Self- Motivation and Making A's

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Information about Self- Motivation and Making A's

Published on October 8, 2008

Author: wkuliteracy


Self-Motivation : Self-Motivation We have ALL been there. It is the night before an assignment is due and you cannot find the energy needed to get off Facebook and get to work. It seems so simple. Click the red circle in the far left corner. Open Microsoft Word. Start typing. Yet, you sit there… you whine... and then you begin to panic. By Shannon Schoelzel Fall 2008 What Are You Going to Do? : What Are You Going to Do? You will most likely complete the task at hand, but was all the stress necessary? Absolutely not! You just need to be more self- motivated. Before we go any further, click on the link below to determine how motivated you currently are. How Did You Do? : How Did You Do? Hopefully, you did not score in the 12-27 range. But if you did, have no fear! I have some simple strategies you can follow to develop lasting motivation. That way, the next time your professor assigns 120 pages to read (by the next class) you will be able to breathe easy. Strategy #1:Make good choices : Strategy #1:Make good choices No one accidentally earns an A in class. To be successful you must ask yourself three questions. 1. What do I want to do? 2. What will I do to get there? 3. What steps do I need to take to get there? If you visualize your path to success and stay focused, YOU WILL reach your goal. Strategy #2: Stop procrastinating! : Strategy #2: Stop procrastinating! Why do what you can do today, tomorrow? Yes, I know it will be hard to tell your friends you cannot go out Friday night because you have to read two chapters out of your Psychology textbook by Monday, but you have to. Read the article linked below to read about symptoms of procrastination, health risks, and ways to break the habit of putting things off. never-too-late-to-stop-procrastinating?print=true Strategy #3:Break a large task into smaller, more manageable jobs. : Strategy #3:Break a large task into smaller, more manageable jobs. If your professor assigns 120 pages to read in the next week, break it up into smaller increments. DO NOT put it off until the day of the class, you will never get it read. Relieve yourself of some pressure and make a timeline. For example, plan to read 20 pages each day with one day off in between. Strategy #4:Schedule your work day and studies : Strategy #4:Schedule your work day and studies Before you begin your day, make a list of tasks you want/need to accomplish. Then prioritize the list and immediately start working on the first task. When you set clear goals for each day, chances are you will be able to accomplish them. You can record your tasks in several ways but if you love using technology, create a Ta-da List at If you would like to see my Ta-da List for today, click on the link below and enter the password tupelo. Strategy #5:Reward yourself ! : Strategy #5:Reward yourself ! College is a challenging time for anyone. Be sure to reward yourself along the way for small achievements. If you followed your schedule and accomplished each task, you deserve a break. Just remember to keep your mind focused on the final destination in order to achieve your goals. One last point to consider… : One last point to consider… Procrastination is of no use to you in your quest for success. These helpful strategies can improve your self-motivation and help you take control of your life. I challenge you to try at least two of these strategies to help you manage the volume of reading/work you have to accomplish.

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