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Published on February 17, 2009

Author: piotr_tyczyn


PowerPoint Presentation: Self-discipline is the way to success ! ILONA SMALARZ KL. IIF 2009/10 PowerPoint Presentation: Does it occur to you sometimes you have put off for tomorrow sth . you should do today?? What makes you more angry? It it that the task has not been done once again , or you had not enough self - discipline to do it? PowerPoint Presentation: Self-discipline means specific aim you are going to achieve and you reach that aim at the end. It means that Your aim has the highest priority. It means you are able to resign from many other things to achieve that specific aim as well. PowerPoint Presentation: During our life time we are doing many things automatically as a custom. It is difficult to change that habits.. PowerPoint Presentation: On the other hand customs make our life stable one and we get the feeling of order in everything we are doing . Good daily customs to write, at the same time, on the same desk, strictly defined amount of text allowed many writers to get Nobel prize!!! PowerPoint Presentation: Try to change some of your customs, habits It is not easy, it needs time but it means big investment in your real future!!. PowerPoint Presentation: Do not try to change all your present l i fe just tomorrow because after tomorrow that all will be as it was earlier. Do determine ! your specific custom you want to change D o concentrate on it ! and repeat that new good habit as often as possible PowerPoint Presentation: Do not forget you are probably trying to change a custom from your childhood. PowerPoint Presentation: Every change in your daily acting needs patience and perseverance . Do not force yourself to too high barrier and do not think that after the first try everything will be OK. PowerPoint Presentation: Let us assume that your new custom will be starting work at 8 p.m. We can say about your new good habit that after a few months you start your work automatically at 8 p.m. ------------> PowerPoint Presentation: Do write in red in your calendar the task - starting work at 8 p.m. Try to stick small card everywhere - on a waking clock, on a mirror, on a door, on TV on a computer. Does it seem funny? It is just the rule advertising campaigns work and it takes effect! PowerPoint Presentation: Self-discipline is not a value only to be a value. It is a way to put into action some kind of work method, It in some way make sense , if helps effectively to do your work. PowerPoint Presentation: The planning technique allows you effectively fight against so called time thieves for example T V , computer, phone or your beloved time thief. PowerPoint Presentation: The most reasonable planning method seems to be weekly one as a good compromise comparing to monthly or daily ones . PowerPoint Presentation: Weekly planning gives you the possibility to do all planned tasks especially when your self-discipline is not strong enough yet. The week is long enough to equal your weak points which distract you from the main aim. PowerPoint Presentation: Divide your work and private life into scopes you intend to achieve successes . Family member, Student, Member of a sport group. PowerPoint Presentation: It will be easier for you to determine what is necessary to do to jump to the next level of success. Do never forget about private life and learning. Learning should be treated as a constant process. If present job market is considered only those wins who constantly improve their knowledge. PowerPoint Presentation: How your weekly plan should be prepared ? PowerPoint Presentation: For the incoming week make a list of at least two tasks in every acting scope due to below diagram: What w ould you like to achieve ( describe as precisely as possible) Why w ould you like to achieve this How would you like to perform your task it will help you to estimate and plan everything in advance. PowerPoint Presentation: Just imagine three piles first big stones, second small stones and pile of sand. Every pile has a capacity of one litre. How to put all this into 3 litre container? If you put sand first then small stones and at last big stones there will be no place for them. If the sequence will be reverse all piles can be put to 3 litre container. PowerPoint Presentation: Due to above diagram You should plan your weekly tasks. At first big stones – tasks you have to do to achieve weekly aim. You should plan - write in your weekly calendar smaller tasks and then be able to put find room for them. Do remember to leave some time for small tasks you haven't foresee n but you have to do necessarily . PowerPoint Presentation: Using that technique you know the most important tasks you have to do in any week and you have enough time to see to any unplanned and less important matters. PowerPoint Presentation: It isn’t of course a shame if you do not achieve the weekly aim or make a mistake while performing it. There is only one condition - you do it once and draw conclusions from it for your future time . PowerPoint Presentation: At the end of the week ask yourself: Which aims I have achieved? Which aims I haven’t been able to achieve? Why haven’t I achieve it? What consequences arise from it? What have I lost by it? What final conclusions you can find and use it for planning tasks for the incoming week? PowerPoint Presentation: At that first phase of self-assessment try to determine which habits disturb you to achieve aim, what stops your path to the aim. You should concentrate on that obstacle and try to remove it. If you manage to achieve first aim make next step it will be easier because you know you CAN! This simple way you will be climbing higher and higher to the aim called SUCCESS.!!!. PowerPoint Presentation: T he end we have simple steps to self- discipline and to your future SUCCESS as well ..

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