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Published on October 17, 2007

Author: daveman692


We Go Scuba Diving!

VizBot (or how a bunch of software engineers designed a robot as they were bored driving to Monterey CA from San Francisco to go scuba diving at 4am every few weeks for the past few years)

Scuba is Very 1.0 • No GPS underwater • Old people scared by technology • Diving computers still rapidly evolving • Underwater noise makers sound like ducks

This Sucks... • Communication in low visibility • Radios aren't even wireless • People saying the quot;viz was greatquot; or estimating quot;viz was 15 feetquot; (despite only seeing 20/100 with stick on plastic lenses in their masks)

Scuba != Social Networking • No easy reviews of dive sites • Web Rings are still immensely popular (slightly more useful than pr0n rings) • Outdated static information

Getting Timely Information • Dive shops send someone to go drive the coast checking conditions • Unless it is incredibly good or bad, they might make something up • NOAA HAS CAPS-LOCK STUCK ON SO LEARNING ABOUT THE WEATHER CONDITIONS IS NOT THE EASIEST THING IN THE WORLD TO DO

Hackin' is the pursuit of laziness

Scuba 2.0 • Underwater navigation HARD HARDER • Underwater communication • Realtime data about visibility and dive site PLAUSABLE conditions • quot;Fredquot; would be out at thelike Tom and not the more PEOPLE SUCK creepy dude that hangs beach where you here stories about him trying to drown people

We Know... • How to build massively scaleable websites • How much SMS gateways blow • Users will always complain • That failing a real business model, Someone! will buy us

So a Website... • Wiki style for marking up dive sites • Underwater maps • Pictures • Recent dive logs • Weather • Nearby food and dive shops

So a SNS... • Social Networking Component • Make Brad my dive buddy • Share dive logs • Share Frank's underwater photos • quot;Pokequot; to go diving next weekend • Dive clubs groups

So a Mashup... • Realtime Data • • • • NOAA.GOV •

So a Dynamic Website... • User generated data (maybe we can sell our locked-in user base?) • quot;digquot; or quot;drownquot; a dive site • quot;digquot; or quot;drownquot; a dive shop • Share your previous dive logs and experiences • Share weather and visibility information

But the VCs say it has to be realtime! Add a SMS component with a l33t shortcode!

So Scuba 2.0 with SMS • quot;conditions breakwaterquot; • quot;breakwater viz 20quot; • quot;monestary cond roughquot; • quot;butterfly house weatherquot; • super secret commands

Though It is 6am... • No current data • At best a day old • Worst a few days • SMS is still complicated for many divers • Robots should save us!

VizBot • Floats around measuring sea conditions • Drops cable with lasers to measure visibility • Lowjack capable for dodgy areas • Has slightly less bandwidth than to transmit results

VizBot • Has to survive various ocean conditions • Needs to re-charge itself (solar?) • Can't scare wildlife or divers • Should make friendly noises and have lights • Can't be run over by boats!

VizBot + Website • Realtime visibility and condition information for the long tail • Users could direct them or watch their video cameras ( for the B-round) • Useful research data

but we can't build robots so hopefully one of you will!

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