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Published on February 23, 2014

Author: bharat1911



Data Flow Diagram for an Inventory System
(A Book Store Management System)
Software Engineering

DFD: Simple Inventory System (A Book-store Management System) by: Bharat V. Chawda Computer Engineering Department, BBIT, VVNagar 1

Overview        Description High-level Functions Context Diagram Level 1 Diagram DFDs for Manage Book Data DFDs for Manage Sales DFDs for Manage Purchase 2

A Book-store Mng System:  Description     Manages data regarding books, customers, employees, suppliers and other relevant purchase & sale related data. This system is managed by an Admin; has all the administrative rights to perform required functionalities. Admin keeps track on the quantity of books. Whenever required, he puts an order for purchasing new books to supplier. To support this task, minimum quantity (or reorder quantity) is managed for each book along with other data. 3

A Book-store Mng System:  Description (cont.)    Whenever supplier supplies order, stocks are updated and bill-data related to supplier is stored. Related to each sale, a computerized bill is generated for a customer. Based on selling, quantity is updated (subtracted) for sold books automatically. Whenever required, admin can search data related to some particular books, customers, employees or suppliers. 4

High-level Functions  High-level Functions  1. Manage Book Data  2. Manage Customer Data  3. Manage Employee Data  4. Manage Supplier Data  5. Manage Sales  6. Manage Purchase  7. Login (for admin) 5

Context or Level 0 Diagram  Concept:  Main steps:  Identify where data is captured from: Source  Identify where data is distributed to: Destination  Describe the overall process  Map these out in a diagram using the correct symbols  Link them with data flows that are labelled 6

Context or Level 0 Diagram User ID, Password Search keyword New Data/Modification Detailed Data ADMIN Acknowledgement Order Data Supplier Bill 0 Book-store Management System Book Data Quantity CUSTOMER Customer Bill Order Supplier Bill SUPPLIER 7

Level 1 Diagram Concept:  Main steps:   Identify and draw the processes that make up the Level 0 process: High level functions  Allocate descriptions to these processes  Lay out the sources/sinks and data flows from the Level 0 diagram  Draw in any data stores used in the process  Link the new processes and data stores with named data links: Data flows [Note: It should be balanced. (What is balanced DFD?)] 8

Level 1 Diagram 1.0 ADMIN Search Key Word New Data/Modifications Detailed Data Acknowledgement Manage Book Data Data to be Stored/Deleted Data to be Updated Book Details D1 Book Similarly, represent other processes 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0 6.0 7.0 Manage Customer Data Manage Employee Data Manage Supplier Data Manage Sales Manage Purchase Login Note: For simplicity, details of all processes are not shown in this Level-1 diagram. Detailed diagrams of Process 5.0 and 6.0, ‘Manage Sales’ and ‘Manage Purchase’, are given later. 9

Decomposition/Level ‘n’ Diagram Concept:  Main steps:   Identify and draw the processes that make up the Level n-1 process  Allocate descriptions to these processes  Lay out the all the data flows from the Level n-1 diagram  Draw in any data stores used in the process  Link the new processes and data stores with named data links: Data flows 10

Level 2 Diagram: Mng Book Data 1.1 New Data Search Keywords Modifications Acknowledgement Add Book Data to be Stored 1.2 Book Details Modify Book Data to be Updated D1 Search Keyword Acknowledgement Search Keyword Detailed Data 1.3 Remove Book Book Book Details Data to be Deleted 1.4 Search Book Book Details 11

Level 3 Diagram: Add Book 1.1 New Data Add Book 1.1.1 New Data Read & Validate Data Data to be Stored D1 Book 1.1.2 Valid Data Insert Data Data to be Stored D1 Book 12

Level 3 Diagram: Modify Book 1.2 Search Keywords Modifications Acknowledgement Book Details Modify Book D1 Book Data to be Updated 1.2.1 Search Keyword Book Details Search Data D1 Book Book Data 1.2.2 Modifications Read & Validate Modification 1.2.3 Valid Modification Update Data & Acknow. Data to be Updated Acknowledgement 13

Level 3 Diagram: Remove Book 1.3 Search Keyword Acknowledgement Remove Book Book Details D1 Book Data to be Deleted 1.3.1 Search Keyword Search Data Book Details D1 Book Book Data 1.3.2 Acknowledgement Data to be Deleted Del Data & Acknowledge 14

Level 1 Diagram: Manage Sales D2 5.0 Customer Bill Customer Details Book Details Book Data + Quantity CUSTOMER Manage Sales D1 Book Stock Update Data Customer Bill Data Customer D5 CBill 15

Level 2 Diagram: Manage Sales 5.1 Book Data Quantity 5.2 Receive Order Received Order Verify Order D1 Verified Order 5.3 Customer Details D2 Prepare Bill Book Book Data Stock Update Data Customer Customer Customer Bill Data D5 Book Data Bill CBill 16

Level 3 Diagram: Prepare Bill Customer Details D2 5.3.1 Verified Order Get Customer Customer Data Details Generate Customer Bill Data Bill Customer Book Details D5 Customer Bill Data Customer Bill Details CBill 5.3.5 Print Customer Bill Customer Bill 5.3.6 Book Data D1 Store Bill Data Customer Bill Data 5.3.2 Get Book Details 5.3.4 5.3.3 Stock Update Data Update Stock Book 17

Level 1 Diagram: Manage Purchase D4 6.0 Supplier Bill Supplier Details Book Details Order SUPPLIER D1 Manage Purchase Supplier Bill Book Stock Update Data Supplier Order Data Order Data ADMIN Supplier Supplier Bill Data D6 SOrder D7 SBill 18

Level 2 Diagram: Manage Purchase 19

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