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Information about Seedcausev1

Published on October 20, 2008

Author: netzwellenedu


What can you do with 400 € ?

Feed 150 Students for 4 Weeks ?



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2 nodes are necessary is working to build an efficient and independent global help platform. Our goals ? Creative minds beeing able to seed causes across the globe.

With every node, the network effect increases

In practice this means that 3 schools are better than 2,4 are better than 3 ...


Zero cost efficient (entirely good will based)

Infinite leverage

Currency Hedge (eg. 160 students can be fed for 4 weeks on 400 euros in the 3rd world)

Causes are connected to capital and vice versa.

Specific causes are tackled rather than entire continents.

Communities are conected aiding cultural exchange.

Immediate responsiveness (In case of emergency)

Totally independent from large organization

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