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Published on August 8, 2013

Author: adeleramosbz


Source Named Systems (39 miles per hour or higher) Hurricanes (74 miles per hour or higher) Intense Hurricanes (Category 3, 4 and 5 or 111 miles per hour or higher) Met Office (UK) 14 9 INSMET (Cuba) 17 9 Colorado State University (Dr. Gray and Klotzbach) 18 9 4 Tropical Storms Risk (UK) 15 7 3 U.S. Weather Service 13 to 20 7 to 11 3 to 6 1980 to 2010 Average 12 6 3

Why such a prediction? • No inhibiting factor (el Niño phenomenon usually provides suppressing effect) • Sea Surface Temperatures in the Atlantic forecast to be above normal (source of energy for tropical cyclones) • Atlantic Basin in a cycle of increased or heightened activity

Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies

Preparedness • Seasonal outlooks do not tell where landfall will be or the number of hits any particular location could experience. • Seasonal outlooks do not take into account tropical depressions which can be major rainmakers potentially resulting in widespread flooding. • It does not matter whether or not it is an active season. Just remember it just takes one system to cause devastation!

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