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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: flyinghomes



Flying Homes Ltd was formed to help house sellers get a quick sale of their home. Too often estate agents give false promises and poor service to home owners who are left waiting in some cases years to achieve a house sale. Welcome to Flying Homes! We have contact with house buyers and investors all over the UK and we believe if a property is priced sensibly at the outset, then a fast sale can be obtained

Sell Your House Fast for the Right Price Not everyone has the luxury of waiting a year for the perfect offer on their home. Even if the time is available, that doesn't mean anyone wants to wait. Fortunately, the current market allows for fast sales. And a quick sale does not mean you need to sell your home well below market value. In fact, savvy sellers know that they can (and should) sell their homes fast - for the right price. These days, it is not only possible; it is exactly how homeowners should approach the sale of their property. Selling your house fast for the right price simply demands a serious seller and the right agency to handle the negotiations. This means that anyone can take advantage of a fast sale. All you need is the right advice. Remain Rational This is often the most difficult step for any seller who needs a quick sale. Usually the need for a fast, acceptable offer is accompanied by major life changes. Sometimes these are positive changes, such as a new job or an overseas transfer. But, often these changes are the result of a breakdown in relationships, the loss of a loved one, or an unfortunate change in financial circumstances. Truthfully, though, even the happy changes cause homeowners a great deal of stress. Taking the emotion out of the sale of your house allows you to remain rational when you need it most. It is always worth remembering that even if you do need to sell your house fast, your property is part of the solution - not a part of the problem. And it is likely to be your largest asset which means that even though you need an immediate offer, you cannot afford to rush through the process. Stage Your Home at the Beginning You know there are plenty of things you need to do to make your home appeal to buyers. That is not because your house needs a lot of work; it is because you live there. Buyers, even those who invest to let, are not keen to see your personal affects strewn about your home. They need to be able to imagine themselves in your space - or how quickly they can make it appeal to potential tenants. You can wait until an agent comes into your home to clear things away, but that is not particularly useful for you or the agency. If you need a fast sale,

then the best thing you can do is to prepare your house for a sale as soon as you decide to sell. This means removing all personal items from living spaces, fixing anything that is clearly broken and ensuring that your house is spotless inside and out. It also means an honest look at your living spaces. Buyers are looking for the things they want, the things they want to change, and the things they simply cannot change. Neutral colours on the walls will make all the difference, as will the amount of natural light that your parlour receives. If you have dark rooms, buyers will be put off before they get past the entrance. Only Upgrade the Essentials If your old home needs new wiring to bring it up to current building standards, you will either need to do this or accept a significant knock in the price. The same goes for half completed sun room additions or similar refurbishments. But, be wary of overdoing it. Sellers are unlikely to see a return on their investment if they upgrade features and internal fittings just before a sale. Your kitchen may be dated, but buyers would rather handle a renovation that is to their taste than pay the extra money for a refurbishment that is not. If you truly want to upgrade before selling, then speak to your agent (or a few agents if you have not yet chosen one you want to work with) before you begin altering your home. Not only will they provide you with accurate advice according to current buying trends, but they will also be able to give you an indication of the difference in pricing that you can expect. Most of the time, it will not be the increase in price that you expect. Not All Agents Are Equal If you need a quick sale, you need to find an agent that you can trust to do just that. But be warned, not every agency can sell your house quickly. Many local agents, even if they are affiliated to a national brand, simply do not have the network required to make a quick sale. They typically rely on signage in front of your house, posters in their high street window, and local papers. When you need to sell your home quickly, then you need an agent with a database of property investors. Your home may still sell to a local buyer, but the fastest offers typically come from serious buyers who are informed of your sale through direct marketing. When you need to sell your home fast for the right price, the best thing you can do is a bit of research regarding agents, and specifically agents in a position to sell your home fast. The Right List Price Is Different from the Right Sale Price This is where many local agents get it wrong. Although they may not do it intentionally, estate agents are prone to valuing your home at the highest price that they would be able to achieve in ideal conditions. In essence, they overvalue houses with potential because they want to sell your property, and they hope to sell it at that price. The initial push at the highest price will be

strong, but when offers fail to surface, agents are prepared to wait while slowly reducing your asking price. Unfortunately, this becomes a vicious cycle. The longer your home sits, the more likely it is that buyers will lose interest, presuming something is wrong with it. Often, a lower, more accurate price (the one the first agent will eventually secure offers with) to begin with means you are likely to get an offer faster and closer to current market values. And, often, the lower the listing price, the more interest and, therefore, the more offers you receive. Remember, if you want to sell your house fast for the right price, you need to make it available to buyers. That means being prepared to open it at the last minute – even if it is a Friday afternoon or a Sunday morning. Never make a potential buyer wait, especially if you want him in a generous mood when he arrives (which you do). For more information about selling your home at the right price visit the Flying Homes website -

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