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Information about SEAPORT ENHANCED

Published on October 22, 2007

Author: Nathaniel


SEAPORT ENHANCED :  SEAPORT ENHANCED Lawson Hynson Head of Contracts, NSWC-PC Naval Sea Systems Command Warfare Centers Engineering, Technical and Programmatic Support Services Availability of Presentation :  Availability of Presentation Presentation will be available at our public web site: Will be available within the next 5 business days Website Guidance: Click on <search> at top of home page Click on <Business Opportunities> Click on <Contracts> Click on <Business Opportunities> Presentation will located on that page as “SeaPort Enhanced Presentation 4-8-04” Presentation Agenda :  Presentation Agenda Background Acquisition strategy Contract characteristics Competitive results CONOPS Savings metrics General Information Background:  Background SeaPower 21 CNO’s 2004 implementing guidance Business process efficiencies challenge COMNAVSEA initiative to add efficiencies to NAVSEA business processes View From The Fourth Floor :  View From The Fourth Floor Billions being spent under service contracts annually Many individual contracts being awarded to the same contractors for similar services No consistent corporate acquisition strategy Significant duplication in administrative procurement cost Limited strategic relationships Little economy of scale benefits Business data available limited Solution: An Enhanced Seaport:  Solution: An Enhanced Seaport Award a series of nation-wide multiple award ID/IQ contracts (MACs) for the warfare centers While protecting local vendor base and business relationships Enhancing small business opportunities And use a variant of the e-business tool (Aquilent) adapted for seaport Expected Benefits of Approach:  Expected Benefits of Approach Consolidated contracts provide a frame- work for consistent application of sound acquisition strategy, business rules and policy. Provides NAVSEA the ability to develop better strategic business relationships with contractors Allows NAVSEA to leverage its buying power on a nation-wide basis Web-based portal tool provides a dependable means for information gathering Acquisition Strategy :  Acquisition Strategy Issue one solicitation covering the U.S. for all NAVSEA warfare centers service requirements Solicit and award MACs by zones Offerors may be awarded contracts providing them the ability to compete for task orders in a single or multiple zones Tasks are solicited and placed by the NAVSEA activity that has the requirement for the service Contract Characteristics :  Contract Characteristics Contract Fundamentals :  Contract Fundamentals Five year base with two five year award-term ‘options’ 1. “The limitation of Section 843 will be come effective for solicitations issued on or after the date the DFARS interim rule is published in the Federal Register” from 18 February DoD/AT&L DDPA memo 2. The rule was published on 23 March 2004 Emphasis of limits on “pass throughs,” max fees, guaranteed saving, and annual escalation. Contract Fundamentals:  Rolling Admissions – the Government reserves the right to review the SEAPORT~e Program annually to determine whether it would be appropriate to add new contract holders If so, will involve a similar solicitation process Cost Type and Fixed price Task Orders permitted Time & Material and Labor Hour Task Orders not permitted Emphasis on Performance Based Orders Preference for Fixed Price Orders Contract Fundamentals SEAPORT~e Zones :  SEAPORT~e Zones Zone One – Northeast NUWC Newport NSWC Philadelphia Zone Two – National Capital NSWC Carderock NSWC Dahlgren NSWC Indian Head Zone Three – Mid-Atlantic NSWC Dam Neck Zone Four – Gulf Coast NSWC Panama City Zone Five – Midwest NSWC Crane Zone Six – Southwest NSWC Port Hueneme NSWC Corona Zone Seven - Northwest NUWC Keyport Geographical Zones:  Geographical Zones Why A Zone Approach:  Why A Zone Approach Preserve local vendor base Encourages small business participation Reduces the need for complex teaming arrangements Allows for easier contract organization and administration [e.g., SCA, rolling admissions, small business goals, local site provision] Small Business Issues:  Small Business Issues RFP issued on an unrestricted basis established: 33% to small business primes (measured in $) 20% ($) requirement for large business to small business subcontractors “Cascading” set-aside authority to the Ordering Officers with prior notice Small Business Size Standard NAICS Code 541330 $23M average annual sales over the prior three years Set-Aside Programs such as 8(a), HUB Zones, etc. are excluded Acquisition Cycle Milestones :  Acquisition Cycle Milestones Started Planning: August 2003 Initial Planned Award Date: 5 April 2004 Draft Solicitation Posted: November 2003 Solicitation Issued: December 2003 Proposals Received: January 2004 Evaluation Completed: February 2004 Clearance Approved: March 2004 Awards Announced: 5 April 2004 Technical Disciplines Supported:  Technical Disciplines Supported R&D Support T&E Support Product Engineering, Systems Engineering and Process Engineering Support MS&S Support Program Analysis Support Prototyping, Pre-production, Model-Making and Fabrication Support System Design Documentation Support Technical Data Support S/W Engineering, Development, Programming and Network Support RM&A Support Human Factors Engineering Support System Safety Engineering Support CM/ILS Support QA Support Information Systems Development Information Assurance Support Ship Inactivation and Disposal Support Interoperability Issues Support Measurement Facilities, Range and Instrumentation Support Acquisition Logistics Support Supply and Provisioning Support Tests and Test Trials Support Training Support In-Service Engineering Support Fleet Introduction, Installation and Checkout Support Program Management Office Support Administrative Support Competitive Results:  Competitive Results Competition Results :  Competition Results Over 800 Questions and Comments submitted in response to 17 November 03 draft solicitation Over 61,000 downloads for the Dahlgren Laboratory’s website between 21 Nov 03 and 22 Jan 04 Received 152 proposals 103 from small businesses 48 from large business 1 from a not for profit institution Evaluation Factors:  Evaluation Factors Offerors Evaluated on: Factor 1 – Technical Capability Depth and Breadth of Experience Factor 2 - Management Approach Factor 3 – Past Performance Factor 4 – Cost/Price Factor 1 was significantly more important than Factors 2, 3 and 4 which were of roughly equal importance Evaluation Results:  Evaluation Results Overall scores ranged from 99.25 (Outstanding) to 65 (Satisfactory) 96.7% of offerors scored in the Good or Outstanding Some Numbers: 3.73% Average Annual Guaranteed Savings Commitment 3.38% Average Maximum Pass-Through Rate 3.75% Average Annual Escalation Rate 7.70% Average Maximum Fee Presence Criteria:  Presence Criteria Solicitation: Offeror must have held or currently hold a prime contract, a subcontract or currently have a local office in the zone(s) in which the offeror wishes to be considered. The prime contract or subcontract must be with a {NAVSEA activity}. Several offerors did not satisfy this go/no criteria in certain zones Competition Results:  Competition Results Slide24:  Geographical Zones Proposed Concept of Operations:  Concept of Operations Use of SEAPORT~e:  Use of SEAPORT~e SEAPORT-e will be used by the NAVSEA warfare centers to the maximum extent possible. “Even though SEAPORT is a non-mandatory procurement option, I will expect that we will use this vehicle to the maximum extent practicable.” From 23 October 2003 e-mail from the NAVSEA warfare centers business executive Ombudsman:  Ombudsman One appointed for each NAVSEA warfare centers activities (not zone) Role will be to receive and review complaints / concerns from SEAPORT~e contractors relative to the program. He will: work communication with both contractors and government elements strive to address and resolve issues raised work to ensure that all contractors are fairly considered consistent will T&C of contracts Is not a marketing coordinator or sales representative for contractors. List of Ombudsmen:  List of Ombudsmen Achieving Small Business Goals:  Achieving Small Business Goals In concert with each activity’s Deputy for Small Business, the NAVSEA Director for Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization, will monitor SEAPORT~e contract actions placed/planned against the SDB goals - both primes & subcontracting. Each activity’s Deputy for Small Business and the relevant Zone Coordinator are collectively responsible to ensure that small business participation is maximized. Zone Coordinator :  Zone Coordinator Serves as the zone point-of-contact. Serves as a member of the SEAPORT~e Council. Serves a liaison with vendor community including formation of a Zone Business Council to facilitate feedback among the parties. Charged with being the principal for communication of Zone contractors inputs on rolling admissions recommendations, etc. Tracks small business participation and assists the Deputy for Small Business in ensuring fair consideration of small/disadvantages in the Program. SEAPORT~e Council:  SEAPORT~e Council The SEAPORT~e Council (SC) is the group responsible for programmatic decisions relative to the program and shall meet at least semi-annually. The SC is also responsible for the Rolling Admissions function Membership consists of: Each Zone Coordinator SEAPORT~e Procuring Contracting Officer A NAVSEA SEA 02 designated representative The NAVSEA Director for Small and Disadvantage Business Utilization (advisor) Rolling Admissions :  Rolling Admissions Annually, the SEAPORT~e Council shall convene to review the performance of the SEAPORT~e Program in accordance with the Rolling Admissions clause. Inputs will be received from the Zone Administrators. The Rolling Admissions criteria are: Quality of performance by each MAC holder. The number, value and complexity of work being awarded to each MAC holder. Amount of competition received. Internal transaction cost for issuing each task order. The amount of small business participation. Evolving needs of the warfare centers, the SOW and ceiling amount issues. Rolling Admissions:  Rolling Admissions Annually, the SEAPORT~e Council shall convene to review the performance of the SEAPORT~e Program in accordance with the Rolling Admissions clause. Inputs will be received from Zone Coordinators. The Rolling Admissions criteria are: quality of performance by each IDIQ holder the number, value and complexity of work assigned to each holder amount of competition achieved internal transaction cost for issuing each task order the amount of small business participation revise scope of the Statement of Work and the ceiling amount Task Order Managers:  Task Order Managers Similar to a Contracting Officer’s Representative. A Task Order Manager (TOM) under SEAPORT~e will be considered a COR and identified as such in the portal. TOMs must be formally appointed and must complete the training required to be a COR. TOMs authority is limited by the delegation issued by the Ordering Officer. In no case should the TOM be viewed as possessing the authority to authorize contractor variation from the SOW, the Schedule, the cost / price or reduce or eliminate any inspection / acceptance requirements in the task order. Notification Of Problems:  Notification Of Problems The Zone Coordinator shall be the primary collection point for the identification of desired modifications or problems with the Portal or MAC contracts. Zone 4 Coordinator is: T. L. Hynson Address: Contracting Officer Naval Surface Warfare Center 110 Vernon Avenue (Code XPS) Panama City, FL 32407-7001 Comms: (email) 850/234-4862 (tele) SEAPORT Portal :  SEAPORT Portal The existing SEAPORT portal will be used to solicit, receive proposals and place task orders Some minor modifications to the e-commerce tool are being planned to better facilitate warfare center use Task Order Requirements :  Task Order Requirements The award of Task Orders should only be placed for known requirements. Task Orders may not be awarded for requirements that are not defined Task Orders may not be used as larger umbrella vehicles for work to be defined later. Therefore, task orders may not be issued as BPAs, BOAs, or ID/IQs. Technical Instructions may only be issued to provide further guidance on a defined scope of work and may not be used to direct or add work. Subcontracting Teaming :  Subcontracting Teaming Authority to consent to use a subcontractor that is part of the prime’s team as specified in the basic contract is the responsibility of the task Ordering Officer. Authority to approve requests to add new subcontractors to an existing team is the responsible of the PCO Exceptions To FASA:  Exceptions To FASA Within a zone, the contracting officer shall give every SeaPort-e MAC holder a fair opportunity to be considered for a task-order exceeding $2,500 unless a statutory exception applies (see below). All task orders shall be competed unless extraordinary circumstances exist. The SeaPort Portal requires Contracting Officers to provide rationale for such acquisitions. This rationale must be as thorough as possible and identify methods by which any alternative sources were sought. If an Activity uses the logical follow-on exception, the rationale shall describe why the relationship between the initial order and the follow-on is logical (e.g., in terms of scope, period of performance, or value).   Exceptions to the fair opportunity process are detailed below: (i) The agency need for the supplies or services is so urgent that providing a fair opportunity would result in unacceptable delays, (ii) Only one awardee is capable of providing the supplies or services required at the level of quality required because the supplies or services ordered are unique or highly specialized, (iii) The order must be issued on a sole-source basis in the interest of economy and efficiency because it is a logical follow-on to an order already issued under the contract, provided that all awardees were given a fair opportunity to be considered for the original order. (iv) It is necessary to place an order to satisfy a minimum guarantee. All rationales must be coordinated with the Zone’s Ombudsman and approved in accordance with NAVSEA Justification and Approval thresholds. For those rationales, where the approval threshold is NAVSEA HQ, the rationale shall be prepared using the format of a formal Justification and Approval in accordance with the NAVSEA Contract Handbook. SEA02/02B is the highest approval necessary. Undefinitized Orders:  Undefinitized Orders Undefinitized orders are not permitted! Task Order Solicitations :  Task Order Solicitations Task orders will be solicited from the contract holders that are in the zone where the principal part of the work is to be performed. The zones solicited will not be based on the location of the warfare center activity contracting for the work. Principal part of the work effort will be determined by the Ordering Officer in the planning stage by analysis. The analysis will identify which zone is most likely to be where the primary part of the labor costs will be incurred. Performance Based SOWs:  Performance Based SOWs DoD Requires performance-based SOWs to be used to the maximum extent possible Under SEAPORT~e Performance-based SOW are to be used Any non-performance-based orders require a waiver be approved prior to order placement Small Business Review :  Small Business Review The activity’s Deputy for Small Business responsible for placement of the order is the cognizant SADU for the individual action. A pre-solicitation review is required for each action. Based upon that review the requirement may be set-aside for small business. Actions that the SADBU can not determine with confidence initially that sufficient small business primes capable of the work are available will be solicited without regard to business size. A statement citing the ‘cascading set aside ‘ provision will be included in the solicitation. Subsequent to receipt of proposals, the SADBU may then set-aside the requirement based upon responses received. Actions not initially set-aside or specifically reserved by the SADBU for post proposal review will be considered unrestricted solicitations. Past Performance :  Past Performance The SEAPORT~e PCO will be responsible for submission of Contractor Performance Assessment Reports (CPARS) To support this action individual Task Order Performance Evaluation (TOPE) reports will be required for each individual task order. Activity Ordering Officers will be responsible for ensuring that the TOPEs are completed. The CPARS will be submitted to the Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS). Saving Metrics:  Saving Metrics Potential Savings Metrics:  Potential Savings Metrics Savings from redirected GSA or similar service contract providers user fees Conversion of LoE orders to performance-based orders Task order competition savings Operation of ‘Guaranteed” saving provisions in the contracts Volume discounts Conversion of cost-plus task orders to fixed priced orders ?? Others? General Information:  General Information Large Business Primes:  Large Business Primes Small Business Primes:  Small Business Primes Small Business Primes:  Small Business Primes Small Business Primes:  Small Business Primes Not For Profit Prime:  Not For Profit Prime Questions? :  Questions?

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