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Published on July 21, 2008

Author: atomplus



An inside view of the beautiful artwork in stone of a south indian temple which I have visited recently. This temple in Thirukurungudi is in southend of tamilnadu, in Tirunelveli district.

SCULPTURES & STATUES. From South Indian Temples.



. Details of the statues at first level.

Statue of Baby Krishna, dancing on the demon snake, Kalinga .

This is called ‘Vimanam’ roof over the sanctum sanctum.

The corridor, pathway around the temple with ornamental pillars.

Beautiful form of Lord etched on stone.

Stone monkeys with Baby Krishna

Statue on the wall.

Pillar Carving

One of the many halls ,‘mandapams’ around the temple with art work

That’s Yali, on the pillar .

This is the statue of the guards of the Lord. They are called Dwarabalagas.

A life size statue in the mandapam .

Dancing dame adorning traditional jewels .

Elegant and exquisite carvings on the roof of a mandap.

The intricate workmanship of the sculptures at the entrance pillars.

‘ Sirpa mandapam’, a hall of life size statues .

The 3D monolithic structure in one of the corridor pillars .

Eyecatching embellishments on the outside wall of the temple.

The rear wall enriched with the most ornamental carvings .

Colorful Exterior.

Summary. Architecture found in Ancient Indian Temples showcases the country's old, rich and splendid culture. These temples (some dating to more than 1700 years old)…display intricate carving and sculptures, which bear testimony to the craftsmanship and creativity of the artisans, sculptors and artists of Ancient India.

These also serve as ample evidence of the vision and forethought of the kings and rulers of our olden times to leave behind a heritage that modern India could be proud of.

These also serve as ample evidence of the vision and forethought of the kings and rulers of our olden times to leave behind a heritage that modern India could be proud of.


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