be either uploaded from a local computer or the server file system. ● CODE: Internal product code (SKU number.) if there is no SKU number keep it empty. ● List price: Price suggested by the product manufacturer. Good practice is to show that your price is lower than the list price. ● In stock: Number of products in the stock. By default, products that are out of stock do not appear on the storefront. ● Minimum order quantity: Minimum number of product items that a customer must add to the cart to be able to order the product. 0 means no minimum limit. ● Maximum order quantity: Maximum number of product items that a customer can order at a time. 0 means no maximum limit.

List your products ● Taxes – Select if you need to add VAT to the order. ● Page title: Title of the product page on the storefront, which is displayed in the web browser when somebody is viewing the page. Required for Facebook share and SEO purposes. ● META description: Contents of the HTML meta tag describing the product. Required for Facebook share and SEO purposes. ● META keywords: Contents of the HTML tag containing a list of search keywords for the product. Required for SEO purposes. ● Avail since: Date when the product becomes available.

List your products Need to add more pictures? ● Click on images tab in the top click on the + if you need to add more ● when finish click on the Create button on top of the page

List your products ● Now your product will appear in the storefront and new options will be available in your product vendor back-end to market your product.

List your products ● If you need to add more options to your product, go to Options and click on (+ New Options) Example: You need the buyer to choose the memory for the iPhone. 16GB, 32GB or 64GB ● For 32GB you need to add the price for $60 ● For 64GB you need to add the price for $110

List your products

List your products ● In the shipping properties you need to add the Weight of your product. Maximum weight 10KG. If you want to put Free Shipping to your product to attract more buyers, check the Free Shipping.

List your products Features Tab You can add a brand name for your product or a condition related to it. Your Brand name didn't appear in the the drop down? Send an email to they will add it to you.

List your products After Creating your item we need to wait for the approval to appear in the catalog. Upon approval, you can see your iPhone appearing in the Electronics category, labeled as “NEW”, “Free Shipping” and your price is on sale. They will attract more buyer.

List your products TitleImage More Images Brand Name List Price Price Options Free Shipping SKU Code

List your products Page title Meta description

List your items Description

Product Listing Guide & Policy Click on the link below to go to the product listing Guide & policy y.html

View Orders In the View orders section, you can carry out the following tasks: ● Display a sorted list of all orders in the store or display a filtered list of orders that meets your search pattern only; ● View order details; ● Add comments to the order which are visible to the customer who placed the order; ● Print orders and package slips both separately for each order or in bulk;

Account Balance In the account balance you can check the incomes, charges fees and payouts of your account.

Incomes Incomes are the amount of the items sold minus selling fees. After your item is sold successfully, you will be charged a commission fee percentage on the item value. The final value fee will have a minimum of 1.5 USD or a percentage will vary between 7% and 10% depending on the item category as illustrated here below. Categories Final Value Fees Minimum % Fees Cell Phones, Camera and Photo, Consumer Electronics, Personal Computers and Video Game Consoles 1.5 USD 7% Gold 1.5 USD 7% All other categories 1.5 USD 10%

Selling Fees ● If you sell a camera at USD 80, then the final value fee is USD 5.6 or 7% of USD 80. In addition to this you'll be charged USD 1.5 processing fee. ● If you sell a watch at USD 60, then the final value fee is USD 6 or 10% of USD 60. In addition to this you'll be charged USD 1.5 processing fee. ● If you sell a phone cover at USD 12, then the final value fee is USD 1.5 or the minimum fee. In addition to this you'll be charged USD 1.5 processing fee.

Shipping ● Shipping fees will be charged to the buyer and added to the order. Then it will be deduct from your account. ● If you need to make your product Free Shipping to attract more customers than we will not charge the customer for the shipping but we will deduct the shipping from your account. ● NB: To attract more customer you can add the shipping fees to your product price and make the product Free Shipping.

Shipping fees 0 – 4.99 KG 5 – 6.99 KG 7 – 8.99 KG 9 – 10 KG Zone A $ 4.5 $ 6.5 $ 8.5 $ 10.5 Zone B $ 5 $ 7 $ 9 $ 11 Zone C $ 5.5 $ 7.5 $ 9.5 $ 11.5 Zone D $ 6 $ 8 $ 10 $ 12 Zone E $ 6.5 $ 8.5 $ 10.5 $ 12.5 Zone F $ 7 $ 9 $ 11 $ 13 Zone A: Beirut Zone B: Maten, Baabda Zone C: Keserwan, Jbeil, Batroun Zone D: Sidon, Chouf, Aley Zone E: Tyre, Tripoli Zone F: Zgharta, Zahle, Western Beqaa, Rashaya, Nabatiyeh, Miniyeh-Danniyeh, Marjeyoun, Koura, Jezzine, Hermel, Hasbaya Bsharri, Bint Jbeil, Baalbek, Akkar

Payouts Payouts will be on the 15th and 30th of every month. ● If you have orders between 1 and 15 the payout will be on 30 ● If you have orders between 15 and 30 the payout will be on 15th of next month ● Payout will be by cheque or by bank transfer

Marketing Hints ● Free Shipping is the most strategy to attract more buyers. You can add the shipping fees to your item price and make it free Shipping. Example: If you sell a camera at USD 80 you can add USD 5 to price and make it Free Shipping. The final price will be USD 85

Marketing Hints ● Most Popular Products: In the homepage, the most 6 popular products will appear in every category. “I can buy more if my product is on the homepage”

Marketing Hints ● When you add a product share it on your social media, tell your friends and customers about it. More people viewers for your products the more popular will be and it will appear on the homepage. ● You can benefit also from the weekly newsletters sent including the most 6 popular products of every category. “Share more, Sell more”

Advertising ● You can advertise your brands or your products with our Targeted Banners on site & Across the main networks ● Send an email to to get the latest prices and offers

Contact Us ● Customer Service: ● Advertising: ● Support: ● Legal:

“Our target is to make you sell We make money when you make money”

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