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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: LarisaThomas



Tips for successfully searching for and locating your ancestor in the 1905 New York State Census.

Searching the New York State Census 1905 Finding a long lost ancestor using State Census Records ©Larisa Thomas for Roots of Kinship 1

The Challenge • Finding Xaver Schillinger in the 1905 New York State Census • Known facts: – Lived at 234 Jerome Street, Brooklyn – Married to Catherine – Possible household members: • Mary (possibly with her husband Henry Altenburg) • Catherine or Katie • Charles ©Larisa Thomas for Roots of Kinship 2

Start Here – A free genealogical research website, sponsored by the Church of Latter Day Saints (You do not need to be a member of the church to use the website.) ©Larisa Thomas for Roots of Kinship 3

Browse to the Collection • Reduce the Research Clutter – When researching a specific collection, browse to it first before entering search terms • Click on Search on the homepage • Scroll to the “Browse by Location” section and click on “United States” ©Larisa Thomas for Roots of Kinship 4

Honing in on the Target Collection • Click on “New York” in the listing on the righthand side of the page • You can narrow it down by additional filters, such as date, but once you are in New York, the list is not long. ©Larisa Thomas for Roots of Kinship 5

Entering the Collection • Scroll down the list until you find the Census collections • Click on the desired year – in this case 1905. ©Larisa Thomas for Roots of Kinship 6

Searching the Collection • From here, enter the name of the person you are looking for: – Xaver Schillinger • Add in the residence place to narrow down the results to the town or village where your ancestor lived. ©Larisa Thomas for Roots of Kinship 7

The Results • 5 Results came up in this case – but none of them are correct ©Larisa Thomas for Roots of Kinship 8

Now what?? • Try searching by other names in the household • Try using wildcards, or alternate spellings • If you get too many results, try narrowing down by the birth year or place – Add 1 year on either side of your known birth year to account for census inaccuracy ©Larisa Thomas for Roots of Kinship 9

Hand Searching the Census • In the case of Xaver Schillinger, those additional options did not produce any matching results • Now it’s time to browse the images in a hand search of the records – Go back to the main search screen for the collection and scroll down to “Browse Images” – Don’t worry – you won’t have to look at all 110,718 images. We can narrow it down first. ©Larisa Thomas for Roots of Kinship 10

Narrowing Down Your Search • It’s really important to know where your ancestor lived in 1905 in order to narrow down the search. • Xaver Schillinger was known to live at 234 Jerome Street between 1900 and 1910 (based on the Federal Censuses for those years) ©Larisa Thomas for Roots of Kinship 11

Figure out the A.D. and E.D. • The 1905 Census was organized by Assembly District and Election District in Brooklyn. • One Step for Finding the A.D. and E.D.: nyc.php • Select the Borough, the Year, and the street name from the dropdown menu • Results are returned at the bottom – in this case, there are 6 A.D./E.D.s to choose from ©Larisa Thomas for Roots of Kinship 12

Finding the Right A.D./E.D. • Click on each A.D./E.D. button to see a complete list of the streets in each district • Look for the crossstreets near the address in question. For Xaver’s house, the house was on Jerome between Atlantic and Liberty Avenues • Found the streets listed in the last District: 21/25 ©Larisa Thomas for Roots of Kinship 13

Search the Census by Hand • Now that we know which Assembly and Election District his street is in, we can search just that portion of the 1905 census for his name. • Go back to the listing on for the 1905 New York Census. ©Larisa Thomas for Roots of Kinship 14

Finding the A.D./E.D. in the Records File • Click on “Browse through 110,718 images” – Can be found on the listing page, or at the bottom of the search page within the collection • Scroll to the County, in this case Kings ©Larisa Thomas for Roots of Kinship 15

Finding the A.D./E.D. in the Records File • Click on the appropriate town: Brooklyn • Click on the appropriate A.D./E.D. ©Larisa Thomas for Roots of Kinship 16

Find the Record • Now the hunt begins, but instead of having to look at over 110,000 images, you only need to go through 34. A MUCH EASIER TASK! ©Larisa Thomas for Roots of Kinship 17

The Results • Xaver Schillinger was found on image 23 – His last name was transcribed as Schellinger, which did not return as one of the “Sounds like” results for Schillinger – The search for his wife’s name also came up empty, because it’s totally wrong in the census, listed as Carlionia, instead of Catherine – He’s listed as part of a larger household, under his son-in-law, Henery Altenberg, which is also spelled differently than the known spelling Henry Altenburg ©Larisa Thomas for Roots of Kinship 18

Conclusion • It’s possible to narrow down the search to a reasonable chunk of time and effort to find your ancestor in a hand search. • Know and use as much information about your ancestor as possible, by looking at records from years that bracket the census in question. • Know what resources you have available to aid you in your search by providing shortcuts, such as the Enumeration District finder. • Understand what name variations may be impacting your records search and account for them. Good luck! ©Larisa Thomas for Roots of Kinship 19

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