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Published on March 16, 2014

Author: berebelmares1



Hey, ScribbleLive!

I’m Bere Belmares and I want to work at ScribbleLive. Thank you for receiving my material! I hope you can consider me for your Bilingual Sales Engineer position (London), or anywhere else you may consider me as an asset. I decided to do something different than just my CV to tell you a bit about myself, my past experience, why I think I’m right for this position and why I want to work with you. Additionally, you can get to see how I use Scribble and listen to me in a short video I made for ScribbleLive. At the end, I really hope to have achieved this! Bilingual Sales Engineer-London

Interpreter for ScribbleLive’s mission in Mexico. MTY, MX | 2014 On February 14th, I was thrilled to be your VP of Channel Partner’s interpreter in Monterrey, Mexico. Having no clue of what ScribbleLive was, I decided to make my own ScribbleLive account, and instantly became a fan. When I realised you had worked with clients I read, (eg. Mashable, Al Jazeera, CNN) I was hooked. How I heard about ScribbleLive 01.

Interpreter for ScribbleLive’s mission in Mexico. I was especially drawn by how news media houses use ScribbleLive for their live coverage- as a content reader, I truly appreciated this. I was completely engaged during our meetings and refraining from pitching in during them, was the hardest part! Through first-hand experience I learned about demonstrating and instructing how to use ScribbleLive, how to pitch to potential clients about a SaaS and became familiar with APIs. 01.

MTY, MX | 2009-2013. After debating at age 15 at the UN headquarters in New York with hundreds of other kids from all places, I knew I had to be in contact with this ‘globality’. A few years later, after moving back from Italy, I dropped out from business school, and found my place in International Affairs at Monterrey Tech in 2009, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree on May 2013. I have since made career choices based on the same drive and passion that pushed me to pull all-nighters, launch new projects and question what was being taught in our classrooms. How I ended up interpreting for ScribbleLive in MX: Career choices. 02. Monterrey Tech

PU, ITA | 2007 After finishing high school, at 18, I moved to Italy for 7 months. I lived in this tiny town, Fossombrone, with roughly 11,000 inhabitants and worked as an Au Pair, waitress and barista. Having realised I indeed hadn’t even the faintest notion of Italian I had otherwise led myself to believe before arriving, I immersed myself into their culture and became fluent in about a month in order to get to places and make friends. The trick is letting go and making mistakes. Working in Italy 03. Italian Listen to me switch from English, Spanish to Italian

VAN, CAN, MTY, MX Monterrey’s proximity to the US (border state) and strategic trade location enableS its population to learn English. I was fortunate enough to learn English at a really young age, studying in bilingual schools and spending summers as a kid in places like Vancouver. Being fluent in English and adapting extremely well to different environments, has given me the opportunity to live fascinating experiences. The Global Language 04. English

MTY, MX. | 2010-2012. As an undergraduate, I interned for PROMEXICO, a federal organism focused on promoting international trade and foreign investment, and for the Consulate General of Canada in Monterrey’s trade commission and EDC. For a total of two years, I received incoming requests from investors and buyers from all around the world interested in expanding their businesses to Monterrey. I made their business agendas and thanks to my trade matching, buyers found the right suppliers and partners in Mexico and sealed sales deals. Attracti ng foreign investment 05. PROMEXICO Consulate General of Canada in Monterrey Trade Commission/EDC Sectors: TI, software, environmental, food and beverages, energy, textile, sports gear, energy, automotive, construction, agribusiness Experience: Home brands, joint ventures, PPAs, trade shows and missions organization, consular aid

MTY, MX | 2010-2013 During college, I co-founded a global affairs magazine, TEC Globalist. It was one of Yale University's network’s, Global21, first chapters in Latin America. I produced TEC Globalist for nearly three years. I sold advertisement spaces to clients (e.g. global bank BBVA Bancomer), partnered with national art magazines, managed its editorial design and printed 3,000 copies per semester. My time during Monterrey Tech: TEC Globalist 06. TEC Globalist

MTY, MX | 2011- 2014 TEC Globalist encouraged me to write and later became a local blogger for FutureChallenges, a blog project from the BertelsmannStiftung- Europe’s largest media and publication company in Europe- foundation, and a TEC Globalist’s partner. I write articles for FutureChallenges from a local Mexican perspective about issues all countries face (e.g. austerity) delivering an in-depth but simple analysis on how to tackle these. Becoming a Local Blogger FutureChallenges 07. Bertelsmann Stiftung’s FutureChallenges

AUS, TX | 2012. In the summer of 2012, I moved to downtown Austin and worked as an intern at Austin’s most popular newspaper, the Austin Chronicle We promoted our advertisers through our digital and social media and attended their events representing the Chronicle to strengthen our relationship with them. I wrote newsletter entries of events I liked, published positive blogposts about our advertisers, and music recaps about shows and bands, receiving very positive feedback from our editors. Austin Chronicle: Working as a Promoter in Austin, Texas 08.

AUS, TX | 2012.2013 After promoting Austin’s most relevant music event firm, Transmission Events, at the Chronicle, I went back to work at its FUN FUN FUN FEST, a three-day music festival which receives 55,000 attendees every year. I worked in artist hospitality both in 2012 and 2013, making sure bands and performers found everything they needed backstage. Close ties with ATX 09.

MTY, MX | 2010-2013 Nrmal, born in Monterrey, has become Mexico’s most influential music event firm representing our country’s underground music and promoting independent bands from all over. Having seen Nrmal rapidly grow since its most humble beginnings, I got involved by promoting its events and annual festival for nearly three years during my spare time . Promoting Local Music 10. Nrmal

MTY, MX 2014 I work in my state government helping to create jobs as a foreign investment coordinator at the Secretariat of Economic Development in Nuevo Leon. I recently began a project too with former TEC Globalist’s designers, Raidho, and contributors (Barcelona, Mexico city) for Penguin Group, Monocle and TIME magazines, among others, about alternative ‘news’ consumption. I assist from time to time trade missions that interest me. I blog for FutureChallenges’ new sections on relevant current issues. I have recently started to slowly learn programming along with other friends using Ruby on Rails-quite the challenge! I’m taking French lessons again to reach a conversation level again. Next language- Portuguese! 11. What am I up to today?

LDN, UK I admire ScribbleLive's growth from an ambitious start-up, getting the right investors, to the fast expanding company it is today. I relate to its fast pace work environment, and from reading ScribbleDaily, I could relate to its staff's drive. What I love best about working for ScribbleLive is that its clients are not limited to just one sector. I know I could be pitching Scribble to clients from sports to media or entertainment, and to my fascination, in different languages. I have focused on foreign trade and investment promotion, and involved myself in journalism, marketing, and music. And as a trade promoter and interpreter, I value the diverse business portfolios and agendas I can work with, from a SaaS to a photovoltaic park. Scribble reaches a global audience and seeks to engage with it, bringing out what I love best about technology today: it brings communities closer, creating a democratization of information. I relate to this as a blogger. I tell a story looking to make people relate to it. ScribbleLive is all about content and engagement, and I am both a content creator and reader. 12. Why I want to work for ScribbleLive as a Sales Engineer in London

LDN, UK 1. I understand Scribble’s needs and relate to its goals and drive 2. Sales experience. Though I haven’t exclusively worked as a Sales Engineer for a SaaS, I have pitched for over two years to CEOs and VPs across all sectors (including software) and countries to bring parties together and make sales. 3. Ability to work with different sectors. My job in foreign trade gave the opportunity to get crash courses in about every possible sector to sell them companies’ trade missions. 4. I have already started taken courses at the Scribble U- Training! I am pretty determined person with loads of initiative. When I feel passionate and excited about something like getting an interview at Scribble, I go beyond my standard moves. 5. I am fluent in three languages (English, Italian, Spanish), advanced in French, and basic survival German . 6. Abroad working experience. I adapt easily to different work environments and adopt every positive practice I can. 14. Why I think I should be part of ScribbleLive’s team

14. Why I think I should be part of ScribbleLive’s team 7. Client service experience. Hosting trade missions require mad serious social, people skills. My whole working and professional experience has been about getting what clients want and make profit forEventually, I would like to become more than your Sales Engineer. I want to make a career in a creative industry like Scribble where I can be in touch with the core business side, attracting investment, boosting sales, and expansion, and still get to be part of a fast-pace working environment like tech start- ups offer. 8. I firmly believe technology makes our lives better. Used wisely as a tool, technology can bring communities closer, democratize information, and makes us more productive. My interest to learn programming came up after realizing it has become a need, and after realizing I could enjoy working for a company like Scribble. 9. I am a passionate, motivated individual with a need to keep learning and growing and believe Scribble can be the place to do this.

MTY, MX To demonstrate my ScribbleLive skills, I decided to ‘renew’ my free trial account and make a live event about my intentions to get an interview at Scribble. Please follow at: Getting an Interview at ScribbleLive 14. Follow my live event on Scribble

Bere Belmares Monterrey, MX Foreign Investment Coordinator at the Secretariat of Economic Development of Nuevo Leon B.A. International Affairs ‘13 Monterrey Tech Contact info- T.: +52 811782 6628 Skype: bere.belmares E-mail: Thank you!

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