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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: namtrok



Ever find yourself saying: "I want to rank better in Google." Come hear the insider tips on what works, and straight talk with a plan for success to drive more traffic to your startup's website through organic search. This class is for technical and non-technical alike, giving you a broad understanding of the basic concepts and a deep dive into how to really win at SEO.

SEO for Inventors Paul Kortman @namtrok #grinventors

Paul Kortman Who is this guy anyway?

Digital Marketing Agency ● Organic Search ● Online Ads ● Copywriting ● Content Generation ● Social Media ● Data Analysis ● Email Marketing ● Conversion Optimization ● Inbound Marketing ● Retargeting ● Lead Generation @namtrok #grinventors

It’s all about the Funnel @namtrok #grinventors

Micro Conversions Users visiting Website 165,278 Users visiting Signup Form 508 Users signing up to the Newsletter 326 - 164,770 - 182 0.31% 64.17% Conversion Rate: 0.19% @namtrok #grinventors

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization The efforts revolving around trying to get a site/page to show up (rank) or increase rank within a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) or: Bring users to your site from search engines @namtrok #grinventors

SEO deals only with the top of the funnel It’s all about the Funnel @namtrok #grinventors


SERP Shopping Images 1 2 3 4

SERP a bit deeper

Date Breadcrumb Authorship Snippet SiteLinks Meta Description Title URL SERP Elements

Yes, there are Other Search Engines ● Google 67% ● Bing 18% ● Yahoo 11% ● Other 4% Source: @namtrok #grinventors

@namtrok #grinventors History of Search ● Lycos, Dogpile, Excite ● Altavista circa 1995 ● Google circa 1998/2000 The authority algorithm

Sources/References Who is most referenced? The Authority Algorithm @namtrok #grinventors

SEO Ranking Factors @namtrok #grinventors

Code @namtrok #grinventors

● No Tables ● Fast ● Semantic Code ● Hierarchical Code @namtrok #grinventors

Content @namtrok #grinventors

Keywords ● User terms vs. marketing terms ● Often Questions ● Title a page and write to it ● EX: Keyword “Adopt a Pet” ○ Where can I Adopt a Pet? @namtrok #grinventors

● <Title> ● URL ● <h1> The King of On-Page SEO @namtrok #grinventors

● <h2>,<h3>, <h4>, <h5>, <h6> ● <img src=”keyword” /> ● <img alt=”keyword” /> ● <li>keyword</li> ● <b>, <strong>, <i>, <em> ● <p>keyword</p> Other Important Locations @namtrok #grinventors

Google Trends

Keyword Planner Tool

Links/Social @namtrok #grinventors

Authority ● Popular/Authoritative sites are worth more ● Very difficult, any easy/paid link strategies get found out @namtrok #grinventors

Social is the new player ● Shares ● Likes ● Comments ● Followers ● RTs/Mentions ● Links @namtrok #grinventors

A mention or a follow from an influencer will do more than a mention or a follow from me Authority Still Matters @namtrok #grinventors

SEO Ranking Factors @namtrok #grinventors

Quick SEO Strategy Research Keywords Write content Get people to talk about you/link to you @namtrok #grinventors

Landing Page/Website Designs - $200-$400

Questions? Thanks! Paul Kortman

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