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Published on August 16, 2007

Author: VolteMort


TechMission Fundamentals:  TechMission Fundamentals July, 2005 Outline:  Outline Needs: Understanding the need and problems of our time Values: Understanding the mission the Church in addressing the problems of the information age Methods: Strategies for addressing the problems of the information age Tools: Resources and tools to empower others to meet that need Needs: Understanding the Unique Problems of the Information Age:  Needs: Understanding the Unique Problems of the Information Age Technology in Church History :  Technology in Church History Understanding our Place in History:  Understanding our Place in History Understanding our place in history In the past 30 years, over half of jobs in many urban communities are gone Lessons from the post-reconstruction period Changes are being driven by: Globalization Policy shifts Technology Technology and Jobs:  Technology and Jobs Digital Divide:  Digital Divide Change in Income 1947-1979:  Change in Income 1947-1979 Change in Income (1977-1994):  Change in Income (1977-1994) Education and Change in Income:  Education and Change in Income 1979-1993 Changing Trends in Imprisonment:  Changing Trends in Imprisonment Growth of Gangs:  Growth of Gangs Changing Trends in Unwed Births:  Changing Trends in Unwed Births Why Technology?Understanding our Place in History:  Why Technology? Understanding our Place in History More than any other time in history changes in the world are being driven by technology Christians need to understand technology to understand how to respond There is a great need in the global Body of Christ for an organization with the values of Jesus, Justice and Technology Information Age: Problems and Responses:  Information Age: Problems and Responses Problems Information Illiteracy Blue Collar Job Loss Lack of Education Gang Violence Online Victimization De facto Segregation Continued Racism Technology Driven Moral Decline Response C4’s C4’s/Mass Education Universal Higher Ed Christian Youth Programs Christian Online Safety Multiethnic Body of Christ Authentic Reconciliation Revival for the Information Age Values: Understanding the Mission of the Church in Addressing Problems of the Information Age:  Values: Understanding the Mission of the Church in Addressing Problems of the Information Age Three Values of TechMission:  Three Values of TechMission Jesus Justice Technology Having these three values is what makes TechMission unique Their level of importance is in that order: Jesus then Justice then Tech Following Jesus:  Following Jesus Personal and collective relationship with Jesus Incarnational ministry Emotional healing and growth toward holiness Holy Spirit empowered Biblically based Making followers of Jesus Bringing Justice:  Bringing Justice Systemic change Holistic approach Education Reconciliation Ethnic identity Indigenous leadership development Serving vulnerable communities Empowering through Technology:  Empowering through Technology People before technology Empower people is goal Tools to meet actual needs in culturally relevant ways Mobilizing resources of tech/business community Training in using technology and technology assisted academic learning Slide21:  TechMission and C4’s Jesus-Justice Groups Jesus-Tech Groups Justice-Tech Groups The Digital Divide in the Church:  The Digital Divide in the Church Jesus-Justice People Close to community needs Holistically focused with needs of people first Do not see that technology is driving social change Great need to understand technology Jesus-Tech People Close to technology resources Technology focused with technology first Do not see their role in the Body to address injustice Great need to understand justice Methods for Addressing Problems of the Information Age:  Methods for Addressing Problems of the Information Age A Computer Literacy Movement:  A Computer Literacy Movement In the past 15 years, over 2,000 community computer centers have been started in Christian organizations There were very few forums for communication among sites causing many sites to 'reinvent the wheel' with their programs TechMission developed the Association of Christian Community Computer Centers (AC4) to help support this new movement TechMission:  TechMission Mission: to support Christian organizations as they use technology to transform vulnerable communities TechMission’s Programs :  TechMission’s Programs TechMission Programs:  TechMission Programs Association of Christian Community Computer Centers (AC4)provides training, resources and community to 500 Members serving at-risk communities TechMission Corps: provides 20 full-time urban ministry interns to programs using technology to serve at-risk youth TechMission Safe Families: program focused on protecting at-risk youth from pornography and other dangers on the Internet Relationship Between Programs:  Relationship Between Programs TechMission Corps Sites AC4 Sites Safe Families Services of AC4: Training:  Services of AC4: Training Training through our national and regional tech conferences, workshops and conference calls TechMission Manual: 60+ page manual for operating Tech Programs including curriculum and capacity building materials Information and curriculum available to members only on our Website Free electronic subscription to Christian Computing Magazine Services of AC4: Community:  Services of AC4: Community Conferences: regional and national Regional Chapters for regional collaboration Volunteer Network: recruit volunteers for members through AC4’s website E-mail List with over 1,000 participants Contact List of Christian Computer Centers Services of AC4: Resources:  Services of AC4: Resources Subgrants and Intensive Technical Assistance totaling $750,000 (through the C4T Project in CA, IL and MA) Discounted Gifts in Kind Membership providing access to over $800 million in product donations Advocacy for members to foundations, corporations and government initiatives Equipment: Assistance in securing computer and hardware donations Consulting on starting and growing a computer center and Web Design Training and Community Outcomes:  Training and Community Outcomes AC4 Resource Distribution Outcomes:  AC4 Resource Distribution Outcomes Distributed over $1.7 million in resources to AC4 member sites in past 3 years Over $400,000 in sub-grants to AC4 members through C4T grants Over $750,000 worth of new Toshiba equipment to AC4 members through Beaumont Partnership Over $345,000 to sites and partners through CTC grant Over $200,000 to sites through AmeriCorps Locations of AC4 Members:  Locations of AC4 Members AC4 Members by Membership Type:  AC4 Members by Membership Type 498 Total Members Number of AC4 Sites with Various Tech Activities:  Number of AC4 Sites with Various Tech Activities AC4 Members in Other Organizations:  AC4 Members CTCNet World Vision Youth: UYWI andamp; Compassionworks CCDA AGRM Salvation Army 35 27 78 ?? 84 49 AC4 Members in Other Organizations HLIC 19 HUD NN 66 AC4 Membership By Region:  AC4 Membership By Region USA Members Currently Account for 68% of Members Total AC4 Member Site Statistics:  Total AC4 Member Site Statistics * Note these numbers only include active members who are paid up on dues, the numbers including defaulted members are: Budgets = $12,416,081 and Participants = 92,593 ** These numbers are extrapolated for all active members based on 130 sites reporting. Measurable Outcomes from AC4 Sites:  Measurable Outcomes from AC4 Sites * Extrapolated for all active members with 130 sites reporting ** Note many outcomes of AC4 sites are not measurable in these terms (after school programs, etc. Average AC4 Site Statistics:  Average AC4 Site Statistics Participants of AC4 Member Sitesby Race:  Participants of AC4 Member Sites by Race * Extrapolated for all active members with 70 sites reporting Participants of AC4 Member SitesBy Other Demographics:  Participants of AC4 Member Sites By Other Demographics 78.4% are low-income 27.5% are homeless 14.3% are disabled TechMission Corps:  TechMission Corps Goal: to partner with the faith-based community to help meet the need in low-income communities for: K-8 After School Programs Teen Programs Technology Access and Training Provide 20 FTE AmeriCorps positions in Boston (15) and LA (5) metro areas Basis of TechMission Volunteer Model: How Learning Occurs:  Basis of TechMission Volunteer Model: How Learning Occurs People Remember… 10% of what they read 20% of what they hear 30% of what they see 50% of what they see and hear 70% of what they discuss with others 80% of what they experience personally 90% of what they teach to someone else From psychologist William Glasser TechMission Leadership Development Model:  TechMission Leadership Development Model Learn Create Teach Replicate TechMission Volunteer Model forComputer Classes:  TechMission Volunteer Model for Computer Classes Students take a computer class then become… Assistants who then assist in teaching a class and may take advanced classes and then become… Instructors who then teach a class and train assistants and may become… Interns who help run programs and teach classes Goals of the TechMission Safe Families Program:  Goals of the TechMission Safe Families Program TechMission is launching our Safe Families Program in 2005 with the goals of: Providing training and materials for churches and parents in at-risk communities to protect their children Distributing over 100,000 copies of free Web filtering software TechMission’s Long Term Vision:  TechMission’s Long Term Vision Stages of Technology and Ministry:  Stages of Technology and Ministry By Techies for Techies By Techies for Normal Users By Normal Users for Normal Users By Normal Users for Non-Users TechMission Long Term Vision:  TechMission Long Term Vision To use technology to help develop a community and platform to bring justice to the world in Jesus’ name. Building Layers of Community:  Building Layers of Community Jesus Justice Tech Leaders C4’s Urban Ministries The Church Jesus Justice Tech Jesus Justice Jesus The World (those under resourced) The World (those resourced) Funnel Model of Community Development:  Funnel Model of Community Development 3 Disciples The Crowd (thousands) 120 Disciples 12 Disciples Jesus Future Projects:TechMission Volunteer Matching:  Future Projects: TechMission Volunteer Matching Vision: to create a Christian version of volunteer matching websites Goal: to be the primary online resource for Christian volunteering Enter a zip code and find all the urban ministry volunteer opportunities in your area Could provide extensive visibility to urban ministries TechMission would partner with national urban ministries to co-brand using their own front end Currently developing specs for engine Plan to launch beta in 2006 Future Projects:Open Source Urban Ministry Project:  Future Projects: Open Source Urban Ministry Project Vision: develop Website that will enable urban ministries to share content and develop community online Documents and templates for organizations (starting a 501(c)(3), job descriptions, etc.) Will start basic implementation in 2005, but full implementation not until 2006 Building a Platform to Enable Justice:  Building a Platform to Enable Justice Funnel Model of Platform Development:  Funnel Model of Platform Development JJT Increased Editing and Filtering Conferences Conversations Websites Magazines E-mail Lists Courses Workshops Books Information Sources Appendix:  Appendix History of TechMission:  History of TechMission 1998 PREP Community Computer Center started as partnership between Bruce Wall Ministries, Cambridge Vineyard and Dorchester Temple 1999 Met many other Christian Community Computer Centers and began discussions with CCDA members about need for AC4 2000 AC4 Program started in 2000 with founding organizations largely out of CCDA with about 50 members History of TechMission:  History of TechMission 2002 TechMission incorporated as nonprofit organization AC4 Funded through HHS Compassion Capital Grant 2003 Started TechMission Boston Program with Department of Education Grant 2004 TechMission Boston becomes TechMission Corps program through AmeriCorps grant and expands to LA TechMission outgrows office space at Dorchester Temple 2005 Started TechMission Safe Families program with Department of Justice grant Participants of AC4 Member Sitesby Language:  Participants of AC4 Member Sites by Language * Extrapolated for all active members with 70 sites reporting Participants of AC4 Member Sites by Age:  Participants of AC4 Member Sites by Age * Extrapolated for all active members with 70 sites reporting Participants of AC4 Member Sites by Urban/Rural:  Participants of AC4 Member Sites by Urban/Rural * Extrapolated for all active members with 70 sites reporting

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