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Published on December 27, 2016

Author: ethereum_mad


1. 10 years of Applied Research at Siemens: Decentralized Media Networks Decentralized Energy Systems P2P & Distributed Computing, Machine Learning, Smart Embedded Systems @sebnem Founder of Founding Member of ElectraSeed Consortium

2. December 2016 © freeelio

3. December 2016 © freeelio The Product Energy-productive, CO2 -free electricity fully automated at zero-marginal cost

4. December 2016 © freeelio Are you making most of your solar rooftop?

5. December 2016 © freeelio AI-aided energy app in solar homes for autonomous ◉ optimization of usage ◉ selling of unused resources in real time Are you making most of your solar rooftop?

6. December 2016 © freeelio Blockchain as a decentralized SW infrastructure sensors controllable loads inside In-home optimization & accounting for ◉ possible now. Local marketplace for P2P exchange ◉ depends on regulations

7. December 2016 © freeelio Same principle for off-grid: “ElectraSeed” source: controllable loads inside In-home optimization & accounting for ◉ adaptive pricing Local marketplace for P2P exchange ◉ incentives for O&M

8. ElectraSeed Consortium We are helping to solve 4 desert problems that overlap

9. Accelerate to next-gen nanogrids From solar home systems to: ★ Micro-preneurs serving power to neighboring homes ★ Built-in financial settlement & billing of electricity exchange ★ Energy-efficiency and adaptive pricing to increase productivity ElectraSeed scales from Zero to Millions Open R&D Consortium Solar Homes AI & IoT Block chain Join Us! Local Partners Multi- nationals NGOs Governments Technology-transfer into fastest growing markets

10. Local partners: Top innovators in solar off-grid solutions Solarly Focus on user experience Weekly/Monthly payment plans, rent-to-own Monitoring & warranties Me-Solshare DC Swarm electrification Pay-as-you-Go (PAYG) APIs with mobile money Power-Blox AC Swarm electrification Upscale from W to kW Self-learning control

11. Blockchain Application Innovators ElectricChain Log live solar production data for research (solar studies rely on data from the 90s!) Multi-chain efforts: Solarcoin Blockchain, Ethereum, IOTA/Tangle Open project hub SolarCoin Free reward for solar §1 SolarCoin = 1 MWh Lite version of bitcoin, now using PoST “Regular energy users” start installing digital wallets! (Nikola Tesla & Chris Anderson fist bump) GridSingularity DApps along entire value chain of energy market Cooperation with Ethcore/Parity to add scalability and privacy SW infrastructure and basic DApps open to public via Energy Web Foundation, in cooperation with RMI, more at:

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