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Published on September 28, 2014

Author: bsmukunth



Here are all of the seas in our earth.
In this document, it is differentiated into five parts according to the ocean in which it is present.Hope it is very useful for you.

SEAS OF THE WORLD A sea is commonly defined to be an extended body of saline water associated with one of the worlds five oceans (Atlantic, Indian, Pacific, Arctic, and Southern oceans). Some seas can appear to be distant from the ocean to which they are associated, like the Black Sea which is connected to the Atlantic Ocean, two thousand miles away, via the Mediterranean Sea and several very narrow straits. Other bodies of inland water carry the name sea but are not directly associated with one of the world's oceans, such as the Caspian Sea and the Aral Sea. In most cases, seas are areas of an ocean that are close to and bounded to a greater or lesser degree by land. The degree to which seas are enclosed by land affects the degree to which they share water flows with the larger oceans or seas which they connect to. There are two types of sea defined by their degree of enclosure and connection to larger bodies of water:  Marginal seas are partially enclosed by land (e.g., a bay, a peninsula, islands). Because of their openness to the larger ocean or sea, marginal seas share the currents formed by ocean winds and these currents dominate water circulation. Marginal seas are far more common than Mediterranean seas. Examples of marginal seas include (with dominating ocean or larger sea in parentheses): Barents Sea (Arctic); English Channel (Atlantic); Aegean Sea (Mediterranean); Red Sea (Indian); Coral Sea(Pacific); and the Scotia Sea (Southern)  Mediterranean seas are mostly enclosed by land and thereby have limited ability to share the currents of an adjoining ocean or larger sea. Water circulation in Mediterranean seas is dominated by salinity and and temperature differences rather than winds. Examples of marginal seas include (with limited connectivity ocean or larger sea in

parentheses): Mediterranean Sea (Atlantic); Arctic Mediterranean Sea (including the three "Nordic Seas" - Greenland Sea, Iceland Sea, and Norwegian Sea; and the Arctic Ocean).  Regional seas are bodies of water smaller than the main sections of the world ocean that is bound by geographic and/or hydrographic regions. Examples include the Adriatic Sea, Greenland Sea, Solomon Sea and Yellow Sea. Regional seas can be classified further as marginal Seas or Mediterranean seas.  Epeiric seas are associated with the marine transgressions of the geologic past, which are either attributed global ecstatic sea level changes, local tectonic deformation, and are sometimes semi-cyclic. These seas can be warm or cold; several were extant toward the winding down of the most recent Ice Age, when sea level rose more rapidly than some areas could isostatically adjust. Present day examples are the Java Sea in Indonesia and the Persian Gulf Since there no strict scientific definition of the term sea, it is not surprising that there is no single defined list of the seas of the world. Rather, there are bodies of water that are widely referred by a given term and are thereby listed here. Some might, with good reason, exclude some of the areas on this list and include others. Thus, the following list is not presented as exhaustive.

Seas of the Atlantic Ocean  Baffin Bay  Baltic Sea  Bothnian Sea  Gulf of Finland  Gulf of Riga  Kattegat  Bay of Biscay  Bay of Fundy  Black Sea  Bristol Channel  Caribbean Sea  Celtic Sea  English Channel  Gulf of Guinea  Gulf of Mexico  Gulf of St. Lawrence  Gulf of Venezuela  Irish Sea  Kattegat  Labrador Sea  Mediterranean Sea  Adriatic Sea  Aegean Sea  Myrtoan Sea  Sea of Crete  Thracian Sea  Alboran Sea  Balearic (Iberian) Sea  Ionian Sea  Levantine Sea  Ligurian Sea  Tyrrhenian Sea  North Sea  Rio de Plata  Sargasso Sea  Sea of Azov  Sea of the Hebrides  Sea of Marmara  Wadden Sea Seas between the Indian and Pacific Oceans  Arafura Sea  Bali Sea  Banda Sea  Camotes Sea  Celebes Sea  Halmahera Sea  Java Sea  Makassar Strait  Mindanao Sea  Molucca Sea View slide

 Ceram Sea  Flores Sea  Gulf of Boni  Gulf of Carpentaria  Gulf of Thailand  Gulf of Tomini  Savu Sea  Sibuyan Sea  Sulu Sea  Timor Sea  Visayan Sea Seas of the Indian Ocean  Arabian Sea  Andaman (Burma) Sea  Bay of Bengal  Gulf of Aden  Gulf of Aqaba  Gulf of Oman  Gulf of Suez  Laccadive Sea  Malacca Strait  Mozambique Channel  Persian Gulf  Red Sea  Singapore Strait Seas of the Pacific Ocean  Bass Strait  Bohai Sea  Bering Sea  Bismark Sea  Coral Sea  East China Sea  Great Australian Bight  Gulf of Alaska  Gulf of California  Koro Sea  Philippine Sea  Sea of Japan  Sea of Okhotsk  South China Sea  Seto Inland Sea  Solomon Sea  Tasman Sea  Yatsushiro Sea  Yellow Sea View slide

Arctic Seas  Barents Sea  Beaufort Sea  Bering Sea  Chuckchi Sea  Davis Strait  East Siberian Sea  Greenland Sea  Hudson Bay  Hudson Strait  Kara Sea  Labrador Sea  Laptev (Nordenskjold) Sea  Lincoln Sea  Northwest Passages  Norwegian Sea  Pechora Sea  Wandel or McKinley Sea  White Sea Seas of the Southern Ocean  Amundsen Sea  Bellingshausen Sea  Davis Sea  Ross Sea  Scotia Sea  Weddell Sea Interior Seas  Aral Sea  Caspian Sea  Dead Sea  Sea of Galilee

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