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Published on October 9, 2009

Author: bkind2animals


Name ____________________________________ Period ______ Date ______ Seeds of American Democracy RIGHT TO SECURITY FROM TRIAL BY UNLAWFUL ENTRY JURY INTO ONE’S HOME RIGHTS OF ENGLISHMEN P. 50 No TAXATION W/O CONSENT 1. Why did the American colonists have the rights of Englishmen? (p. 50) Because they were subjects of the British Monarchy Common Laws 2. Constitution of Great Britain o Long established practices know as ______________________ and Laws ______________________ passed by Parliament Based on customs and decisions of law courts  Common Law:  Parliament: Legislative body of British govt (law makers) o Feudalism: (p. 51) System for Governing based on: THE CONTROL OF LAND

o Power Pyramid: Fill in the 3 Social Groups and their definitions in the space provided Think ROYALTY back to Feudal King, queen & Pizza Pie their family NOBILITY Lords & Ladies; held titles: earl, duke, duchess, baron, - worked for monarch COMMON PEOPLE The rest of the ppl=knights, merchants, peasants/serfs Serfs: farmed the land & tied to the land 3. Distribution of Land o All land belonged to the MONARCH o Feudal System  What did the nobles control? PARTS OF THE LAND AS WELL AS THE PPL  Nobles further divided the land and assigned it to men called VASSALS  What did the nobles and vassals owe in return for the land? (p. 51-52) MILITARY SERVICE & PLEDGE THEIR LOYALTY  How did the system work? CONTRACTS BTW MONARCHS & NOBLES

According to Locke, when a govt fails to protect our Natural Rights, the Cause people have the RIGHT Effect to rebel & form a new Limiting King John tried the to take back power of certain rights of Magna Carta GOVT Englishmen 1215 (p. 52) (p. 52) 1. GOVT BASED ON A CONTRACT; RTS OF ENGLISHMEN ARE LISTED 2. GOVT & GOVERNED MUST OBEY THE LAW- RULE OF LAW; THE Define Parliament LAW LIMITS 1258 (p. 54) GOVT’S PWR SEE PG2 2 Houses: HOUSE OF LORDS: REP NOBLES HOUSE OF COMMONS: REP LANDOWNERS WHO ARE NOT NOBLES Petition of Rights 1628 1. KING COULD ONLY TAX W/CONSENT OF P. 2. NO QUARTERING 1628: King TROOPS 3. ENGLISH attempts to tax SUBJECTS HAVE without consent RIGHTS THAT of Parliament GOVT CAN’T (p. 54)

The English Bill of Rights 1689 (p. 55) Monarch is no longer allowed to: 1. Collect taxes w/out consent of Parliament 2. Interfere with the right to free speech/debate in Parliament. 3. Maintain an army in peacetime 4. Prevent Protestants from having arms in their defense 5. Require excessive bail or administer cruel punishment 6. Declare that laws made by Parliament shouldn’t be obeyed.

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