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Published on December 18, 2008

Author: aSGuest7235


Slide 1: The Feelings of Mother Nature Feelings of Mother Nature By: Elisabeth Slide 2: Spring The flowers and trees fill your view While the birds’ songs are all you hear Just the natural feeling of spring makes my senses tingle You can see the sun reflecting off the kids, As they go out to play in the fields And they play with their shadows while the sun is at the perfect angle. Slide 3: The smell of the flowers and morning dew, Is so overwhelming that you can’t help but yearn for more You open your windows to let in the air And fill your home with the sweet aroma Children start to go through their closets Trying to find their summer clothes All of their shorts and tank-tops are brought out of the huge buckets, Getting ready for the upcoming summer. Slide 4: Summer The bright sun is beaming down on the land, And it shines in the windows of the house You go outside to feel the sun’s warmth Spread all over your skin The birds and bees greet you as you walk out the door, And tend to stay with you for a while Slide 5: You pick up the phone to call your friends, So they can come over and play It’s the next best season to play some sports, Before the cold front comes You start to see spots on you shirt as you run through the sprinklers, Finally realizing that you were feeling dizzy You look around to see the perfect color of green, The grass makes it look like the perfect world You sit down to take it all in, Before its overtaken by the upcoming fall. Slide 6: Fall The leaves change color as they fall to the ground, Making the trees look naked For this season, Sweaters and pants are the types of clothing to be wearing Blisters start to form on your hands, As you rake for hours at a time Trying to reveal the green underneath Slide 7: You put them in a pile so you can jump in them, But only to realize that you’re too heavy and the ground is very hard Your backyard pools have to be covered up, So they can’t be filled with leaves Looking out your window the view is amazing, As it is filled with bright yellow, red, and green The wind blows the leaves right over your feet, And you feel like you could just fly away Not wanting the upcoming winter to come. Slide 8: Winter The weather gradually gets colder and colder, Until it is so cold that it turns your nose cherry red You can’t step outside with anything less than Pants, sweatshirt, hat, gloves, and a scarf on Everything starts to turn white, As the snow gently falls to the ground When finally inside, There is hot cocoa ready for whomever wants it Slide 9: The hot cocoa brings warmth to your body, But burns your mouth on the first sip This is the season for Christmas, The holiday of love and joy Putting the Christmas tree up is a must, Along with the ornaments to go with it The point is not to get gifts, But to give them To see the smile on people’s faces As they open their presents And waiting for the upcoming year. Slide 10: Credits Pictures and backgrounds: clip art and images at Words: Elisabeth Trebonsky What class I did this in: Reading and Language Arts Slide 11: The End

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