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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: boxingseany


In what ways does my media product challenge, use or develop forms and conventions of real media products?

This is one of our key clips in the video and it shows us performing the song. This fits in with the conventions of the traditional indie/rock music video setup. The whole band is visible and this is seen in real videos and practically all indie videos from the likes of The 1975, The Vaccines and Bombay Bicycle Club.

This is a POV shot taken from our video and this too is a conventional quality of popular music videos. This is sometimes used to create the impression that you are part of the story and are relevant to the video. There is a very well known and controversial use of this in The Prodigy’s video for “Smack my bitch up” which follows the activities of a protagonist on a crazy and abnormal night of drugs and violence. We used it to demonstrate a character being thrown out by the landlord.

This is a particularly conventional shot. These shots are used very frequently to fill in gaps where there are no lyrics and sometimes long pieces of music. We were pleased with the opportunity to use this shot.

This shot is not a conventional music video shot. It looks more like a poster of a film and that is the impression that we were looking for. It was supposed to look mysterious and happy in some way; leaving his old life behind to fix it and start again with just himself and his guitar. We were really pleased with this shot.

This was a shot that I have seen occasionally before in real music videos. We used it to demonstrate loneliness and equilibrium. I have seen similar shots in videos by Jake Bugg who is a performer of a similar type of Indie music.

This is our favourite shot. It took us hours in total to complete the lyric cards and to still-shoot each jump shot. This was stolen from the video for “Don’t Stop” by Nina Nesbitt as we felt it was a refreshing way fill some time and lines. We used this on around 3 lines and I think it looks really good as it cuts into the final product. Thus, this is conventional and it has been followed but adapted by changing traditional colour schemes and text fonts.

This shot was framed as a low angle. It was to show the protagonist’s lonely mood and mind (fitting with the lyrics). It is both widely and conventionally used in many videos to show sadness and disillusionment along with inferiority which we were also intending to portray and display here.

This shot was a conventional one also. It uses an extreme close-up of the artist to show his emotions. The lyrics state “I’d seen your eyes girl and I was so flippin surprised” which ties in with the hollow look we receive from the artist. This ,therefore, was a good shot and I am pleased with the result.

This shot was conventional. It was a low angle and the face was deliberately removed to focus in on the actions of playing the guitar. This has similarities to “Wonderwall” By Oasis. Though Noel Gallagher is facing the other way, the shots and shot types are the same.

This shot is non necessarily conventional though I have seen in before. We used it to show contemplation once more as well as loneliness. The light from the window in the background helps to outline the face of Craig and this light and dark contrast with his hoodie creates the idea of light at the end of the tunnel.

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