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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: drmustansar


PowerPoint Presentation: Five Secrets of Life We Need to Know PowerPoint Presentation: Have you ever wondered why some people find more happiness than others? PowerPoint Presentation: Why do some people live well and die happy, while others die with regret? PowerPoint Presentation: If you ask anyone to tell you the one person they knew who had found true happiness and had something to teach us, there would be hundreds of people with many years of experience to share their secrets. PowerPoint Presentation: They will tell you the THE FIVE SECRETS we must discover before we die. PowerPoint Presentation:  The first secret they tell you is: BE TRUE TO YOURSELF There is an inner voice inside us that tells us what we want, but we must have the discipline and the courage to follow. PowerPoint Presentation: The second secret is: LEAVE NO REGRETS When you ask them what they regretted, they did not regret their failures. They wished they had risked more. The greatest fear at the end of life is not death or failure, but that the last words will be “I wish I had.” PowerPoint Presentation: The third secret is: BECOME LOVE Remember that love is the one thing that matters most. They will tell you that love was the greatest source of meaning and the source of most regret. PowerPoint Presentation: The third secret is: BECOME LOVE Remember that love is the one thing that matters most. They will tell you that love was the greatest source of meaning and the source of most regret. If there is something you have to say, say it sooner even if you don’t feel ready. PowerPoint Presentation: The fourth secret is: LIVE THE MOMENT It all goes by so fast, so see each day as a gift. Choose not to waste it. Wherever you are, really be there. PowerPoint Presentation: The fifth secret is: GIVE MORE THAN YOU CAN TAKE Ask them, “What has given your life meaning?” They will answer, “That the things we take from the world have no meaning, but we remember what we left behind. PowerPoint Presentation: Find something that matters to you, and give all your heart to it: a cause, a child, a dream. PowerPoint Presentation: Remember, happiness cannot be sought, as it is a byproduct of serving. PowerPoint Presentation: If you ask them about dying, they will tell you, “If you really live and you discover the five secrets, you won’t be afraid to die. PowerPoint Presentation: Whatever mistakes you have made, no matter how many regrets you have, plant a new tree today. PowerPoint Presentation: This is what the wise elders will want you to know…. PowerPoint Presentation: Be true to yourself Leave no regrets Become love Live the moment And give more than you can take PowerPoint Presentation: How did the elders survive these five secrets? And how can you? PowerPoint Presentation: What actions can you take each day to find true happiness and have a deeply fulfilling life? PowerPoint Presentation: Now is the time to discover your path to The FIVE SECRETS OF LIFE . PowerPoint Presentation: When you find your path, You must ignore fear You need to have the courage To risk mistakes But once you are on that road, Run, run, run, And don’t stop until you’ve reached its end.

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