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Published on June 26, 2009

Author: mtcorps


Classroom Management Plan : Classroom Management Plan Sean McClish Chemistry Teacher Byhalia High School Byhalia, MS My Definition of Classroom Management : My Definition of Classroom Management Classroom Management is the process by which a teacher creates a safe, controlled, positive environment where discovery and learning are at a premium. This is done through the use of rules, consequences and procedures that effectively diffuse misbehavior while encouraging and facilitating behaviors consistent with a positive learning environment. Philosophy of Classroom Management : Philosophy of Classroom Management All students are capable of reaching their educational potential The job of a teacher is to facilitate and cultivate learning and achievement so students can reach that potential A well executed classroom management plan is the key to effectively cultivating an environment where students can thrive Teachers should then strive to create a controlled, positive environment where students know what to expect from the teacher and have a sense that the teacher genuinely cares for them Positive Learning Environment : Positive Learning Environment A positive learning environment has been created when....... the climate is work-oriented and consistent disruptions and misbehavior are at a minimum instruction is clear thus minimizing confusion and wasted class time expectations are high students are assessed constantly for understanding and outstanding student work is posted around the room Rules : Rules No talking when I'm talking Keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself Stay in your seat unless given permission to do otherwise Be respectful of other students, the teacher, and yourself Use appropriate language Modified Rules : Modified Rules Respect Follow directions the first time given Do Not talk while the teacher is giving instruction Remain in your seat unless given permission No eating, drinking, or gum chewing in the classroom Consequences : Consequences Warning One page writing assignment relating to offense Detention Phone call/letter home to parents office referral Modified Consequences : Modified Consequences Warning(Name on the board)? writing assignment(give them something to copy)-phone call home Corporal Punishment(3 outstanding writing assignments)? Office Referral Rewards : Rewards praise tickets redeemable for prizes(homework pass, supplies, etc..)? note/phone call home treats 5 free minutes(class)? What works : What works Confidence Speak in directives(“I need you to do_______”, “Go ahead and do_______”. copying writing assignments Be explicitly clear with directions/expectations Be overly strict early on Being interested in what's going on in your students lives(sports, family, etc)? Tickets(participation)? Be open and honest with your students. Get to know your students and allow them to get to know you. What doesn't work : What doesn't work Asking kids to do things. (“Will you go ahead and do_____”, “Please do ________”)? Thinking you will win students over with being the nice/laid back teacher calling parents(still try this)? Doing group work within the first 2 months open ended writing assignments(1 page on classroom rules)? Do not be confrontational(this just invites trouble)? Never argue with students. They either do what you say, or get a consequence(you don't have to justify yourself)? Disrespect : Disrespect NEVER put up with disrespect. You don't get paid enough to put up with that. Corporal Punishment : Corporal Punishment not ideal if you choose to do this make sure you have observed this before so you know the procedure no more than 3 licks “no paddling list”. Make sure this is not out of malice, but procedural Kid does not bring in writing assignments(again), he has 3 outstanding writing assignments.(YES)? Kid is insubordinate in class(NO)? Always give the students the choice(Ex. Corporal Punishment or Office Referral)? Paddle hard(Deterrant)? Modified Rewards : Modified Rewards Praise Tickets(redeem for prizes/candy)? phone call home Star Students(every 9 weeks)? Class Party(students may bring snacks to class)? Procedures : Procedures Beginning of Class Turning in Homework procedure Restroom Procedure When students are absent Class dismissal Beginning of Class : Beginning of Class Class should be quiet, seated, and working when the tardy bell rings A bell-ringer question will be presented on the dry-erase board or by overhead transparency(content will either review previous day's learning or preview the lesson to follow)? Bell-ringer work will be retained by the student in the designated section in their notebook and shall be turned in at the end of the week for a participation grade Bell-ringer will be completed by the student and reviewed by the teacher within the 1st 3 to 5 minutes of class If students are not working on their bellringer, it will be taken up for a grade immediately Homework Procedure : Homework Procedure Homework should be turned into the appropriate homework bin on the teacher's desk before class begins Late work may be turned in at the late work box at the front of class(this is done in between periods, not during class time).1 day late is -20. 2 days late is -30. Anything over that is -50. Restroom Procedure : Restroom Procedure Each student will be given 2 restroom passes per semester No student may use the restroom in the 1st 10 minutes and last 10 minutes of class Only 1 student may use the restroom at a time The student must raise their hand and be given permission to use the restroom by the teacher Under no circumstances may a student use the restroom while the class is taking a test(exception:pregnant students)? Make-up Work : Make-up Work When a student is absent and must make-up work they should..... Speak with the teacher after class, or after school for any special instruction Check the make-up notebook at the back of class which will have extra handouts and assignments from the days missed. Students will be given the same amount of time to complete assignments as students who were present Responses will not be given to students who ask for their make-up work during classtime Class Dismissal : Class Dismissal Class shall be dismissed by the teacher. The bell does not dismiss the class. There is to be no talking until the teacher dismisses class. Talkers will be the last to leave Those students who leave their seats prior to being dismissed by the teacher will be the last to leave Those students who earn an early dismissal reward shall be the first students dismissed Parental Involvement : Parental Involvement Phone calls home(both positive and negative)? Parent/Teacher Conferences Parents with whom I'm on good accord may be invited to sit in on classes

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