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Published on March 30, 2008

Author: Laurie


Overview Presentation:  Overview Presentation Enrico Camerinelli Chief Analyst and European Director Supply Chain Council About the Supply-Chain Council:  About the Supply-Chain Council Independent, not-for-profit, global association with membership open to all companies & organizations interested in applying and advancing state-of-the-art supply chain management systems and practices The Supply-Chain Council (SCC) has developed and endorsed the Supply Chain Operations Reference-model (SCOR®) as the cross-industry standard for supply chain management SCC Organization - Chapters:  SCC Organization - Chapters Japan Chapter Tokyo, Japan Australia/New Zealand Chapter Sydney, Australia South East Asia Chapter Singapore SCORboard European Chapter Brussels, Belgium Southern Africa Cape Town, South Africa North America Chapter Washington D.C. Brazil Chapter Greater China, Shanghai Some SCC members:  Some SCC members Membership Categories:  Membership Categories End User / Practitioner Membership Manufacturers; suppliers of raw materials, components, intermediate materials; providers of logistics services; wholesalers; distributors; and retailers SME Membership / Practitioners Only End User / Practitioner company (see above) that has less than 200 employees Global / Multi-national Membership Large corporations with more than one location desiring active participation in more than one chapter Enabling Technology/ Software Vendor Membership Organizations that offer software and enabling technologies Consultant/Analyst Membership Organizations that offer consulting and research services in any of the fundamental supply-chain management processes, and / or related enabling technologies Non-Profit Membership Organizations that are not owned by anyone, e.g., accredited colleges, universities, associations and government agencies Mission, Goals, Strategy:  Mission, Goals, Strategy MODEL Refine, extend and expand the SCOR model to better serve member needs and provide alignment with collaborative functions and organizations. MEMBERSHIP SCC will provide global membership easy access to SCOR and SCC services by establishing local chapters and translating key deliverables in the language of choice. TRAINING/ EDUCATION SCC will achieve membership growth by providing the appropriate training, tools, and services that meet the needs of all member types worldwide both at the corporate and individual level. MANAGEMENT SCC will establish a governance and operating structure with appropriate supporting processes to achieve its strategic goals worldwide. Why joining the Supply-Chain Council (1/3):  Why joining the Supply-Chain Council (1/3) Access to the most recent version of the Supply Chain Operations Reference-model (Print/Web) Access to Members’ Section of SCC Web Site Conference Proceedings Best Practices Member Listings Calendar of Events Attend SCC Member Meetings Networking Opportunities Learning Opportunities Attend Supply-Chain World events at a discounted rate Comprehensive Speaker Presentation Proceedings Web/Print Access to SCC Technical Support for Q&A on SCOR use Why joining the Supply-Chain Council (2/3):  Why joining the Supply-Chain Council (2/3) Exhibit in Supply-Chain World Events Contribute to establishing Market Presence Meet potential Customers Network with Existing Customers Attend SCOR Workshop at reduced price Learning Opportunities Workshop Materials Networking Opportunities Listing in Member’s Section of SCC Web Site with direct link to your website Listing in SCC Vendors White Pages Access to the Council-supported research survey results (Print/Web) Why joining the Supply-Chain Council (3/3):  Why joining the Supply-Chain Council (3/3) Access to Case Histories and White Papers (Print/Web) Access to updated information via quarterly Newsletter Access to threaded discussions of Technical committees Access to participation in Special Industry Groups Participate in Benchmarking Studies at reduced rate Access to SCOR Software Modeling Tools vendors Receive unlimited quantities of SCOR Overview Free participation and/or discount to participate in webcasts Participate in Breakfast Briefings (Chapter activity) Free shipping on book orders Supply Chain Operations Reference-Model (SCOR) Overview:  Supply Chain Operations Reference-Model (SCOR) Overview SCOR - 5 distinct Management Processes:  SCOR - 5 distinct Management Processes SCOR is a hierarchical model:  SCOR is a hierarchical model SCOR SCOR Version 7.0 Level 2 Toolkit:  SCOR Version 7.0 Level 2 Toolkit SCOR Level 3 – Example of S1:  SCOR Level 3 – Example of S1 Metrics and Best Practices:  Metrics and Best Practices Example of SCOR utilization:  Example of SCOR utilization SCOR Process Modeling – Mapping material flows:  SCOR Process Modeling – Mapping material flows Manufacturing company that supplies raw materials in bulks from Asia; pulls components from Southern Europe based on production volumes; ships finished goods to a Distribution Warehouse based in Central Europe. SCOR Process Modeling - the Thread Diagram:  SCOR Process Modeling - the Thread Diagram S1 D1 M2 S2 D2 M1 D1 S1 S2 D1 M1 European Supplier Key Other RM Suppliers Warehouse S1 RM Supplier Distributors Manufacturing Company Using a Process Reference Model:  Using a Process Reference Model Business Process Reengineering Slide20:  Some results from SCOR implementations Slide21:  Some results from SCOR implementations How companies use SCOR:  How companies use SCOR (some) INDUSTRIES Aerospace Agricultural Automotive Chemical Defense Electric Power High Tech/ Electronics Packaging Poultry Telecom Steel Software (some) Examples of SCOR utilization Metrics/ Benchmarking SC Cost Management IT Management SC Design SC Optimization Education Process Modeling E-Business Software Selection How to become a member:  How to become a member Office: +39 039 21 00 137 Mobile: +39 335 52 96 042 break The European Chapter:  The European Chapter Chair - Dieter Heinke, Siemens AG (Germany) Vice Chair - Nando Galazzo, Borealis (Belgium) Treasurer & Past Chair - Michael Ginap, Consultant (Germany) Director - Enrico Camerinelli, Industry Analyst (Italy) Magnus Johansson Scribona (S) Pierre Josselin Danone (F) Douglas Kent eKNOWtion (UK) Ilari Maekelae Halton (FI) Markus Rosemann SAP (D) Frank Sprenklels Philips (NL) Marcel Wolfs DSM (NL) Chapter Members Sabine Baeck Fachhochschule H Joanneum (CH) Cyril Griffith EDS UK and SA (UK) Corrado Cerruti Macerata University (I) Peter Dam Danish Technological Institute (DK) Guy Dunkerley AMR Research (UK) Activities of the European Chapter:  Activities of the European Chapter Conferences SCOR Training Workshops Promotional Roadshows Speaking Engagements Local User Groups Research – Measuring the Value of the Supply Chain SCOR Training Workshops:  SCOR Training Workshops SCC Roadshow- Agenda:  SCC Roadshow- Agenda Half-day event SCC Europe Director & Chief Analyst keynote presentation + Q&A … 90’ Coffe break Sponsor presentation … 45’ Sponsor customer(*) case presentation … 45’ Lunch (optional) (*) Best if also SCC member Roashow organization:  Roashow organization Sponsor provides . . . Facility Registration Catering Promotion Staffing Speaker’s fee + Travel & Accomodation SCC provides . . . Promotion Content preparation Content delivery Expert speaker SCC logo Local User Groups Activities:  Local User Groups Activities Translation/ Localization of SCOR material Subject Matter Experts SCOR Advisor SCOR Training Special Interest - Benchmark pools Research Office: +39 039 21 00 137 Mobile: +39 335 52 96 042 Current Research Performance Management - SCOR metrics impact on Income Statement -:  Performance Management - SCOR metrics impact on Income Statement - Source: iCognitive Performance Management - SCOR metrics impact on Balance Sheet -:  Performance Management - SCOR metrics impact on Balance Sheet - Source: iCognitive Possible Results:  Possible Results The SCC in 2006:  The SCC in 2006 Executive Retreat, Monaco 11-12 May 2006 Measuring the Value of the Supply Chain European Conference, Barcelona 4-6 Oct 2006 Achieving Supply Chain Transformation through effective Change Management SCOR Workshops UK, Jan 06 NL, Feb 06 Italy, Apr 06 Office: +39 039 21 00 137 Mobile: +39 335 52 96 042 Open Discussion

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