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Published on August 21, 2008

Author: cpangali


PRESENTATION ON : PRESENTATION ON AIR POLLUTION Presented By : Virendra Kumar AIR POLLUTION : AIR POLLUTION 1. Introduction 2. Sources of Air Pollution 3. Harmful Effects of Air Pollutions 4. Air Pollution Major Tragedy 5. Control of Air Pollution INTRODUCTION : INTRODUCTION (a) Formal Definition (b) Composition of Air 1. FORMAL DEFINITION : FORMAL DEFINITION The air Act of Govt. of India defines air pollution as “Air pollution means any solid , liquid or gaseous substances present in the atmosphere in such concentrations that may tend to be injurious to human beings or other living creatures or plants or property or enjoyment” (a) COMPOSITION OF AIR : COMPOSITION OF AIR » Nitrogen - 78.084% » Oxygen – 20.946% » Argon – 0.934% » carbon dioxide – 0.033% » Other gaseous – 0.003% (ex.-neon ,helium ,hydrogen ,xenon etc.) (b) SOURCES OF AIR POLLUTION : SOURCES OF AIR POLLUTION (a)Natural Sources (b) Man-Made Sources 2. NATURAL SOURCES : NATURAL SOURCES » Decay of organic matter (plant and animal remains ) » Dust Storms » Forest Fires » Volcanoes (a) Slide 8: Dust storms MAN-MADE SOURCES : MAN-MADE SOURCES » Burning of fuels like wood , coal etc » Exhaust gases emitted by motor vehicles » Industries pollute air » Thermal power plants pollute air by emitting fly Ash » Nuclear power plants pollute by releasing radioactive rays » Deforestation pollutes air by increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in it » Use of chlorofluorocarbons pollute by depleting the ozone layer (b) Slide 11: Gases emitted by Motor vehicles Slide 12: Industries pollute HARMFUL EFFECTS OF AIR POLLUTION : HARMFUL EFFECTS OF AIR POLLUTION » Air pollution can cause breathing and diseases such as asthma , lung cancer , tuberculosis etc. » Air pollution can cause carbon monoxide poisoning » Air pollution can cause acid rain which damages crop plants , trees , buildings and makes the soil acidic. » Air pollution causes depletion of ozone layer » Air pollution causes green house effect 3. AIR POLLUTION MAJOR TRAGEDY : AIR POLLUTION MAJOR TRAGEDY » Donora(USA),oct.1948 :- Due to Anti cyclic weather (no air movement) inversion , 20 persons died , about 7000 ill. » London , Dec.1952 :– Due to Extensive use of coal , the smoke mixed with fog became dangerous smog , 4000 died , thousands ill. » London , Dec.1962 :- Due to Shallow inversion , fog gases, 700 persons died. » Bhopal (INDIA) , Dec.1984 :- In Union Carbide industry toxic gas “METHYLE ISOCYNATE “ leaked accidentally and about 2500 died and over 100000 were severely affected. 4. CONTROL OF AIR POLLUTION : CONTROL OF AIR POLLUTION » Controlling of coal dust by sprinkling water on it before handling in a thermal power plant » Preventive maintenance by repairing leaky valves in advance so as to prevent the leakages of the harmful gases in air » Selection of proper material. For example using low sulfur coal reduces the Sulfur dioxide problem 5. For dealing with the particle matter the following control technologies are used : For dealing with the particle matter the following control technologies are used » Settling chambers » Cyclone separators » Fabric filters » Electrostatic precipitators » wet collector For gaseous pollutants the following control technologies are used : For gaseous pollutants the following control technologies are used » Condensation » Absorption » Adsorption » Combustion THE END : THE END

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