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Published on March 15, 2014

Author: BrianClaytonCharles


Secret 2014 Winter Olympics Terror Plot Exposed — USA Hockey Hostage Crisis and Beheadings Trending David Chase Taylor February 4, 2014 SWITZERLAND, Zurich — Based on breaking news and events, it appears that U.S. Olympic athletes, namely the U.S. men's national ice hockey team, will be kidnapped and held hostage by state-sponsored terrorists while traveling to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Once an Olympic hostage crisis ensues, the world will collectively focus on the American hockey players who will subsequently be brutally headed by so-called Islamic terrorists—one by one, Daniel Pearl-style. The notion that U.S. hockey players could be targeted with terror was recently emphasized in the January 28, 2014 Fox News report entitled, “NHL May Reconsider Sending Players to Sochi Over Security Concerns”. Since Facebook now allows beheading videos, all of the world will witness the final moments of these innocent all-American athletes. In the wake of an unprecedented Olympic hostage crisis, the winter games would likely be canceled as athletes would be too terrorized to compete. Coincidentally, the February 4, 2014 propaganda report entitled “Winter Olympics Cancelled” foreshadowed this, albeit a parody. Because the entire 2014 U.S. men's national ice hockey team is Caucasian (i.e., white), a drawn out and deadly hostage crisis would naturally be used by the progenitors of state-sponsored terror to create unprecedented racial division and strife within the United States. President Obama’s response to the hostage crisis, or lack thereof, would no doubt be used to divide and enrage the American populace who have collectively turned their back on Obama. The 2014 Winter Olympics terror attacks will be “allowed” to happen by Russia who had reportedly been behind the last 5 major acts of state-sponsored terrorism (see list below). A lengthy international hostage crisis would also be used to reignite the Cold War between the United States and Russia that has been heating up as of late. Russian Terror Timeline: 1. April 15, 2013: Russian Brothers Tsarnaev Execute Boston Marathon Bombings (Boston, MA) 2. December 29, 2013: 14 Dead after Suicide Bombing at Russia Railway Station (Volgograd, Russia) 3. December 30, 2014: Second Suicide Bomber hits Russian City, 14 Killed (Volgograd, Russia) 4. January 18, 2014: Russian Teen Created BlackPOS Malware to Hack Target, Neiman Marcus (U.S.) 5. January 25, 2014: Russian Teen Charged with Weapon of Mass Destruction (Altoona, PA) In what appears to be a state-sponsored Blackwater-type terror group created specifically to deliver and/or terrorize U.S. hockey players, it was reported on January 7, 2014 that a Boston-based “private crisis- response firm” entitled “Global Rescue” will be on standby with five aircraft during the Olympic Games “in the event that emergencies require an evacuation from Sochi”. Security executive and CEO Dan Richards stated that “[Sochi’s] got the possibility for there to be some kind of event'', and that the company was there to help identify "safe havens, rally points and methods of egress''. Richards also stated that “We're really there to help and act as enablers”, a revealing statement to say the least. Private security firms are often hired by governments to mitigate blowback should a particular terror plot get foiled or gets out of control. The 2014 Winter Olympics appear to be no different.

In the same report which highlighted Global Rescue’s role in the 2014 Winter Olympics, it was also revealed that USA Hockey spokesman Dave Fischer had declined to discuss the team's security plan or the involvement of private security. Fischer maintained that the safety of the U.S. men’s hockey team is "the first priority” and that they “have utilized various tactics over the course of history''. Fischer also added that "Private security absolutely is a tactic''. Although the private security firm USA Hockey has employed was not disclosed, the fact that they were mentioned in the same article as Global Rescue suggests that they have contracted with them for security. Although impossible to know, a fabricated terror threat could result in a Global Rescue evacuation which could ultimately deliver the athletes to a predetermined destination where they would be imprisoned and eventually beheaded. A new and improved U.S. versus Russia feud is the coincidentally the theme of the televisions show entitled “The Americans”, whose second season will coincidentally premiere on February 26, 2014, as well as the new television mini-series entitled “The Assets” (see trailer) which premiered in the U.S. on January 2, 2014. As the January 16, 2014 report entitled “Shades of KGB Spotted at Olympics” so ominously foreshadows, the 2014 Winter Olympics is slated to be the spark which ignites the Cold War all over again. In order to psychologically terrorize the Americans post-Olympic hostage crisis, Hollywood is in the process of creating two Olympic terror propaganda films which will be in theaters in 2014. "Unbroken" (2014) is a film directed by U.N. ambassador Angelina Jolie which will premiere on December 25, 2014. The movie chronicles the life of Olympic runner Louis Zamperini who was taken hostage by the Japanese army during World War II. "Foxcatcher" (2014) is a film (see trailer) about the true-life story surrounding the murder of Olympic Champion Dave Schultz at the hands of paranoid schizophrenic John DuPont. I. THE SET-UP: 1.1: U.S. Travel Alerts In order to gain plausible deniability post-Olympic terror, the U.S. government must issue official terror warnings to its athletes prior to an attack taking place. This alleviates the government of any legal responsibility should their athletes get attacked. Because the Sochi terror plot involves the kidnapping of American athletes while traveling in mass transit to Russia, the U.S. State Department issued a travel alert on January 10, 2014. Two weeks later on January 24, 2014, the U.S. State Department issues an updated travel alert, further confirming that state-sponsored Olympic terror plot is planned for American athletes traveling to the games. 1.2: Hockey Trending An Olympic hockey hostage crisis, should it happen, will occur 24 years after the “Miracle on Ice” in which the U.S. men’s hockey team beat a far superior Russian squad 4-3. In the aftermath of the hockey terror attack, the embarrassing loss by Russia in 1980 will predictably be cited as motive for the attack. In what appears to be a preview of Russian-related hockey violence, it was reported on January 2, 2014 that at the 2014 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships in Malmö, Sweden, Russia eliminated the U.S. from competitin while taunting them. Predictably, the U.S. retaliated by hitting a Russian player with a stick. Four days later on January 6, 2014, Russian President Putting played hockey while touring the Olympic sites in Sochi. These events, which were likely staged in part, have been hyped by the media with the goal of bringing unprecedented attention to both the sport of hockey and the country of Russia just prior to the Winter Olympics. 1.3: NHL Stadium Series In order make hockey relevant and bring unprecedented attention to the sport prior to its biggest stars being decapitated by Islamic terrorists, the National Hockey League has introduced the first ever Stadium Series which features 4 high-profile games in outdoor stadiums (e.g., Los Angeles (January 25, 2014), New York (January 26 and 29, 2014) and Chicago (March 1, 2014). Predictably, the last game will be held post-Winter Olympics and therefore will have a chilling effect if in fact the hockey players are targeted. 1.4: Intelligence Agency Terror The telltale sign that terror is planned for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi is the fact that former U.S. Department of Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano will lead the Sochi Olympic delegation. Aside from her presence at the games, it was reported on January 9, 2014 that the FBI is sending “security help”

to the Sochi Olympics, another obvious sign that state-sponsored terror is imminent. To top it off, Interpol has reportedly signed a security deal with the IOC for the Winter Olympics. The fact that all of these police and intelligence agencies are congregating in Russia suggests that they are conspiring to commit acts of terror. Aside from Interpol, Napolitano and the FBI have no jurisdiction in Russia and therefore their presence is highly suspect to say the least. 1.5: Pre-Olympic Terror As the “Washington Times” headline from January 30, 2014 correctly states, “Terrorist Attacks on the Rise in Russia as Winter Olympics Near”. Although state-sponsored “homegrown” terror (e.g., the Beslan Massacre) has been present in Russia since the end of the Cold War, it has suddenly and suspiciously become rather prevalent in the weeks leading up to the Winter Olympics in Sochi. The obvious question is, “Why?”. In short, the recent terror attacks and patsy arrests have created the necessary terror narrative from which a deadly hostage crisis can ultimately be spawned. In other words, without the threat of terror, an Olympic hostage crisis would seem out of place. Although Russia has imposed a security clampdown in respect to the Olympics, certain terror-related events will be “allowed” to happen just as they were pm December 29, 2014. In the event that the Winter Olympics are terror-free, homegrown Russian terror will likely disappear along with the athletes. Pre-Olympic Russian Terror Timeline: 1. December 29, 2013: At Least 14 Dead after Suicide Bombing at Russia Railway Station 2. December 30, 2014: Second Suicide Bomber hits Russian City, 14 Killed 3. January 10, 2014: Russia: Six deaths, car blast prompt security sweep ahead of Games in Sochi 4. January 9, 2014: Security alert in southern Russia as bodies found in bomb-rigged cars 5. January 11, 2014: Russia nabs 5 terror suspects 185 miles east of Sochi 6. January 11, 2014: Russia says militants seized with bomb in south 7. January 15, 2014: 7 Killed in Olympic sweep: Russian security forces battle militants 8. January 17, 2014: Two explosions hit capital of Russia's southern republic of Dagestan 9. January 20, 2014: Russians Study Islamic Video Threatening Olympics 10. January 21, 2014: Russian forces hunt Dagestan militants, 'black widows' 11. January 21, 2014: Russian police kill terror suspect in Winter Olympics security crackdown 12. January 25, 2014: Russian teen charged with possessing weapon of mass destruction 13. January 25, 2014: Militants tell Russians to rebel against Kremlin or face attacks 14. January 30, 2014: Russia: 2 suspects arrested in Volgograd bombings [Does not purport to be a complete list of events or headlines] 1.6: Obama: Olympics are Safe In a calculated move to gain plausible deniability post-Olympic terror, the Olympics and the United States have publically stated that the 2014 Winter Olympics will be safe. For example, IOC president Thomas Bach stated that terrorism "must never triumph" and has expressed "full confidence" in Russia's ability to deliver a safe Olympics. In an even bolder statement, U.S. Pesident Obama stated that the Winter Olympics in Sochi are safe. Obama’s comments, which will predictably come back to haunt him, were made despite the ever growing list of terror alerts, terror attacks, terror threats and terror warnings, many of which have been issued by the U.S. government which he allegedly controls. The bi-polar nature of the Olympic terror threat is quite revealing for it shows the duplicity of Obama, the U.S. government and intelligence agencies in general. 1.7: The Terror Threats Aside from the wave of terror attacks which have taken place in Russia leading up to the Winter Olympics, there has also been a rash of terror alerts issued by governments and terrorists alike. Aside from being a dead give-away in respect to planned acts of state-sponsored terror, the terror threats conclusively prove that governments and terrorists are one in the same entity. After all, if the terrorists were truly working against the government, the media would never carry their threats on a daily basis. The golden rule of terrorism is that the government ONLY pimps their own terrorists. In respect to the 2014 Winter Olympics, there have been threats upon threats which suggest an attack is imminent. As the February 4, 2014 USA Today report entitled “Where are the Guns at the Olympics in Sochi?” insinuates, Olympic security is

lacking and therefore an attack is all but expected. Sochi Terror Threat Headlines: 1. January 15, 2014: Inside the Ring: Sochi Olympics face high threat of attack 2. January 19, 2014: Lawmakers concerned about Olympic security, amid new terror threats and attacks 3. January 19, 2014: Terror 'Surprise' for Sochi Olympics? Purported Suicide Bombers' New Threat 4. January 20, 2014: ‘Ring of steel’ vs. Islamic terrorists: Olympic records set for security, threats in Sochi 5. January 28, 2014: Olympic torch moves through Dagestan amid new threat 6. January 28, 2014: Expert: Upcoming Olympics most dangerous due to terrorist threat 7. January 29, 2014: Threats to Sochi Olympics Whistleblower: 'You Will Be Drowned in Blood!' 8. Januarys 30, 2014: Action Star Seagal Plays Down Olympic Terrorist Threat [Does not purport to be a complete list of events or headlines] 1.8: The Warnings Like the aforementioned U.S. travel alerts, terror warnings made by politicians and police are issued in order to gain plausible deniability post-Olympic terror. For example, on January 19, 2014, it was reported that U.S. Senator Angus King stated that he would skip Olympics, a rather odd statement from a man who is likely “in the know” and is having a crisis of conscience. Four days later on January 21, 2014, it was reported that Russian police have warned local hotels that a terror suspect is inside the city of Sochi, a report which insinuates that terrorists have already Olympic breached security. A day later on January 22, 2014, it was reported that Europeans are on alert after terrorists issued a warning stating that Olympic athletes will be targeted with terror attacks. Although the aforementioned threat was made in respect to Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia and Slovenia, two days later on January 24, 2014, it was reported that U.S. State Department has warned American athletes not to wear their team gear too prominently outside of the 1,500-mile so-called “Ring of Steel”. In the event that U.S. athletes are attacked by terrorists, the U.S. government will predictably state they were targeted due to their American clothing. 1.9: Premeditated Terror Response In the event that American athletes are targeted at the Winter Olympics in Russia, the U.S. government will already be on stand-by to play hero. Headlines such as “Olympic Response Team: Security Firm Ready in Wings”, “U.S. Military to be on Standby During Olympics”, and “U.S. Will be Ready to Rescue Americans from Sochi in the Event of Attack” all but indicate that U.S. athletes will need to be rescued at some point during the Olympics. Six days later on January 31, 2014, it was reported that U.S, warships have set sail to the Black Sea, even before Olympic games have begun. Needless to say, a crisis of epic proportions is brewing in Sochi, Russia. II. THE ATTACK: 2.1: Mass Transit Attack The January 29, 2014, USA Today report entitled “With Eye on Sochi, New York Focuses on Keeping “Mass Transit Super Bowl” Safe” highlighted the terror-related dangers of mass transit. Although the report was made in respect to New York City, the headlines gave away the fact that mass transit will likely be targeted by terrorists in Russia. That same day, it was also reported that a top U.S. counterterrorism official told a U.S. Senate panel that he's concerned that terrorists may try to strike soft targets on the outskirts of the Sochi Winter Olympics. Aside from the fact that Volgograd Bombings of December 2013, targeted mass transit train stations, there has been too much media attention on Putin’s so-called “Ring of Steel” which refers to the 1,500 mile security perimeter around Sochi. In essence, the safe “Ring of Steel” was created to infer that the area outside of it (where the athletes must travel through to get the games) is not safe. In other words, Russia is creating political cover for themselves in the wake of an attack. 2.2: CIA-Funded Russian Terrorists Vilayat Dagestan (formerly known as Shariat Jamaat) is a Salafist terror group loyal to Shamil Basayev, which has reportedly taken credit for the Volgograd Bombings on December 29 and 30, 2013 that killed 34 people. A video released by the terror group depicts two men who state that they were responsible for the recent Russian suicide bombings. The men also issue a prophetic warning that terrorists will attack the

Winter Olympics. “We have prepared a… present for you, for you (President Putin) and all those tourists who will come over,” the men stated. “If you hold the Olympics you will receive a present from us. It will be for all the Muslim blood that is shed every day around the world, be it in Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria, all around the world. This will be our revenge”. According to reports, Vilayat Dagestan is associated with Gulbuddin Hekmatyar who has been designated a "global terrorist" by the U.S., despite being funded by the CIA. Although impossible to know, if and when a terror attack occurs at the Sochi Olympics, this state- sponsored terror group will likely be to blame. YouTube: 2.3: U.S. & Russian Terror “Cooperation” Since all 206 countries of the world are under the command and control of international intelligence agencies, politicians as well as the military follow orders just as they have been trained to do, never questioning where they are actually coming from. Consequently, there is cooperation between governments on all levels, albeit disguised and under the table on occasion. In respect to the Winter Olympics, both the U.S. and Russia are openly cooperating together on the Sochi terror attack. Although they have been given different roles, each will play its part. The notion of U.S. and Russian working together on a terror plot was first identified on January 5, 2014, when it was revealed that the U.S, has offered “closer cooperation” on Olympic security. Roughly 3 weeks later on January 21, 2014, it was reported that the U.S. and Russia are discussing Olympic security, or lack thereof. A day later on January 22, 2014, Obama reportedly offered U.S. security assistance to Putin. Despite the public story that Russia is not sharing intelligence on the Sochi terror threat, both countries are working in concert to terrorize the world. In an ominous sign that U.S.-Russian ties are about to get strained in the wake of an Olympic-terror attack, it was reported on February 4, 2014 that the U.S. ambassador to Russia will quit after the Sochi Olympics. The lack of an ambassador during an Olympic hostage crisis will conveniently allow the relationship between the U.S. and Russia to sour all the more quickly. 2.4: Olympic Hostage Crisis Prior to an international hostage crisis involving Olympic athletes, the American public must be programmed to believe that this is in fact possible. Aside from the television show entitled “Hostages” (see trailer) which premiered on CBS on September 23, 2013, there have been a rash of recent headlines in respect to hostage situations spanning the globe. Just 4 days prior to the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics, a preview of Russian hostage terror was reported on February 3, 2014, when a teacher was killed and a hostage released in a school terror attack in Moscow, Russia. Hostage Timeline: 1. December 24, 2013: Remember Pastor Saeed as he marks his second Christmas imprisoned in Iran 2. December 26, 2013: American abducted by al-Qaeda makes video plea 3. December 26, 2013: American abducted in Pakistan calls for US help, says he feels 'abandoned' 4. December 28, 2013: Libyan government releases detained US military personnel 5. January 13, 2014: Hostage videos offer trove of hidden clues for trained analysts 6. January 13, 2014: Police shoot suspect in Denver hostage situation 7. January 18, 2014: US dispatching high-profile Americans to return prisoners appears thing of the past 8. January 28, 2014: Mexico announces national campaign to combat rising tide of kidnappings 9. January 30, 2014: Son of Libyan military commander kidnapped in Benghazi 10. February 3, 2014: Killer escapes Michigan prison, abducts woman 11. February 3, 2014: Moscow school shooting: Policeman, teacher killed, hostages released 12. February 3, 2014: Suspect surrenders; ending 29-hour hostage crisis in North Carolina [Does not purport to be a complete list of events or headlines] 2.5: Islamic Beheadings Prior to an international hostage crisis involving beheadings, the American public must be programmed to believe that this is in fact possible. Aside from the May 22, 2013 beheading of a British soldier by a Muslin extremist in London, beheadings and decapitations have been trending as of late. Whether or not they will culminate in the beheading of U.S. Olympic athletes is not known, but the precedent has definitely been

set. Decapitation Timeline: 1. December 19, 2013: Former Morristown man, 22, faces beheading charge in Chicago 2. December 26, 2013: Teen Charged With Decapitating Man In NW Side Apartment 3. December 28, 2013: Nigerian Islamic extremist leader: Allah says we must decapitate 4. January 9, 2014: Tenant Charged After Landlord, Father Found Nearly Beheaded in Brooklyn Building 5. January 13, 2014: Al-Qaeda Syria branch executes dozens of rival Islamists, activists claim 6. January 28, 2014: Authorities work to identify man found decapitated in Wyoming [Does not purport to be a complete list of events or headlines] III: AFTERMATH OF OLYMPIC TERROR: 3.1: “Cold War” Heating Up In order for a new Cold War to be believable, there must be the threat of all out nuclear war. Therefore, the notion that Russia is now developing nuclear weapons which could threaten the U.S. must be put forth as truth. This particular narrative was first identified on December 17, 2013, when it was reported that Russia plans to build new ICBMs to replace the Cold War 'Satan' missile. A day later on December 18, 2013, it was reported that Russia also plans to build rail-mounted nuclear missiles to counter the United States’ Prompt Global Strike nuclear weapons program. A day later on December 19, 2013, it was reported that a fired U.S. general named Michael Carey, the commander responsible for all 450 of the Air Force's ICBSs, had exhibited "inappropriate behavior" while on official business in Russia, including heavy drinking and associating with "suspect" women. Whether true or not, the story was published with the goal of creating a sexy Cold War narrative and the notion that U.S. nuclear secrets may have been compromised. Roughly a month later on January 30, 2014, it was reported that the U.S. is reviewing whether or not Russian violated its nuclear missile treaty. That very same day of January 30, 2014, the U.S. concluded that Russia had conducted a missile test banned by 1987 treaty, untimely setting the scene for a new Cold War. 3.2: U.S. vs. Russia Aside from nuclear missiles, the U.S. and Russia have recently become highly disagreeable on a number of political issues. For example, on January 14, 2014, it was reported that Russia denied entry to an “undesirable” American news correspondent. Four days later on January 18, 2014, it was reported that Moscow officials visit Guantanamo in an attempt to free Russian terror detainee who was being “denied access to justice”. Three days later on January 21, 2014, it was reported that alleged NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden was a Russian spy and that Snowden has asked Russian police for protection after threats from the United States. A week later on January 28, 2014, the “Washington Times” ran the story with headline, “Who’s ‘Godless’ Now? Russia Says It’s U.S.”, which apparently foreshadows the Cold War to come. These reports, whether true or not, have been published with the goal of creating a political rift between the United Stated and Russia which will no doubt grow exponentially in the wake of American athletes being systematically beheaded by Russian terrorists. About the Author David Chase Taylor is an American journalist and the editor-in-chief of Taylor currently lives in Zürich, Switzerland where he has applied for political asylum after the release of The Nuclear Bible, a book credited with foiling a state-sponsored nuclear terror attack upon Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, Texas on February 6, 2011. Taylor has also authored The Bio-Terror Bible, a book and website exposing the 2014 global bio-terror pandemic. To date, David Chase Taylor has blown the whistle on 50+ state- sponsored terror plots, including the man-made comet ISON hoax, the drone strike on “Fast and Furious” star Paul Walker, and he was the first to expose Alex Jones’ links to STRATFOR. Legal Disclaimer’s stated purpose is to prevent terror attacks by drawing unwanted global attention to these terror plots prior to their fruition. State-sponsored terror alerts, warning, assertions and forecasts made by DO NOT necessarily imply that these terror events will transpire in reality but rather that there

is a distinct possibility they could theoretically occur based on the cited date. Historically, once a major false-flag terror plot is exposed (e.g., the Super Bowl XLV Nuclear Terror Plot), the terror plot is immediately canceled or postponed. State-sponsored acts of terror must have a prior paper trail in order to set-up patsies, prime scapegoats, create plausible deniability, as well as mislead the public from the true perpetrators of terror. By first identifying and then connecting the dots of the terror related paper trail, has successfully blown the whistle on numerous terror related plots. Please spread the word in helping make terrorism a thing of the past. Blessed are the Peacemakers. Namaste

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