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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: judithserrato13


By Paulina Ramos & Judith Serrato

Some orcas were kidnapped and sent to Seaworld 2) Diving with dolphins harms them 3) Orcas who weren’t captured were killed 4) Trainers mastrubate the whales to collect sperm 5) Seaworld trainers get injuries and some even die 6) Orcas in captivity have a shorter lifespan 7) Collapsed dorsal fins are not normal or healthy 8) Seaworld fails to care for animals 9) Trainers are performers, not biologists 10) Animals suffer in cramped, unnatural living conditions 1) 10 reasons against what Seaworld is doing to the animals there www.seaworldof

First Arrival  Seaworld separates orca families  Young orcas are taken away from their mothers, taken from their homes and put into a very confined little space  When being captured they are encircled by a net both mother and child the youngest are picked out from the group the rest left to mourn  Once the net is released the rest of the orcas will not leave they will stay mourning for those taken  There are even some whales that are killed their death is just shaken away the men cut them open put anchors and rocks into them for them to sink to the bottom of the ocean

Collapsed Dorsal Fins  In captivity all male orcas have collapsed dorsal fins as adults there are very few to no orcas in the wild who have collapsed dorsal fins  This is a sign of an unhealthy orca it can be caused by depression or stress  Seaworld claims that this is a normal thing but it is to convince the population to come to their amusement park to make more money

Fails to Care for Animals  Seaworld fails to provide accurately sized tanks for whales and dolphins  They confine them to a tank that to them seems like the size of a bathtub  These are animals that swim the ocean blue they travel for about 100 miles a day  Seaworld makes their parks seem like this amazing place for families an educational park, but the truth is that its activities harm the animals physically and emotionally  Seaworld has the financial ability to provide a good home for the animals but they choose to be greedy

Beluga Whales at Seaworld In the summer of last year a 4year old female beluga whale, named Bella, died prematurely at the hands of Seaworld. More than a dozen beluga whales have died prematurely at Seaworld San Antonio since 1993. Belugas have a life expectancy of 35 – 50 years in the wild, but in captivity they have to live isolated in small concrete tanks.

Dolphins at Seaworld The pictures shown here were shot by a visitor in Seaworld San Antonio of a dolphin that seems to be missing a part of flesh from his or her lower mandible. There has been recently two incidents caught on videotape showing that the dolphins at Seaworld are at risk in the tanks. The first incident was at Seaworld San Antonio when two dolphins who were performing a jumping trick crashed into each other which resulted in one of the dolphins getting thrown into a concrete walkway which caused the dolphin to bleed. The second incident was at Seaworld Orlando one got stuck on the shallow platform , guests screamed, but the announcer said that the dolphins would get back in the pool alone and other employees ignored the problem. The dolphin was stuggled for 20-25 minutes before two trainers pushed it back into the water.

 Dolphin stuck on Platform

Bibliography   seaworld.aspx#stuggling-dolphins

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