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Information about Scrum Checklist

Published on April 29, 2008

Author: martineden


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Are you really doing Scrum? Download the Scrum Checklist (version 2.2, PDF format). I'm glad to see this checklist is used by Scrum trainers around the world.
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This website is dedicated to Michael James' Scrum Master Checklist. ... Scrum Master Checklist, an example list of things a Scrum Master should pay ...
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Over 5000 people trained in Scrum. More than 3500 are certified. He has consulted in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, England, Poland ...
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Scrum – ein Managementansatz mit einfachen Prinzipien. Die Scrum Checklist soll dich jeden Tag begleiten, immer wieder an die Einfachheit von Scrum ...
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An Example Checklist for ScrumMasters CollabNet, Inc. 844-301-1252 14 September 2007 (Revised 24 July 2012) A Full Time Facilitator?
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Apart from all team-related activities, the ScrumMaster should ensure other engineering practices inside a Scrum team. She/he should ensure that a good ...
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Prozess wird kontinuierlich verbessert Definition of Done (DoD) vorhanden DoD erreichbar in jeder Iteration Team berücksichtigt DoD Die Quintessenz
Read more | The home of Scrum > Home online assessments are tools to help you examine, enhance and improve your knowledge of Scrum. Those passing the Professional Scrum assessments ...
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