Self directed learning and transformative learning

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Information about Self directed learning and transformative learning

Published on March 11, 2014

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The relation between Self-Directed Learning (SDL) and Transformative Learning (TL).


INTRODUCTION • Theories and concepts of adult education are the foundations for adult learners • Applied in real life situations. • Expanded upon with each class, lecture and assignment. • Two theories will be discussed in this paper: • Self-Directed Learning (SDL) • Transformative Learning (TL) • TL builds on SDL.

STUDIES 1 • Merriam, et al. (pgs 105-108) • SDL is a form of self-planned learning, where there are things to be learned all around the person. • SDL has three goals- • “…to enhance the learner’s ability to be more self-directed in the learning process, to foster transformational learning as central to self-directed learning and to promote emancipatory learning and social action as an integral part of self- directed learning.” (Merriam, pg. 107) • Pilling-Cormick (1997) • “…students have control over their own learning process.” • Students “reflect on their needs and assumptions as they decide how they will learn.” If their assumptions become modified at any stage due to reflection then this process becomes transformed via transformative learning.

STUDIES 2 • Cranton (1994) • “…becoming self-directed involves a change in the basic assumptions about themselves as learners, the role of the teacher, even the goal of education. It is at this juncture that self-directed learning and transformative learning are intertwined.” • Chu, et al. (2012) • Transformative learning and the Constructivist Internet-Based Learning Environment Scale (CILES) measure are theory based- internet-based learning environments may be fit for learners’ transformations. • Along with technical learning interests, adult students would develop an interest in dialectical learning, and through this type of learning, emancipatory learning interest in the internet would develop.

PERSONAL EXPERIENCES • Tax laws • Learning them but not being able to explain them until this year. • Medical School in India • Talking to janitors and lab assistants was taboo

CONCLUSION • Self-directed learning • Students try to figure out their learning needs. • Students reflect on the learning process. • Transformative Learning • Students have ideas of how they can improve their learning on various pieces that they have learned. • SDL and TL are related to each other in that TL builds upon SDL.

REFERENCES • Chu RJ, Chu AZ, Weng C, Tsai CC, and Lin CC. Transformation for adults in and internet-based learning environment- is it necessary to be self-directed? British Journal of Educational Technology; 2012. 43(2): 205-216 • Pilling-Cormick, J. Transformative and self-directed learning in practice. New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education; 1997. (74): 69-77 Jossey-Bass Publishers • Cranton, P. Self-directed and transformative instructional development. The Journal of Higher Education; 1994. 65(6): 726-744 • Corley, MA. Teaching Excellence in Adult Literacy (TEAL) Center Fact Sheet No. 11- Adult Learning Theories. (2011) 1-4; Adapted from the CALPRO Fact Sheet No. 5. United States Department of Education. • Merriam, SB, Caffarella, RS, and Baumgartner, LM. Learning in Adulthood: A Comprehensive Guide (2007). 3rd Edition. Jossey-Bass; San Francisco; pgs 105-158

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