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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: clauditacar


Finding a Research Topic or a classroom project topic

Fear of Topic Selection  Your topic should be...  Innovative  Exciting  Interesting  Current  Attractive

Things to Consider  What kind of job are you interested in?  Listening, speaking, pronunciation, CLIL, culture, teachers-to-be?  What are your strengths? weaknesses?   Teaching, reading, writing? What drives you? bores you?  Technology, strategies, applications, interdisciplinary, behavior, learning

Ways to Find a Topic

1) I have an idea! Is it researchable?  Is it doable?  Can you find enough information? 

2) Testing the waters! Find opinions about you idea from different perspectives.  Explore the field you are interested in. 

3) Make up your mind!  From collected information, find the area of interest that is more appealing for you.

4) The Stapler Model You work on a number of small topics that turn into a series of conference papers  You figure out somehow how to tie it all together, create a chapter from each paper, and put a big staple through it 

5) Post-it now! Save sources, pages, for the reference list.  Found something interesting? Post-it now, so you don't forget. 

IN BRIEF Select a topic that interests you Read through background information Start making a list of key words Write out your topic as a statement and select the main concepts Start making a list of words to describe your topic

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