Scrum Master vs. Project Manager: Differences and Similarities

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Information about Scrum Master vs. Project Manager: Differences and Similarities

Published on February 24, 2018

Author: sushantkatoch


slide 1: Scrum Master vs. Project Manager: Differences and Similarities Are you a Project Manager and looking for a career move Do you think that after reaching a level of Project Manager there is little scope for further elevation Then this article is for you: While working as a Project Manager in a leading company you must be thinking that the doors of the further upliftment in your career graphs are slightly closed. But remember sky is the limit and you only need the zeal to reach there. On the same note the industry has a lot to offer to you only if you have the zest to explore more. For individuals working as a Project Manager there is a rise of new role i.e. Scrum Master. As the role is in its infancy right now people often consider it somewhat similar slide 2: to Project Manager only. But in reality they both exist at a different tangent. However they share some similarities as well. As the profile is a new bee in the town. Let’s understand first who is a Scrum Master: A scrum master is a professional who acts as a catalyst for the agile development team of any organization. Scrum is a worthy methodology that grants an ability to a team to self-organize the operations. The scrum master administers the procedure for information exchange. We will explain you more about their differences and similarities. Differences The biggest and basic difference: - Let’s decode the most prominent difference between these two profiles. While a Scrum Master is a mentor and facilitator a Project manager is a skilled professional who makes sure all the projects are properly handled within an organization. A Scrum Master guides whereas a Project Manager helps manage multiple tasks. The difference in Roles and Responsibilities The roles and responsibility of Project Manager and Scrum Master are different in an organization. Let’s understand it better. • Roles and Responsibilities of a Project Manager The Project Manager is involved in defining the scope of a project to the team preparing a draft of the project goals gathers all the necessary information for the project assures the quality throughout the process monitors the execution of strategies and so on. Basically he is responsible for successful completion of a project. • Roles and Responsibilities of a Scrum Master Scrum Master is not like the customary Project manager. This profile is considered as the most agile framework for the organizations. The roles of this profile can be stated as slide 3: leading the spirit planning organizing regular scrum meetings providing the worthy assistance to the product backlog and responsible to carry out scrum process efficiently. Difference in salary If both profiles have different roles and responsibilities in the firm their compensations are different as well. While a Project Manager takes a paycheck of near around 99000 per year a scrum master can boast about its 104008 worth paycheck. Similarities Similarities between the Project Manager and Scrum Master- The biggest similarity between these two profiles is that both are worthy of an organization. They both put forward the best-available resource to meet the business line. They both share the similar ardor towards their work. Moreover being human they both tend to make mistakes. How to become a Scrum Master Any project manager who wants to change their role can become a scrum master by simply doing a two days SCRUM MASTER CERTIFIED Training Certification Courses for a certified company like Koenig Solution. The SCCM certification and SCCM training will help provide a thorough understanding of product backlog handling facilitating meetings and reviews and various other analogous concepts and principles. Source:- manager-differences-and-similarities

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