Self Pacing for the Diverse Classroom

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Information about Self Pacing for the Diverse Classroom

Published on March 17, 2016

Author: NCMLE


1. Self Pacing for the Diverse Classroom or how I gave up complete control in my classroom and learned to trust the learner

2. Goal of this session Define self Pacing Learn the Pros and Cons Find the sweet spot between Self Pacing and the traditional classroom Check out my class

3. Self Pacing he freedom to work through and absorb the course conte Pros - Allows students to move at their own pace - overachievers aren’t held back - underachievers aren’t pushed along - The “missing middle” have an growth opportunities Cons - discourages student collaboration - takes away from a sense of unity and teamwork - disconnect between teacher and student - I’m no longer center of attention

4. Semi-Self Pacing Self PacingClass Wide Activities Lectures Group work Projects Manipulatives New Concepts Online Discussions Vocabulary Quizzes and Test

5. How do I keep everyone on the same unit?

6. Speed Bump Build in speed bumps into the curriculum Speed bump = increased rigor menu projects

7. Strategies Keep a watchful eye on progress test and re-test before it goes live front load log in procedures break up the monotony tweak as you go importance of homework and parent contact

8. Things I’ve Learned Self Pacing can lead to a lot more grading must create a large variety of engaging material some students like to try and “fly under the radar” to get out of work A lot of long weekends, but the material will be used over and over again

9. Questions?

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