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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: amanyabozaid71


زهور 201: زهور 201 Section 1 PowerPoint Presentation: Accent Phoenix dactylifera Phoenix canariensis: Phoenix canariensis Phoenix dactylifera PowerPoint Presentation: Araucaria excelsa Specimen PowerPoint Presentation: Picturesque Ficus benghalensis PowerPoint Presentation: Schinus terebinthifolius PowerPoint Presentation: Group planting Hibiscus rosa-sinensis PowerPoint Presentation: Aquarium Anacharis candensis PowerPoint Presentation: Miniature gardens Glass gardens “Terrarium” Dish gardens PowerPoint Presentation: Haworthia sp. PowerPoint Presentation: Chlorophytum comosum Zebrina pendula Fore garden : Fore garden Lantana camara Background: Background Fore ground Lantana camara Ficus nitida Borders : Viola tricolor Borders PowerPoint Presentation: Rosa sp. Cut flowers PowerPoint Presentation: Ground cover Aptenia cordifolia PowerPoint Presentation: Hedra helix Hanging baskets Aptenia cordifolia PowerPoint Presentation: Tecoma stans Mass of one color PowerPoint Presentation: Viola tricolor Patio PowerPoint Presentation: Viola tricolor Terraces PowerPoint Presentation: Pergola Jasminum grandiflorum PowerPoint Presentation: Jasminium grandiflora Porches PowerPoint Presentation: Jasminium grandiflora Trellis PowerPoint Presentation: Viola tricolor Pot plants PowerPoint Presentation: Phoenix dactylifera Tub plants PowerPoint Presentation: Ficus nitida Screens PowerPoint Presentation: Vinca rosae Wall gardens PowerPoint Presentation:  Viola tricolor Window boxes or gardens Vinca rosae PowerPoint Presentation: By Amany Abozaid

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