Selenium, Appium, and Robots!

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Information about Selenium, Appium, and Robots!

Published on January 27, 2014

Author: hugs



Presented at Tokyo Selenium Meetup, January 18, 2014

Selenium, Appium, and Robots! Jason Huggins @hugs Sauce Labs

A brief history of test automation...


Google Maps, Gmail, Rails, etc...



“Web 2.0”

“It’s now safe to use JavaScript!”

But how do you test it?

With Selenium!

What’s Selenium?

“It’s like a robot that tests your app!”


It’s popular!

More popular than the competition!

But now...

the game has changed.


2007: mobile

2008: mobile

2009: mobile

2010: mobile

2011: mobile

2012: mobile



But how do you test it?

What’s Appium?

Appium is the cross-platform solution for native and hybrid mobile automation @AppiumDevs

Appium Philosophy

Rule 1 Test the same app you submit to the marketplace

Rule 2 Write your tests in any language, using any framework

Rule 3 Use a standard automation specification and API

Rule 4 Build a large and thriving open- source community effort

Selenium WebDriver is the standard for browser automation, with libraries in every* language

Selenium WebDriver is used every single day by thousands of developers familiar with its model

Selenium WebDriver is a W3C working draft

Appium architecture

Appium is an HTTP server that creates and handles WebDriver sessions

On iOS, Appium proxies commands to a UIAutomation script running in Instruments

On Android, Appium proxies commands to a UiAutomator test case running on the device

Appium opens the door to cross- platform mobile testing: one test, two mobile platforms

(just like how Selenium started...)


Sample code:

Ready... var  wdSync  =  require("wd-­‐sync")    ,  assert  =  require("assert")    ,  appURL  =  ""; //  Define  the  environment var  desired  =  {    device:  'iPhone  Simulator'    ,  name:  "Appium:  Sync  WD"    ,  platform:'Mac  10.8'    ,  app:  appURL    ,  version:  ''    ,  browserName:  '' };

Set... //  Instantiate  a  new  wd  session var  client  =  wd.remote("localhost",  4723);    ,  browser  =  client.browser    ,  sync  =  client.sync;

sync(function()  {    //  Init  the  browser    browser.init(desired); Go!    //  Type  into  two  fields    var  fields  =  browser.elementsByTagName('textField');    fields[0].type('2');    fields[1].type('3');    //  Click  a  button    var  buttons  =  browser.elementsByTagName('button');    buttons[0].click();    //  Verify  results    var  texts  =  browser.elementsByTagName('staticText');    assert.equal(browser.text(texts[0]),  5);    //  quite  the  browser    browser.quit(); });

Now for something (not) completely different

Remember when I said “like a robot”?


2011 2011


2013 2013 @Tapsterbot


Sauce Labs?

Servers Time Unit of Work

Servers Time Unit of Work @saucelabs

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