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Published on January 4, 2010

Author: scorpfromhell



This is a work in progress deck containing notes from my studies & research about Social Analytics and how it implies to me as a consultant cum systems integrator as well as my customers. Any help, feedback, inputs -- all are welcome! :)

Social CRM Social Analytics – Prem's personal notes

Social Analytics ● Purpose – Actionable Insights ● Web Analytics + Text/Opinion Mining + Social Network Analysis + User Profile/Persona ● Triumvirate – User Content, Context, Intent ● Insights from – ● Transactional Analytics ● Behavioral Analytics ● Feedback Loops ● Usability Studies ● Ethnographic Discovery

Vanity Metrics Good for feeling awesome, bad for action.

Actionable Metrics Invest energy in collecting those metrics that help make decisions.

Actionable Insights

Web Analytics ● Digital Breadcrumbs ● Query, URL, Intent - Triples

Both the frequency of website visits and the time spent on the website per visit strengthen brand trust and consequently also brand loyalty and WOM.

However, neither posting nor lurking on the virtual community has an effect on brand trust. All in all, the results provide support for the mediating role of brand trust between consumer-brand online interactions and brand loyalty and WOM.

Text/Opinion Mining

Social Network Analysis

User Persona

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