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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: celachi



Search and digital media monitoring

By Celestine Achi CEO/Chief Digital Marketing Strategist Cihan Group Twitter: @cihangroup

Search & DMM Facts comScore 2012 Google: 12 Billion Searches Per Mo Content Powers Search 95% Journalists use search engines 89% Led to Purchase by Search Engines

What is this session about? Search: A definition Search: Five things to remember Search: Closing thought Digital Media Monitoring Hands on Monitoring Tools Discussion 10 mins 10 mins 10 mins 15 mins 5 mins 5 mins

WHAT IS SEM? SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING (PAID) Paid Per Click - PPC (Paid for performance - P4P) • Benefits • High level of control & security • Low level of click fraud • Highly accountable • Great ROI • Disadvantages • Poor venue for some industries • Not suitable for branding campaigns • Increasingly competitive with inflating CPC’s What are the different types of SEM? Contextual placements • Benefits • Few… • Disadvantages • Lack of control • Expensive • Most exposed to click-fraud

WHAT IS SEO? SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (NATURAL) “On page” optimisation • Site technology & accessibility • Site content Search Engine Optimisation “Off page” optimisation • Link popularity • Link reputation What is happening in search? • In December 2009, there were >131 billion searches conducted by people age 15 or older from home & work 46% increase from December 2008. • USA is the largest search market with 22.7 billion searches (17%). China with 13.3 billion searches Japan with 9.2 billion U.K. with 6.2 billion. • Russia grew 92% to 3.3 billion. Source: comScore, 22 January 2010: Press_Releases/2010/1/Global_Search_Market_Grows_46_Percent_in_2009


QUICK POLL: How many people think about more than a website (destination) for a campaign? Online advertising Emails Search QUICK POLL: Thinking about search, how many people only think about the key words? Do you ever think about: - articles? - images? - video? - maps (retailers)? - blogs?

What you need to remember? 1. Search is more than words Content, images, video, words 2. Search must be constant Search isn’t just a campaign, it must be on 100% 3. Think about the detail when you build Every detail helps push results 4. Constantly, review, refine & learn Search can be optimised real-time, campaigns can be tested & learnings taken out immediately 5. Google is more than a search engine Constantly explore & learn about what else Google are doing

A GOOD FOUNDATION NEEDS TO BE SET AND SEARCH IS THAT FOUNDATION You have to be able to find content before one can share content

Optimized Implementation: HOW Audience & Personas Keyword & Topic Research Content Plan Creation & Curation Content Optimization Social Networking Promotion Measure & Refine

A New Paradigm in Public Relations: Social Media Monitoring Understanding and responding to conversations about brands, reputation and end-user opinion in Social Media

WHAT DIGITAL PR MANAGERS NEED TO KNOW Your Brand = Your Reputation Have you tried searching out your digital footprint? How to get Started in Digital Media Monitoring  Start by Asking the right Questions  Become Aware of everything that’s out there  Proactively manage the things you can control


Do you know what they’re saying about your brand…your reputation…your competition: • • • • • • Across the blogosphere? In wikis? In online video? In forums and social networks? On microblogs like Twitter? Throughout the social media universe?

Social Media Monitoring lets you see what they’re saying: • • • • • Discover conversations in real time Understand positive/negative opinion (sentiment analysis) Know gender, age and location Watch trends develop Drill down to the individual influencer

Digital Media Analysis tells us what it means: • • • • • Who’s talking about your brand…and why? What are they saying? How influential are they? How fast is the word spreading? How can you take advantage of it?

How Social Media Monitoring Works: • Keyword-based discovery: Your brands, products, people, competitors and more • Rules are set to sort and refine results • Real time searches can be run at any interval and results delivered via email and RSS • Flexible reporting tools allow you to drill down to specific sites and conversations. Identify spikes in the conversation • Once discovered, you can engage the participants

Understand Sentiment and Demographics • Estimation of positive/negative responses • Gender • Age • Geo-location with mapping

Identify and Communicate with Influencers • All reponses are ranked by influence • Drill-down takes to you stats, rankings, inbound links • See actual keywords in the context they appeared • Reach out to the user

Compare Over Time and Across Categories • Charting options offer extensive analysis, instantly • Compare with competitors, compare timeframes, sort and compare with rules and categories • View tag clouds, themes, trends • Sort and save results

Generate Reports and Share Intelligence • Automated report generation and distribution via email and RSS • Drill down to individual results and details • Copy and paste results into presentations • Multiple Save As options

The Value Proposition: • Knowledge is power • Protect and enhance brand equity • Manage reputation: risk, rumors and emerging opinion • Identify new markets and emerging competition • Target social media influencers with viral campaigns


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