Selecting Social Media Tools

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Information about Selecting Social Media Tools

Published on June 10, 2009

Author: CopywriteInk



A brief 10-minute presentation on how to choose which social media tools are best suited for a company, using three case studies as an example, delivered to IABC/Las Vegas on June 2.

Selecting Social Media Tools Social media describes online technologies that people use to share content, opinions, insights, experiences, perspectives, and media. People and Technologies.

Twitter People. Tens of millions.

Discovering Sharing Connecting Presenting Technologies. Tens of thousands.

How do you choose when there are thousands of networks?

• What Communication Assets Will You Have? • What Technologies Does Your Audience Use? Simplified, there are two primary considerations.

• Assets: Abstracts and Case Studies • Audience: Passive Decision Makers B2B.

• Blog Visitation From 0 to 600 in 90 Days • U.S. Environmental Agency • State of California Air Resources Board • Engineering Firms and Manufacturers • Augmented with LinkedIn, long term Environmental and engineering insights to lead as subject matter expert.

• Assets: Events, Reports, Research • Assets: Existing Blog, Without Content • Audience: Individuals, Unengaged Nonprofit.

• Blog Visitation From 0 to 700 in 60 Days • Phase One: Provided Reporting Mechanism • Phase Two: Develop Facebook Community Engage and establish a sense of community over the long term.

• Assets: Exclusive Clips, Stills, Stories • Audience: Cast And Crew Fans B2C.

• 350,000 Views on YouTube in 60 Days • Pass-On Viewership 350,000 or more • 30,000 Blog Visits, High Duplication • Shared on Blogs, Forums, Discussion Boards • Fan Groups Range from 500 to 250,000 • Highly Engaged Fans on Twitter/Facebook Employ step theatrical release to generate DVD interest.

Twitter • All Social Media Starts with Listening • Listening Can Catch Conversational Trends • Listening Can Identify Audiences • Listening Helps Situational Communication • Listening Can Help Discover Industry Trends • Listening Can Help Measure Message Impact Were you listening?

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