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Published on December 17, 2013

Author: toystorybr0



what I plan to do


• Currently, I do not have a proper script which would go along side my music video, however I do have a rough one which can be used. As mine has no diegetic sounds and is purely on the music, my video will follow a cyclic pattern where the narrative repeated its self over and over again.

FIRST SCENES • I will have a cut up of footage from various different parts of the journey to the gig with the band, where you will see fast moving clips which match the sound of the music each time they cut, this introduces us to the journey stage in where we are going. • Following this we will then see the band getting ready the walking up parts to the gig, where they are setting up, and slowly we are getting introduced to them making us feel comfortable and aware in their presence. • Before the chorus sets in we will see the band on stage at their first destination of their tour, performing with all different angles and shots used, portraying them separately as well as together to show their individual characters as well as them together as a band.

MIDDLE SCENES • This is where you will already be introduced to the band, and will have a familiarity with them, in these scenes you will see more of them mucking around together, backstage doing things that any teenager would, showing them to have a fun normal side as well as working hard and performing. • These shows will be speed up and edited to fit in with the music, making it snappy as well as interesting so the audience doesn't get bored. • Also infusing in with some live, close individual shots it will be a fast moving collection of clips to show the bands laid-back side.

ENDING SCENES • As for the break down and ending scenes, I will involve the crowd interaction as well as use group shots of the band and people in the venue to close the video with a sense of community and unit so that everyone feels involved. This then ends the video on a much communal note allowing the audience to feel involved as well, these shows will be slightly longer, and the camera will pan more often. • As finally I will end the video on all of the bands on tour taking one last group picture as a finial of the tour and an ending to the video with their cheers creeping in dietetically with the music slowly fading.

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