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Published on March 20, 2014

Author: Sam.Media96


The Avengers: The Avengers The trailer opens with a birds eye view of a destroyed city. We can see the use of pyrotechnics and straight away we can guess that the genre of the film is action adventure. The shot then cuts to a high angle shot of people running through the city. This shot makes them all look vulnerable. Debris starts to fall from the sky, we are shown this from a low angle shot and a fast cut showing it hit the ground. Pyrotechnics have also been used here. A deep based soundtrack is playing creating tension. It is also synced with the cuts. Throughout the trailer we see a male character approaching super hero’s and asking for their help. This is an effective way of introducing each character. During these scene the soundtrack is slowly increasing in tempo. Once each character is introduced the soundtrack climaxes and fast paced cuts begin. We see many different fighting scenes and explosives, both of which represent an action adventure film. Many different camera angles have been used during this trailer. Mainly low angle shots of the superhero's to make them look powerful and important. At the end of the trailer we see all of the superhero's standing in a circle. The camera pans around them at a low angle, each of them with some kind of weapon or armour. This really sets the genre of the film and is a great way to introduce all the main characters without giving too much away about the film. Mission Impossible 3: Mission Impossible 3 The trailer opens with an establishing shot of a city. A dissolve transition is used and we see a male standing on top of one of the roofs. He is wearing black clothing which connotes danger. Another dissolve transition is used as we get a closer shot of this male character. It then cuts to a close up shot with a deep based synchronised sound. It then zooms into the males eye and we get a transition into an extreme close up of an eye being scanned by a red laser. We then hear a robotic female voice saying ‘Agent Confirmed’. Just from these first shots the audience get an idea of the film is about and what genre the film is. We can already guess that this is a spy movie and an action adventure genre. After this there is a bunch of fast paced cuts of weapons, chases and explosives. We can also hear a male voiceover counting down from 5. Once he reaches 0 the scene fades to black. It then fades in to a close up of a male saying ‘Then I am going to kill you in front of her’. From this we can guess that he is the antagonist. A synchronised cut and deep based sound effect transitions us into the next shot which is a close up shot of a female, we can guess that this is the female that the antagonist was talking about. Another synchronised cut transitions us into the a reverse shot of the male spy she was talking to. The soundtrack starts to increase in tempo and volume. The titles appear on screen which are synced with a deep based effect. The font is bold and coloured red. Red has connotations of danger which help represent the genre of this film. Once the titles have faded and the music reaches its climax we see a close up of the male spy, the music pauses and he says ‘execute’. After this the classic Mission Impossible soundtrack begins to play and we start to see a montage of pyrotechnics, chases and weapons. Fast and Furious 6: Fast and Furious 6 The trailer opens with an establishing shot of a small village next to the sea. It jumps cuts towards an expensive looking villa. These 2 shots are an effective way to set the scene for the trailer. We are introduced to a male character by an over the shoulder shot as he walks out of a villa. We then hear male voice which introduces us to another male character. Both males are represented as strong and powerful as a low angle shot has been used and no music is played whilst they are speaking. After the ‘Universal’ title we see another establishing shot of a military vehicle divining along a bridge, we know this scene is from 1 week ago because during the shot there is a voice over of the two males we saw in the previous shot having a conversation about what happened. A faint soundtrack begins to play. Each cut transition there is a synchronised deep based sound effect. After the conversation between the two characters we see a reaction shot. A soundtrack then kicks in and again each cut is synchronised with the music. This is very effective as it builds tension and is used throughout the trailer. Taken 2: Taken 2 The trailer opens with an establishing shot of a Cliffside as it gets closer we see that people are gathered to attend a funeral. As the camera gets closer we see an old male character who is represented as powerful by the low angle shot and the dark cloths he is wearing. There is then a fast paced cut synchronised with a deep based sound effect of a flash back from the previous film. We can tell it is a flash back because there is a voice over talking in past tense about what happened and the scene is in black and white. The trailer continues to switch between the present and the past. The voiceover is talking about his ‘brothers’ and ‘sons’ being murdered, during the flashbacks we see many different murders. We can presume that these are the people that are being talked about and its their funeral. The male in the voice over is talking about getting revenge on what can presume is the other male who murdered his ‘brothers’ and ‘sons’. Most characters in this trailer are represented as dangerous. This is done through the use of mise en scene, they are all wearing dark coloured cloths and many different guns/weapons have been used. Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire: Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire The trailer opens with a low angle shot of a fantasy horse and carriage flying in the air. This straight away tells the audience what genre this film is. This is good for the audience as they get an idea of what to expect. A mystical soundtrack begins to play which adds to the fantasy effect. We see another low angle shot of the horse and carriage but this time with a castle in the background. A voice over begins and as it cuts to the next shot we see a low angle shot of a stereotypical wizard. We can tell that this character is a wizard because of the use of mise en scene. He is wearing long robes, a hat and has a long beard. This shot is also lighted by candles around him, this also helps create a mysterious effect. Through out the trailer many low angle shots have been used to represent characters and scenery and dominant and mysterious. Later in the trailer the soundtrack begins to pick up tempo, also the cuts become faster and in sync with the music. This all starts to build tension and climaxes with a mysterious face in the dark. This shot is synced with a deep based sound for dramatic effect.

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