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Published on March 7, 2014

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The Emotionally Intelligent Leader (and why it matters) “Self reflection is the most uniquely human characteristic.” - Albert Bandura

Self-Efficacy “The belief in one’s capability to organize and execute the courses of action required to manage prospective situations.” Syringa Hospital & Clinics

Perceived Competence “People who regard themselves as highly efficacious act, think, and feel differently from those who perceive themselves as inefficacious. They produce their own future, rather than simply foretell it.” “Self-belief does not necessarily ensure success, but self-disbelief assuredly spawns failure.” -Albert Bandura Syringa Hospital & Clinics

PEOPLE WITH HIGH LEVELS OF PERCEIVED COMPETENCE Are more effective at:         Regulating their motivation Not creating catastrophic cognitions (Chicken Little Syndrome) Modulating affective arousal (Not emotionally reactive) Remaining task oriented in the face of threats Maintaining a strong commitment to goals Making an effort toward mastery in the face of challenges Being resilient in the face of failure Crediting their achievements to their own capabilities rather than to external factors THAN PEOPLE WITH LOW LEVELS OF PERCEIVED COMPETENCE Syringa Hospital & Clinics

How beliefs become reality Perceived competence influences:  The choices we make  The effort we put forth  How long we persist when confronted with obstacles  How we feel Syringa Hospital & Clinics

EFFICACY/COMPETENCY PROCESSES  Cognitive Processes: Competency beliefs shape the types of anticipatory scenarios people construct and rehearse.  Motivational Processes: Competency beliefs determine the goals people set, how much effort they expend, how long they persevere in the face of difficulties, and resilience in the face of failure.  Affective Processes: Competency beliefs determine how much stress people experience and their ability to control anxiety and disturbing thoughts. Syringa Hospital & Clinics

Developing Self-Efficacy  Mastery experiences   Vicarious experiences (modeling)   Mentoring, role-models, supervision Verbal persuasion   Succeeding in realistic goals/tasks Support, affirmation, positive peer pressure Re-evaluating physiological states  Mind-body health, relaxation, cognitive-behavioral interventions Syringa Hospital & Clinics

Mastery The interpreted result of purposive performance  Success raises self-efficacy, failure lowers it.  Realistic, achievable goals  Baby steps  Positive, and unambiguous feedback  Build on small successes Syringa Hospital & Clinics

Vicarious Experience Effects produced by the actions of others  People become more sensitive to this when mastery is less accessible  Modeling, mentoring, peer pressure, counselor behaviors and attitudes very important  The more similar to the model you perceive yourself, the more impact their success/failure will have on your selfefficacy Syringa Hospital & Clinics

Social Persuasion Social messages received from others  Cultivate belief in capabilities while assuring that success is attainable (Stephen Glenn – “I couldn’t have done that without you”)  Negative persuasion defeats self- efficacy and is easier to do than raising self-efficacy through positive persuasion  Power of lingering childhood messages (Adult Attachment Styles) Syringa Hospital & Clinics

Physiological States Provide information about efficacy beliefs  Stress, anxiety, arousal, fatigue, and mood states  People “read” themselves, and physiological information is interpreted through the filter of beliefs  Key is to differentiate state vs. trait Syringa Hospital & Clinics

Benefits of Increased Self-Efficacy  Improved work performance  Reduced illness and sick leave  Improved morale, mood, and energy  Reduced negative behaviors  Improved sense of belonging and loyalty  Increase initiative and problem-solving  Improved customer satisfaction Syringa Hospital & Clinics

SELF COMPETENCIES         Self Awareness – Ability to be aware of one’s beliefs, values, expectations, needs and feelings Self Acceptance – Ability to accept both positive and negative aspects of one’s self Self Actualization – Ability to live up to one’s potential through the pursuit of challenging goals, setting high personal standards, and pursuing tasks outside one’s comfort zone Self Regulation – Ability to control one’s thoughts and feelings in times of stress and remain calm under pressure Adaptability – Ability to solve problems by being flexible, creative, and translating ideas into action Motivation – Ability to begin and sustain behaviors to accomplish goals Optimism – Ability to be positive and hopeful about the future in the face of stress, setbacks, or disappointments Assertiveness – Ability to express thoughts and feelings in a nondestructive manner Syringa Hospital & Clinics

RELATIONAL COMPETENCIES  Social Identification – Ability to feel connected with others  Empathy – Ability to be aware of, sensitive to, and appreciate others’ thoughts and feelings and to respond in an understanding manner  Positive Emotions – Ability to experience and sustain positive emotions Syringa Hospital & Clinics

Self Management • • • • • • Self-control Transparency Adaptability Achievement Initiative Optimism Syringa Hospital & Clinics

Relationship Management • • • • • • Inspiration Influence Developing others Change catalyst Conflict management Teamwork and collaboration Syringa Hospital & Clinics

The missing link? Self-efficacy research findings show that people’s beliefs in their abilities are better predictors of their behavior and performance than their actual abilities. Self-efficacy mediates how personality and technical competencies manifest in real-world life conditions. Syringa Hospital & Clinics

Syringa Hospital & Clinics

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