Second Hand Smoke Leading to cancer

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Information about Second Hand Smoke Leading to cancer

Published on February 26, 2014

Author: pratima0627


Secondhand Smoke Leading to Cancer : Secondhand Smoke Leading to Cancer PowerPoint Presentation: Secondhand smoke (SHS) is a leading cause of lung cancer according to latest research. It is a disturbing revelation as it indicates that people who do not smoke can also be victims of lung cancer thanks to the SHS released by smokers . PowerPoint Presentation: SHS can be classified into two types, side stream smoke which comes out of the end of a lighted cigarette, cigar or smoking pipe and the other is mainstream smoke that the smoker releases into the air. Both these kinds of smoke are harmful for anyone inhaling them as it leads to cancer . PowerPoint Presentation: Although both the kinds of smoke cause cancer risk, the carcinogens present in side stream smoke is in much higher concentration and is therefore more toxic. The particles in side stream smoke are much smaller than those present in mainstream smoke, thus making it easy for them to make way into the lung cells resulting in tumor. PowerPoint Presentation: There are instances of non-smokers suffering from lung cancer, this is because they are exposed to the SHS and such people are termed as passive smokers or involuntary smokers. According to the classification by US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the International Agency for Cancer Research, SHS is termed as a ‘known human carcinogen’. PowerPoint Presentation: Amongst 7,000 chemical compounds present in a cigarette, nearly 250 chemicals have known harmful effects while more than 70 are carcinogenic. This includes chemicals such as benzene, arsenic, formaldehyde, vinyl chloride and nickel etc . According to statistics, out of all the lung cancer deaths in USA, nearly 50,000 are caused due to lung cancer acquired due to secondhand smoking. The risk of developing lung cancer increases by 20 to 30 percent amongst those who are living with a smoker. PowerPoint Presentation: Researchers are of the opinion that those people who are exposed to the secondhand smoke even briefly are at the risk of developing lung cancer. For passive smokers it is a dangerous situation as even though they are not indulging in smoking they are exposed to the risk involuntarily. Kids living with parents who smoke are at a high risk of developing lung cancer and other medical conditions. Taking Action : Taking Action Doctors suggest that there is no safe amount of exposure to SHS that can prevent lung cancer incidence; thus it is important that the body is, not exposed secondhand smoke at all. This can be done only if preventive measures are taken not just by the government but also on a personal level. PowerPoint Presentation: Government as well as non-governmental organizations needs to take initiatives and steps to convince smokers to give up smoking and make them aware of its harmful effects of smoking not just to their body but also to those present around them. Similarly , families with children at home should ensure that none of the family members indulge in smoking as it will invariably lead to health complications. PowerPoint Presentation: At an individual level, smokers need to take initiative and quit smoking so that they do not harm themselves as well as those living around them. There are many programs to help quit smoking which are easily accessible for smokers and are also highly effective.

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