Secondary 2 Normal Technical Simple machine science

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Information about Secondary 2 Normal Technical Simple machine science

Published on October 1, 2014

Author: noellim16



Notes on simple machines

Simple Machines SCIENCE NOTES

Lever classes

Wheel and axle A wheel and axle system is made up of a lever that turns in circle that turns in a circle around a fulcrum.  View slide

Inclined planes It is easier to pull or push an object up an inclined plane .The effort required is smaller than pushing or pulling the object vertically upwards . This is because the effort moves the object over a greater distance. View slide

Pulleys A pulleys is a wheel with a groove around its edge.  Fixed pulley Movable pulley

Gears Gears are wheels with teeth . The teeth of one wheel mesh into the teeth of another so that no slopping occurs.

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