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Published on September 29, 2015

Author: annstanley


1. @AnnStanley Search Marketing for E-commerce and What’s new in Shopping Ads and “Buy Buttons” By Ann Stanley Sept 2015 Managing Director of Anicca Digital

2. @AnnStanley Our brands Generating Leads, Sales and Profit Educating Your Team Building Your Brand Technical Consultancy Digital and Search Marketing (Paid advertising, SEO, PPC, ecommerce marketing) Marketing training (and qualifications) for business professionals Owned and Earned media (SEO, Content, PR, Social, Email, MAS) Technical consultancy in web, Analytics, conversions and ecommerce

3. @AnnStanley 1: The Digital Marketing Landscape

4. @AnnStanley Size of Global ecommerce market by country

5. @AnnStanley Size of EU market by users (2013) e170bn-online-last-year/

6. @AnnStanley Size of EU market by product type (2013)

7. @AnnStanley Digital advertising in the UK – (2014 full year results) • UK digital ad spend in 2014 reached record high of £7.194 billion with 14% year- on-year growth • Mobile reached £1.62 billion of this, representing 23% of total. Mobile had 63% year- on-year growth, driven by social, video and in-app ads • Social ads grew 65% year- on-year to £922m with 56% on mobile (£517m) Source:

8. @AnnStanley Mobile share

9. @AnnStanley Mobile growth by type

10. @AnnStanley Overview of marketing channels Search marketing (PPC, SEO, Merchant Centre) Traffic to your site from other sources (email, affiliates, display ads, social, mobile ads, PR, 3rd party sites, shopping comparison, voucher sites, lead generation) Shopping platforms and market places (Amazon, eBay) Other off-site sales/leads (Social, Mobile Apps, daily deals sites) Conversion optimisation On-site Sales/Conversions Off-site Sales/Conversions

11. @AnnStanley 2: Google search results

12. @AnnStanley Google results for ‘sofa’* Pay per click ads (via AdWords) Pay per click text ads (via AdWords) Organic or natural search results Shopping Ads (paid ads via AdWords) *sofa chosen to illustrate different types of results Google new Local listings “Stack”

13. @AnnStanley New local stock (only 3 showing)

14. @AnnStanley Searching for local services – Importance of Review stars • Google My Business Page • Reviews from Google • Need >5 to show stars • 3rd party reviews • Need >30 to show automatically in ads

15. @AnnStanley Google Shopping Ads – “new” features Aggregated product ratings Google Certified Shop Local inventory listings Merchant Promotions

16. @AnnStanley Price Drop • Automatically generated through data in product feeds and merchant centre • Dynamically highlights price drops • Better CTR expected

17. @AnnStanley Other Google Changes

18. @AnnStanley Structured data and rich snippets • Less than 1% of sites used Schema or structured data • Identify any elements of the site that can be marked up using schema (refer to for more information). • Highlight any additional information that could be marked up. • Mark up individual elements such as business name, address, phone number, opening times and reviews.

19. @AnnStanley HTTPS/SSL – secure websites – ranking factor? • August 6th 2014 • Google announced that they would be giving preference to secure sites • Adding encryption would provide a "lightweight" rankings boost! • Involves redirects, new Search Console account etc. – so there will be some developer time

20. @AnnStanley The problem of “not-provided” data in SEO You can get some data from Webmaster Tools/Search Console but only 3 months

21. @AnnStanley Our solution for not-provided keyphrases - SEO Monitor • SEO Monitor uses data from Analytics, Webmaster tools/Search Console, AdWords, SEMrush and Majestic • Provides estimated organic traffic and conversions by keyphrase (using the landing page as the common factor)

22. @AnnStanley Using SEO Monitor to understand “not provided” traffic and conversions

23. @AnnStanley Using SEO Monitor to understand Keyword Difficulty and Opportunities (start of project)

24. @AnnStanley case study – 8 months of results for 30 target keyphrases Increase in Visibility Score Increase in Traffic

25. @AnnStanley 3: Importance of mobile

26. @AnnStanley Growth in mobile - stats

27. @AnnStanley Global users by device

28. @AnnStanley UK – Growth in Smart Phone and Tablet ownership

29. @AnnStanley Actual Search engine audience by device (UK - March 2015) 54%

30. @AnnStanley Mobile share of web traffic by country Q1 2015

31. @AnnStanley Different behaviour on mobile

32. @AnnStanley Mobile research – starting point

33. @AnnStanley Device preference by time of day

34. @AnnStanley Email opening rates by device Source: Movable Ink’s Q1 2014 US Consumer Device Preference Report What do your landing pages look like on mobiles?

35. @AnnStanley Voice-enabled Search

36. @AnnStanley Mobile results in Google?

37. @AnnStanley April 21st 2015 – Mobilegeddon!• Each page on your site will be classed as either mobile friendly or not – and tested every time there is a relevant search • Results can be marked as “mobile friendly” or you can run pages through mobile test • After April 21st “unfriendly” pages will get lower rankings on mobile search results • Get your mobile load speed to <1 second or all ranking will suffer • Mobile apps (Android) will achieve better rankings in mobile search result (and its worth linking your app to the your mobile pages)

38. @AnnStanley Google Mobile friendly sites and speed tests

39. @AnnStanley Mobile results – Shopping ads This is actually a carousel – but most people do not notice Normally 2 ads at the top of the results – can be 3 at the top (when there are no Shopping ads) and 3 at the bottom

40. @AnnStanley Strategies for Shopping Ads on Mobile • Many users think there are only 3 ads on mobile as they do not realise they can scroll horizontally • Additional ads may not get clicked on (with negative effect on CTR/Quality Score) • Conversion rate is lower (typically <20% desktop) • Very high bounce rates due to browsing • Use mobile bid modifiers to reduce CPC so the overall ROAS is similar to desktops/tablets • Try creating “device specific” ad groups: • Ad groups for mobile – lower bid with high +mobile bid modifier • Ad group for desktop/tablets – higher bid with -100% mobile bid modifiers (to drive mobile traffic to the mobile ad group) • Cross device conversions are still difficult to measure. Users may research on mobile and buy on other devices

41. @AnnStanley Local services on mobile

42. @AnnStanley “There is an Elephant in the room!” We have all this new mobile traffic – but does it convert?

43. @AnnStanley Add to cart and conversion rate by device

44. @AnnStanley Analytics – ecommerce site selling to consumers (wines)

45. @AnnStanley Analytics – ecommerce site selling to businesses (office whiteboards etc.)

46. @AnnStanley Before and after mobile responsive site went live

47. @AnnStanley Summary of conversion rates Total Desktops Tablets Mobile Mobile vs desktop Consumer site 2.38% 3.15% 2.33% 0.73% 23.2% Business site 3.79% 4.84% 1.47% 0.81% 16.7% Consumer site (non-responsive) 1.61% 2.03% 1.45% 0.39% 19.2% Consumer site (responsive) 1.58% 2.14% 1.5% 1.04% 48.6%

48. @AnnStanley Impact of responsive design

49. @AnnStanley Mobile search – current situation/problems • Traffic is increasing from mobiles – so should your mobile budget increase • Many sites are still not mobile responsive (i.e. mobile friendly), this can effect your search rankings and user engagement • Use is different than desktops – more browsing and different times of day, we prefer mobiles to open email and use social media • Conversion rate is lower (lead generation sites and ecommerce sites) • Return on ad spend can be too low on mobile for many sites – if measured purely on last click attribution • Cross-device attributions in Analytics not accurate enough to know true value of the visits to mobile • How important are mobiles for driving visitors to store or off-line interaction via calls • How to send traffic to separate mobile site e.g. m. or .mobi sites • Managing positions (with bids) as only 2 ads shown at top of mobiles (plus PLA’s shown at the top) Response from the search engines and social platforms has been to create new shopping ads and buy buttons

50. @AnnStanley 4: New Shopping ads, buys buttons and other features

51. @AnnStanley Google

52. @AnnStanley Remarketing with Shopping Ads • Need Remarketing tag (or Google Dynamic Remarketing tag) • Currently in beta, you need to enrol with your Google rep, once enrolled you will see a new “Audience tab” • Google will create default audiences for you: • All visitors • Product views • Cart Abandoners • Past buyers • Set bid adjustments for Shopping campaigns for users who have been to the website before (like RLSA)

53. @AnnStanley YouTube TrueView ads – cards with calls for action

54. @AnnStanley Shoppable TrueView ads Click from TrueView video ad to the merchant website

55. @AnnStanley Local Services ads – still in beta in the US

56. @AnnStanley Google Buy Button and marketplace • Rumours started mid-May 2015 following an article by the Wall Street Journal and a webinar titled Virtual Shopping Summit (by CPC Strategy). • These both predicted that Google will shortly launch a Buy Button in order to provide a marketplace service to compete with Amazon and eBay • CPC Strategy thought that the scheme may be only available to Merchants that are in the Certified Shopping Scheme (as this provides some level of quality control) • They also suspected that PayPal may be offered as a payment gateway – which is now possible due to eBay and PayPal being split into separate trading companies

57. @AnnStanley Current “understanding” (September 2015) • This will be called Purchases on Google – there is now a limited beta with specific retailers in the USA • Retailers first have to integrate their ordering systems with Google to become eligible for the “purchase” button to be displayed in their product listing ads. • CommerceHub says it’s not necessary for a site to be verified as a Google Trusted Store, but that it can help speed up the integration process • The Buy Button will only be shown for certain advertisers next to Shopping Ads on mobile devices (possibly Android only) • Buyers that click on Buy button you will be taken to the Google Product Page where they can choose product variants and pay with Google Wallet and possibly PayPal • Buyers do not go to Merchant site but the buyer may be able to opt in for emails etc. • Google will not take a commission but just the click cost • Google may store buyers’ credit card details to improve conversion rates for future sales • The merchant will still have to provide fulfilment but may receive limited details about the customer

58. @AnnStanley Product cards for voice search

59. @AnnStanley Google Now – In-store cards

60. @AnnStanley Off the Press! – Custom audiences for Google • Re-engage customers through targeted ads on the Google Search and Display Network (just Gmail ads & YouTube). • Reach out to new customers with similar audiences, through Gmail and YouTube ads. • Upload email lists into AdWords & create targeted campaigns and ads – email addresses are anonymised in the platform and users are targeted by search histories and YouTube views. • Available in all locations and across all devices. • Rolling out across all accounts over the coming weeks. **Need email lists of past or current customers in order to target.**

61. @AnnStanley Bing

62. @AnnStanley Bing Shopping ads • Still in beta in the UK • Create Merchant Center Store • Need a product feed (Product catalog) – you have to provide a url where there will be an xml or csv file • Upload Product catalog into Merchant Center Store • Within Bing ads account - create Product ads campaign • You need to use the same log in, so this automatically links with your Merchant Center Store • The process of creating ad groups and product groups is identical to Google Shopping • Data displayed may be limited as this point – e.g. benchmark CTR may not be provided • Bing tracking uses normal PPC conversion tracking code (this can include dynamic value) – same as AdWords

63. @AnnStanley Example of Bing Shopping ads in Europe

64. @AnnStanley Ads in brand knowledge panel

65. @AnnStanley Amazon

66. @AnnStanley Sponsored Products and Product ads Sponsored Products Product Ads Search Partner ads (AdWords)

67. @AnnStanley Where do the ads appear Sponsored Product ads • Amazon search • Right of search results on Amazon SERP • Bottom of search results on Amazon SERP • Ad Placement on detail pages • Mobile and tablet ads Product ads • Bottom of search results on Amazon SERP • Now discontinued!

68. @AnnStanley Setting up your ads • Create an account – go to sellercentral to create campaigns (enter existing account for Sponsored products) • You receive £20 for sponsored products • Need a feed – use feed management software or use Google feed • The data in the feed provides the url – i.e. on Amazon page • Upload via sellercentral • Minimum bids based on sector – you can set bids but a percentage higher than min e.g. +10%

69. @AnnStanley Advantages of Sponsored Products • Increase product “Discoverability” • Get more Buy Box traffic • Positively impact Buy Box factors • Highlight new offers (e.g. iPhone 6 vs. 5) • Give exposure to offers with low sessions • Increase visibility for clearance items, and seasonal promotions • Help promote new to Amazon ASIN with no pre- existing sales history

70. @AnnStanley Facebook

71. @AnnStanley Call for action on pages or ads

72. @AnnStanley Facebook Dynamic Product ads (Dynamic Retargeting) • Your ads will only be shown to previous visitors to your main site – so this is a form of dynamic retargeting • Create a Business Manager (you can create this from scratch and/or you can link it to a Business page) • Create the feed (Product Catalog) in the correct format – best to use feed management software • Upload the Product Catalog into the Business Manager • Add Facebook tracking pixel to thank you page on your site - also has dynamic value of sale • Also need to add remarketing pixels and tag your site (i.e. “Custom audience pixel”) • Use Power Editor to create the ads • Create separate campaigns – type is “Product Catalog sale” • Similar to AdWords - you can create filters for the products within campaign • Choose your audience behaviour – • Viewed product but did not buy • Added to cart but did not buy • Combination of above (either or) • Custom audience • Choose your ad template • 1 single image • Multiple (recommended) • Scroll

73. @AnnStanley Traditional retargeting on Facebook

74. @AnnStanley Dynamic product Ad formats

75. @AnnStanley Instagram

76. @AnnStanley Instagram like2buy button

77. @AnnStanley Instagram “Shop Now” example (from Kendra Scott)

78. @AnnStanley Twitter

79. @AnnStanley Reply and add #amazoncart to add to your basket

80. @AnnStanley Twitter buy buttons

81. @AnnStanley Twitter example from Red

82. @AnnStanley Pinterest

83. @AnnStanley Pinterest Buy It button

84. @AnnStanley Feed management software

85. @AnnStanley Why you should use Feed Management software? • Support multiple platforms - allowing easy expansion into new channels - Google/Bing, Shopping comparison engines (CSE), Affiliate feeds, Marketplaces (eBay, Amazon etc.), Social ads • Easy to set-up – you create one “feed-in” (usually your Google Shopping feed) and the software creates multiple “feeds-out” (bespoke for each specific platform) • Some offer creation of dynamic AdWords text ad with parameters e.g. price inserted from feed for a specific SKU • Bid management – including rules based • Reporting by product, category, brand etc. • Manual adjustment of feed content tailored for specific platforms i.e. allows you to modify content outside of website • Large choice of software suppliers - some with low entry costs

86. @AnnStanley Software suppliers • Feed Management software Price of feed management software: • Software packages from £50 - £2k+ per month • Many charge for each additional channel • Some charge a percentage of sales Feed-Out Feed-Out and Orders-In Other software types • FeedOptimise • OneFeed • SingleFeed • Feed Manager • GoDataFeed • SummitFEED • FusePump • ChannelAdvisor • Intelligent Reach • Sellbrite • Linnworks • SellerExpress • Competitive intelligence e.g. SEMrush, Adthena, Adgooroo • Bid management e.g. Marin, Kenshoo, Acquisio

87. @AnnStanley Summary • The Shopping and buy button landscape is even more complex • Some drive traffic back to your site, others allow you to promote or buy products already advertised on the platform • Examples of some of these ads were difficult to find (Amazon Product ads and Twitter buy button) • Most require a product feed • Most have conversion tracking pixels – so use Tag manager • We recommend using Feed Management software

88. @AnnStanley Thank you

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