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Information about Selection

Published on November 21, 2010

Author: fayyazabid


Selection : Selection Selection : Selection The process by which an organization chooses from a list of applicants the person or persons who best meet the selection criteria for the position available, considering current environmental conditions. Internal Environmental Factors Influencing Selection : Internal Environmental Factors Influencing Selection Organization characteristics that can influence the selection process: Size Complexity Technological volatility Attitude about hiring from within External Environmental Factors Influencing Selection : External Environmental Factors Influencing Selection Country government employment laws and regulations. State-specific regulations. Size, composition, and availability of local labor markets. Economic, social, and political pressures on a community. Selection Ratio : Selection Ratio Used by HRM staff to evaluate the effects of the labor market on selection decisions. Selection Criteria : Selection Criteria Reliability of Selection Criteria : Reliability of Selection Criteria Reliability – how stable or repeatable a measurement is over a variety of testing conditions. How to assess reliability: Test-retest reliability Alternative-form reliability Inter-rater reliability Validity of Selection Criteria : Validity of Selection Criteria Validity – addresses the questions of: What a selection tool measures How well it has measured it It is not sufficient for a selection tool to be reliable. The selection tool must also be valid. Types of Validity : Types of Validity Content Validity – degree to which a test, interview, or performance evaluation measures the skill, knowledge, or ability to perform. Construct Validity – extent to which a selection tool actually measures the unobservable trait that it claims to measure. Steps in the Selection Process : Steps in the Selection Process Typical Selection Decision Process : Typical Selection Decision Process 1. Preliminary screening 2. Employment interview 6. Physical examination 5. Selection decision 3. Employment tests Application blank Biographical Information Blank Interview 4. Background & reference checks Preliminary Screening : Preliminary Screening Application blanks Useful selection tools Subject to same legal standards as any other selection method Biographical information blank (BIB) Weighted application blank Employment Interview : Employment Interview Two strategies for effective use of interviews: 1. Structuring the interview to be reliable and valid 2. Training managers on best interview techniques Unstructured interview Structured interview Behavioral description interview (BDI) Situational interview (SI) Employment Tests (1 of 2) : Employment Tests (1 of 2) Mechanism that attempts to measure certain characteristics of individuals, e.g., aptitudes manual dexterity intelligence personality Should be validated before being used to make hiring decisions Employment Tests (2 of 2) : Employment Tests (2 of 2) Job sample performance tests Cognitive ability tests Psychomotor ability simulations Personality inventories and temperament tests Polygraph and honesty tests Reference Checks and Recommendations : Reference Checks and Recommendations Do not always provide an organization with meaningful information about applicants. Concerns over the legality of asking for and providing confidential information about applicants. Legal status surrounding reference-checking and providing recommendations is not clear. Physical Examinations : Physical Examinations Should be required only after a conditional offer of employment has been made Can be used to screen out unqualified individuals. If used, all individuals who are conditionally offered employment should be required to have one Selection of Managers : Selection of Managers Assessment center several interviews work samples simulations paper-and-pencil tests of abilities and attitudes Individuals evaluated on many dimensions Shown to be a valid way to select managers Cost-Benefit Analysis for the Selection Decision : Cost-Benefit Analysis for the Selection Decision Statistical Utility Organizational Utility Summary : Summary The way that an organization hires employees is directly tied to other HR programs. The linkage with training is important Putting more money into selection can significantly reduce the amount of money it must spend on training A selection system will make some mistakes No guarantee of successful job performance

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