Self-Esteem Tip: Be in control of your life

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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: mykimtran



If you want to create your own lifestyle, then you must be in control of it.

Be in control of your life is a trait of high self-esteem Mykim Tran

“Put your future in good hand --- your own” Mark Victor Hansen

Introduction What does it mean when you are in control of your life? Does it mean that you always have to make the right decision? Does it mean there is no set back in your life? Does it mean you do not allow things in your life to get worst?

Our wants Even though you might only want things to always turn out correctly or there is no setback in your life, but Being in control of your life does not mean things have to go as planned or you have to make the right decision all the time

Be in control • Being in control means accepting what it is in the present • • • • moment, positive or negative, and then move forward from there For example, when you decide to host a party and you have 100 reservations, however; only 50 people show up In this case, things did not turn out as planned Even though you might feel a little bit disappointed that only 50 show up, you still continue with the party and rearrange certain things to fit the party better with only 50 people As a result, you are still in control of the party

How to be in control of your life • First, you have to make your own decisions in your life • If you allow people to make your decisions for you, then it means other people are controlling your life, and not you • When you do not make your own decisions, it means that you are afraid that you will not have the ability and strength to handle whatever the outcome is

How to be in control • Second, you have to take 100% responsibility for your actions • If you do not take responsibility for your actions, then that also means you believe that you do not have the ability and strength to tackle and solve your own problems • Taking responsibility does not mean that you have to know all of the answers right away, but you are willing to find the answers to solve your problems and not let them hold you back from moving forward in life • Sometimes it might take you awhile to fix your problems, but as long as you are fixing your problems and moving forward every day, then you are in control of your life

“Happy people are those who feel truly terrific about themselves and this is the natural outgrowth of accepting responsibility for their life.” Brian Tracy

Action Steps • 1. Write down all of your problems that you need and want to be in control of • 2. For each problem, list down all of the options to solve it • 3. Pick one option and then take action right away to be in control of your problem • 4. If the first one does not work, keep on trying something else until you find the right solution for your problem

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