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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: EladMaimon



How to do SCRUM and how are we doing it in practice at Klarna TLV.
Covering the next topics: sprints, retro + demo, standup, pair programming, code quality, MVP, continuous integration, continuous deployment, and more...

Scrum in practice By Elad Maimon

Manifesto for Agile Software Development Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Working software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.

Rugby team… SCRUM ? ‫מגביר…״‬ ‫אתה‬ ‫לאט‬ ‫ולאט‬ ,‫שלך‬ ‫מהר‬ ‫הכי‬ ‫לרוץ‬ ‫מתחיל‬ ‫״אתה‬

Scrum Overview

Key Principles ● MVP (“good is enough”) ● Team empowerment ● Short feedback loop (fail fast) ● Trust ● Continuous delivery ● Continuous improvement ● Keep WIP low

Follow it by the book… Scrum in Klarna - How ?

● Responsible for everything! ○ Requirements, UI, architecture, test, deploy, monitor ● No one in the team is more important or has a stronger say. ● Yet, different responsibilities (roles): ○ Product Owner (PO) - owns the backlog, prioritize, approve every deployment. ○ Scrum Master - ensures the Scrum process used as intended. ○ The Team - deliver, deliver, deliver… It’s All About The Team

Sprints ● 1-2 weeks sprint ● Planing ● Daily standup - no discussions, only status! ● Demo + Retro ● Using Jira …or

Planing ● PO prioritises and decides what gets into the sprint backlog ● Team estimates story points by voting ● Team velocity measured by story points of last sprints ● Engineering stories in every sprint

User Story ● Must have a product value ○ Demonstrate it in the sprint demo ● Done == deployed ● Elephant carpaccio ○ Stories are 1-5 days long. Bigger ? Split ! ● Work only if it is in the sprint backlog

Pair Programming It is awesome !

Pair Programming - cont. ● Driver - Navigator model ● Switch frequently ● Code quality much higher ● Knowledge sharing is much less necessary ● Stronger developer helps the other to improve ● Challenges - need to practice ○

Quality ● Built in development process ● No QA organization ● TDD - red green refactor ● Code review for each line ● Continuous integration ● Test coverage - we strive to 100% ● Zero bug mentality

Think Agile - MVP ● Agile is not just set of rules, it is a state of mind. ● You can’t declare yourself Agile - you feel Agile. ● “I won’t build a mechanism that supports future requirements” ● “Instead, I’ll build the minimum required, and refactor it later if necessary”

Think Agile - Elephant carpaccio ● If a feature is too long, break it down and deploy it, even if there’s no real use in the partial implementation ● Keep the product value for each story (Partners admin page example)

Think Agile - Keep WIP low ● If story get stuck, don’t hold it while continuing working on new stories ● Instead, find the product value of current state, deploy as is, and create a new story in backlog to fill the gap later ● If not possible - reject the story

Think Agile - Short feedback loop ● It is hard to be sure that you are not writing bugs ● Thus, you must trust your tests. ● Get a short feedback loop, don’t be afraid to fail, it is better fail fast than continue working on the wrong direction

● We use Ruby on Rails. ○ Designed to support rapid web development. ○ Pick technology that supports RAD ● We use Chef for provisioning ○ Infrastructure as a Code ● We love open source ● We contribute back ● Hackathons ● Sustainable productivity What Else ?

Our Values Play as a team Craft like an artist get things DONE

Thank you

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