Screenshot or video-based guide for explaining a process

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Information about Screenshot or video-based guide for explaining a process

Published on August 31, 2016

Author: StepShot


1. VS

2. a) a video help library b) a screenshot- based guide

3. you need to present a really complicated work- flow without a strict sequence of steps

4. there is no other way to present the information : only with the help of video it is possible to illustrate a continued action

5. you aim to make your product well- recognized by posting your video tutorial on respectful video-sharing websites, such as YouTube

6. It is a truly time-consuming process…

7. So be ready to remake your video over and over again when the time comes

8. In order to find some particular part of the video you have to pause it every second to make sure it’s the right moment

9. You must be kidding me! I will miss the game because of the freaking documentation again!

10. + + + = As simple as that!

11. 1. Open 2. Found 3. Got Back to Work Usually people are not very excited to read your manual! They will not perceive it as a novel! Screenshot-based guides are short and up to the point! Keep in mind the manual law:

12. - You may delete one step - Replace the step - Reuse some part for another manual

13. Screenshots are boring and less amusing? Then high time to pryoritize: fun?usefulness?

14. video? screenshot?

15. screenshot!!! much more comfortable to work with it doesn’t require much time to create and use less resource- consuming and laborious Screenshot!


17. IT documentation in minutes, not hours

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