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Published on February 12, 2008

Author: Monica


In the fall of 2006, more than 5,000 America SCORES students performed in poetry slams across the country.:  In the fall of 2006, more than 5,000 America SCORES students performed in poetry slams across the country. Each student demonstrated the role of poetry, spoken word, and hip-hop in inspiring their voices and their will to succeed.:  Each student demonstrated the role of poetry, spoken word, and hip-hop in inspiring their voices and their will to succeed. Today we celebrate 30 of these outstanding poets.:  Today we celebrate 30 of these outstanding poets. presents the first National Poetry Slam!:  presents the first National Poetry Slam! Slide5:  is the largest after-school soccer, literacy, and service-learning program in the nation. Slide6:  Jimaniqua Baldwin Lexington Elementary School Age: 9 St. Louis My Life My life is a soul beating through my heart. My life is special in all different ways. My life is beating faster and faster. My life is kind more and more. My life is sad because I am blue. My life is sorry too! My life is spectacular, like a rocket. My life is great! Slide7:  Nino Aguero Cesar Chavez Learning Center Age: 10 Dallas GOD God made the world God made us I’m standing right here because he is a guy I trust His color created us That’s why we are standing here in a yellow school bus Now get your pens Black stands for our sins White washes us clean Green is so our spirits will grow Yellow is an eternity in heaven And red the blood of Christ You may cry Because this is not a lie Slide8:  Denisha Davis Young Achievers Science and Math School Age: 10 Boston As I Stumbled in the Darkness As I stumbled in the darkness Trying to find light I sit down and think to myself ‘it’s a very scary night’ I feel like I’m in this horror movie But I can’t walk out I want to shout What a horrible time I feel like a mime I can’t walk I can barely walk I was reading a book when I fell asleep Now I’m afraid to look Not that I can anyhow It’s too dark right now Slide9:  Juan Gonzalez Cleveland Elementary School Age: 10 San Francisco The sky is so beautiful it would make me want to cry but that’s just me! People are different, like when I take a bath, I sing! People ask me why the sky is so blue I tell them maybe it’s people who are shining and they are not blue. I ask myself “Will I go to heaven while the sky is so bright?” It’s dark now so I tell my mom, “Goodnight.” Because it’s too dangerous in my neighborhood to play outside It’s not really dark now, But still, I live in a dangerous neighborhood I watch my friends play outside I look up in the sky And wonder if any butterfly’s circling around me I see airplanes And birds singing on wires I wish I could go to the window and fly in the sky And that’s my thing! The Sky Slide10:  Akayla Martinez Eagleton Elementary School Age: 11 Denver A Star I would like to go in a star shining bright for the world to see, admire, wonder I will go on a trip of the sky opening the star and exploring a world of thoughts, dreams, and fantasies I would wander from place to place counting my paces and racing the stars finishing (Always in first) I will become the star, learn the star, and glide in the open space I would be in a fantasy world the star and I becoming one in the open space just the star and I I will ask the star to be my friend to become two stars out there in pitch black outer space I would tell the star goodbye and try not to cry. I jump out of the star down so far and land in bed dreaming of the star. Slide11:  De'Viaughn Benion Webster Elementary School Age: 10 Chicago I’m a poet can’t nobody flow like me I’m a leader with words we build community I’m committed So don’t think you can crush my hope I’m a poet Now listen while I stack this quote I wanna see my name in lights To be the best of the best Not just alright Each day we create Our circle in life Because it’s not up to fate And I just wanna rhyme I don’t wanna do no crime If people just step back There’s room for all of us to shine I’m a poet can’t nobody flow like me I’m a leader with words we build community I’m committed So don’t think you can crush my hope I’m a poet! I Just Wanna Rhyme Slide12:  Kamaria Williams John W. Raper Elementary School Age: 11 Cleveland Warriors W-A-R-R-I-O-R-S Calling out to you! Mighty, Black, Soldiers: fighting to be free Getting up early Staying up late Getting that food for the dinner plate. Warriors. Carry your people through It’s your power that keeps us going Your strength that helps us stand Be a man Warriors W-A-R-R-I-O-R-S Keep your head high Keep your mind straight Our lives depend on you And we just can’t wait W-A-R-R-I-O-R-S My warriors! Warriors Slide13:  Mikel Abraha Mt. View Elementary School Age: 11 Seattle Pretending I like to pretend. I pretend that I am a warrior. Not a raging warrior, but a soccer warrior. Me and the ball against thousands and thousands of other players Shaking them up scoring millions of goals I pretend I am intimidating on a field, like a polar bear is to a seal. I pretend that I am Ronaldinho or David Beckham. Just another soccer superstar living the dream Inside of me I like to pretend. Slide14:  Sasha Pierre Natural Bridge Elementary School Age: 11 Miami Sasha I am Sasha, intelligent, confident and likes to play soccer I am the color pink because it stands out and lets people know that I’m the person you want to talk to I sound like television ‘cause I like to talk a lot I am a star because I want to become a superstar soon I am a small, yellow, cuddly giraffe I am Sasha, thoughtful, thankful and talented. Slide15:  Sharmar Delmore Markham Elementary School Age: 12 Oakland I am a space pilot Zooming out of sight Up by the moon And into the night. I go past planets hot and cold, My spaceship goes higher and higher. Faster than the speed of light With a scary roar Going past Jupiter Towards Earth once more. I glide my spaceship Going right in, No one will ever know How far I’ve been… I Am A Space Pilot I am a space pilot Zooming out of sight Up by the moon And into the night. I am a space pilot! Slide16:  Kyndall Brown Beers Elementary School Age: 12 Washington, DC I’ve got something to tell y’all It’s juicy, It’s hot. It’s the biggest news on the block It’s even bigger than when Tupac got shot It happened last night right in front of my face I was supposed to be doing my homework studying for a test, but I was chatting on MySpace. Hey, you come closer you have to hear this now This is something you need to know What I have to say has more drama than any old T.V. Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, ER, Ugly Betty can’t touch what I know y’all just can’t wait to see. I can’t wait to tell you I just can’t wait to tell you So, listen carefully, because I’m only going to say this once. Hold on to your seat because this information is sure to make you jump to your feet. Tell It This ain’t no gossip and these ain’t no internet lies. I’m as serious as the Nobel Peace Prize I have to tell you, I can’t keep it a secret anymore. Look at y’all all pressed to hear some dirt from me. Go on, get out of here. Y’all nosy. Slide17:  Christian Zegarra Palms Elementary School Age: 11 Los Angeles Christian and the Whale I am like a whale. The whale and I are quiet. We have big brains. I walk in the street. The street is like water. Like the whale, I care about my mom. We both sleep 8 hours a day. My bed is like water. I can hold my breath for 2 minutes. The whale can hold its breath for 2 hours. After I hold my breath, the air comes out fast. I am like a whale. Slide18:  Ayanna Williams Grove Park Elementary School Age: 9 Atlanta Where I’m From I’m from the hood. I’m from where there are loud noises; from the night and day. I’m from where there are liars, drinkers, stealers and smokers. I’m from where they go to jail and kill. I’m from where you are mad, sad and happy. I’m from where there are little houses and big houses. That’s where I’m from. Slide19:  If I can change the world There’s no if cause I know I can. If I can change the world Which I know I can because I’m smart If I can change the world No one would be afraid to walk down the street If I can change the world Everything would run as smooth as the ocean’s calm waters If I can change the world There would be no violence If I can change the world There would be more police on the streets and in the stations than in the schools If I can change the world There would be no reason that kids would be so bad Police would have to guard the schools Azalea Leon P.S. 129 John H. Finley Campus School Age: 11 New York If I Can Change the World If I can change the world If I could do it had the chance Put my mind to it If I can change the world Which I would, it would start with one poem and one bright idea To change the world in one day one way If I can change the world life would Be so different it would set a new Record If only I can change the world. Slide20:  Sophia Olmos Hayes Bilingual Elementary School Age: 11 Milwaukee My Special Person I have a special person.  Very special indeed. She was kind and supportive, and she was never mean, not mean. She was strong and courageous, and definitely not shy. But you know what they say, "nothing lasts forever." But for her to be here today, I would have given what ever. Now I understand what they mean by "you never know what you have until you lose it." I just really hope I'll be able to get through it. But I don't feel lonely, not lonely you see, because I know that special person is watching over me. Slide21:  I'm the girl with the stunna shades on her face The one that's crazy 'bout bein’ in first place I just wanna make it big somehow, someway, someday. I love my neighborhood and city with their insane music that gets me hype Especially when I'm mad it helps me see the light. I also love everything else that surrounds me when I'm at home in Cali Like that Sees Candies factory that's right down the street It's the first thing that I see when I walk outside in the morning I love all of the beautiful things that you could see Like the tall Sequoia trees at Yosemite And James Brown's star on the Walk of Fame But with all of this beauty comes pain Like homeless people asking for change. I support the Hyphy Movement and the people who go dumb `Cuz when I'm with my friends that's how we have fun When we go dumb we jump on tables and chairs Shakin' our hair. Shakin' the brains of people who think rap music is just insane Joi Fisher Visitacion Valley Elementary School Age: 10 San Francisco What I’m ‘bout I think that the music from the Bay is insane in a good way When I go dumb I have a huge smile on my face to show that I'm ecstatic I'm ecstatic because I'm doing my favorite dance to my favorite music In school I like getting A's and B's But I do get occasional C's When I go to middle school I wanna maintain a GPA of 4.3 I like the smell of excellence It smells like the damp grass of a game I played in When the sprinklers came on and we still won it. I like seeing people who are better than I am Such as the kids at the Warrior Basketball Camp People like that give me a fresh challenge I only spit the stuff that I feel This whole New York thing is crazy surreal You're only going to see me be me and nuttin` else I like being myself Like how I'm similar to fall because I could be cold And I'm edgy like an origami fold! I wear stunna shades And rep the Bay But I’m glad to be in New York today! Slide22:  Devon Williams C.W. Hill Elementary School Age: 11 Atlanta Black History Month I hear whips hitting us when we get out of line. I see us….a black race. I smell special chocolate. I feel black all over me. Slide23:  Astrid Terrazas Maple Lawn Elementary School Age: 11 Dallas Something’s Wrong With My Locker “Ah! Something is wrong with my locker,” I yell My notebook is walking My eraser talking My pencil singing and my backpack swimming My scissors were running And my ruler was so mad that it attacked my homework “And that’s why I don’t have it.” “Don’t lie,” my teacher said. Slide24:  Bensly Dorval Natural Bridge Elementary School Age: 11 Miami Why? Why do people use guns to solve idiotic issues? Why do so many people have to die? God gives, God shall take Why do people take other people’s lives Why did 32 innocent people at Virginia Tech have to die? Because of someone with a vengeful past, why? Why were guns even invented in the first place? Maybe to solve all the problems in the old days, But look at what this has led to now. Now be smart and DON’T USE GUNS! Slide25:  Claudia Gonzalez-Flores Markham Elementary School Age: 12 Oakland Me I don't care what other people say I like my heritage just the way it is. I'm a cat fighting for my rights. Flying cars going through the air in 2020 I have potential to invent such things Blue like the ocean that's how I'd like to be, or just breeze going through the grass. I would be happy helping sick children to get better. I may be fire when I'm mad, but when I'm happy I may be as soft or as smooth as a boot. Other people might say you're stupid, mean, or stuck up but that doesn't hurt me. I'm clever, courageous, and I have the capacity to do what I want to do. Slide26:  Michael Perry John W. Raper Elementary School Age: 12 Cleveland You may be used to buying expensive clothes from the hot designers everyone knows, but did you think in the blink of an eye that winning streak of that brand might end and you’ll be shopping for clothes all over again. It used to be that it didn’t matter what someone was wearing. No one cared about your shoes or shirt. That’s why most schools have dress code because if they say something about your clothes your feelings will get hurt. Who runs the show me or YOU? I guess if you take a smoke then I will, too. Just Don’t Do It Come on people, let’s live above the hype and the crowd. We’re the new generation and let’s be proud. Slide27:  Bobbie Martinez Eagleton Elementary School Age: 12 Denver I remember when I lost my first molar it felt as if a knife was stuck in my mouth I remember when I got my first mountain bike when all the gears went dink and my tires went zooommm I felt like I was riding my future car I remember when I cut my hair to my shoulders it felt like my head was lighter drifting off into space I remember when a dog bit me on the lip and I had to get stitches it felt like little needles in my lip I remember when I saw my little cousin being born I thought I was going to throw up an ocean I remember when my dog Snowflake ran away it felt as if I wanted to cry a thunderstorm I Remember Slide28:  Da’Quan Jones J.C. Nalle Elementary School Age: 10 Washington, DC I am wild so call me a monkey I’m a drum. Beat me. I am smart respectful and confident. I am golden with a touch of blue from time to time I am a big truck siren I am a hexagon I am the element of wind I am a jaguar smart and observant I am Jordan I am smart an A+ student I am trustworthy you can trust me I am respectful. I am not rude I am creative I am caring I am super fun I am a soccer magnet I am a music lover I am a gentleman, I put ladies first I am determined for success I am a superstar you know it And last but not least I am a poet I Am Slide29:  Keyah Wilson Emerson Elementary School Age: 10 Seattle My Community We’re all connected. You and me If I plant a flower. It’s beauty you would see. If you help a neighbor how grateful they would be. Let’s all do our part Right from the start So we can all say out loud our community makes us proud We’re all connected, you and me We can make a difference in our community. Slide30:  Diego Bryant Riley Elementary School Age: 11 Milwaukee Akeelah’s Hood In Akeelah's 'hood people need to act good. People don't recycle and they need to stop muggin' for a bicycle. In the street, people are knocked off their feet. In the night, cops have to stop a fight. People, you know this isn't right! We need to care, share, and be fair. So that we can teach to reach our goal And become very old, and live better lives. In Akeelah's 'hood. Now THAT would be good. Slide31:  Nahtique Guillory P.S 129 John H. Finley Campus School Age: 11 New York If I Could Change the World If I could change the world in many ways I would work everyday First I would start with the children I would work by the millions I will focus and read their Concerns I will help them learn I will take away guns and bombs I will talk to unhealthy moms I will find a cure for Diseases I will tell you for the Thousand reasons I will stop pollution It will be the world’s evolution I will bring the world to a Healthy peace the populations Will increase Slide32:  Michael Turner Marshall Elementary School Age: 12 Boston Of Peace I can hear my mother’s soft, sweet voice It’s the sound of peace The trees during the fall, orange and red It’s the vision of peace The chicken and rice coming from home It’s the scent of peace The melted, finger lickin’ Hershey It’s the taste of peace I can touch my nephew’s small, brown hand It’s the feeling of peace Within my soul, I am full of peace I am full of peace Slide33:  Kasey Lawrence Webster Elementary School Age: 11 Chicago I have a problem with being me you see, I sign for the deaf because it’s me. Sometimes my heart skips a beat. Because it’s hard being me. Beat, beat my heart goes, every time I try to keep my mind going and heads moving to the beat of the sign. Because the deaf need me. And so you see, it’s hard being me. You see in my head are all these responsibilities Cleaning my room Washing the dishes too Watching my brother and sister And still I’ve got homework to do Sometimes my heart it skips a beat Because it’s hard being me Being Me I’ve got a lot of things on my mind I have to study all the time Just so I can pass some standardized test To tell me I am smart Don’t get me started on that mess But beat beat my heart goes Every time I stop to think You see it’s hard being me And I know I’m just at the brink Of all my future holds Because our childhood comes And then it goes So how will it all end? I guess it just depends But this moment is mine And I am gonna shine Slide34:  Khalfani Muhammad Sherman Elementary School Age: 10 St. Louis Standing Tall As A Tree In this world people do bad things. Not me, I’m standing tall as a tree. People want to steal, and kill. Not me, I’m standing tall as a tree. People want to lie, and don’t believe in God. Not me, I’m standing tall as a tree. People want to drop out of school and not get a good education. Not me, I’m standing tall as a tree. None of those things make us big I see. So I’m going to stay rooted and grow, tall as a tree. Slide35:  Serraiah Floyd Palms Elementary School Age: 10 Los Angeles I wanna be me Every single day Because I am different in so many ways I love sports All sorts Soccer, tennis, softball, and a little Handball all up and down the wall I wanna be me Barefoot and fancy-free I wanna be me At the beach With my hair all tangly I wanna be me Every single day I have a passion For fashion I wanna be me Every single day I am a slam-glam Thank-you ma’am I am a jock Who’s come to rock This soccer field I wanna be me Every single day Dressed from head-to-toe I’m at the show I wanna be me Every single day At the rise of the sun I’m on the run At the end of the day, I kneel to pray “Dear Lord, help me say what I need to say” Because I’m different in many ways I WANNA BE ME! I Wanna Be Me Slide36:  is the largest after-school soccer, literacy, and service-learning program in the nation.

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